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Age 50

Age 51

This is before I started facial fitness exercises. Can't see my upper eye-lids, face is puffy and I have that over-all tired look, lots of wrinkles around my mouth, jowls are really hanging... hard to see here. I'm a bit on the chubby side!

Notice I have a double chin, dark circles and lines under the eyes and wrinkles around the mouth. I just discovered facial exercises! I had also just lost about 50 pounds. My skin was very loose on my face and neck. It was scary.

Progress Progress
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Age 53

Age 54

My jowls have come up a lot, but are still very hanging, sigh! My eyes are very open, dark circles are almost gone. I'm still perfecting my facial exercise program. I was determined to find a way to lift up those jowls. And, I did! Finally!

My double chin is completely gone. My dark circles are gone and no more puffy eyes! My neck is looking very smooth. I'm with my adorable cousin who's the same age. She hasn't started facial exercises, yet. I've been doing my exercises for about four years.

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Age 58

Age 59

My cheeks are well-shaped and fresh looking. All wrinkling around my eyes, cheeks, mouth and forehead are gone - it's smooth! Jowls are completely lifted. I'm looking younger than ever! I'm 58 1/2 years old, here!

I continue to look younger and brighter as I age. The texture of my skin has improved over the years using the CFF™ program.  A very pleasant side-effect!

Progress After
Carolyn's Progress 6 Carolyn After Facial Exercises

Age 60

Age 62

This picture was taken inside of a restaurant with strong lighting. You can see that my neck is also very smooth and young looking.

Getting ready for a New Year Eve's party and I continue to look younger and fresher.  I love that I have the contours of my face from when I was in my twenties. I'm 62 1/2 years old here.