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Good Afternoon Carolyn, … Everyone is marveling at my appearance. ... Thank You, Patricia



Dear Carolyn, I'm writing to thank you for the face polishing routine you so kindly gave me..,I love it!! It seems that the little pucker I have on the corner of my mouth is lifting finally, and my elevens ( which were not going away) have gotten so much better, the area is almost flat!!!! This is amazing.a truly genius exercise. I am so grateful to you. … Thank you always, Andrea



Hi Carolyn, I've been following your program for a year.  I was 64 when I started.  The changes have been very gradual but oh, so worth it!  I am always getting compliments about how great I look.  The main reason I started your program was to get rid of the deep frown line between my brows that made me look angry.  That is sloooowly disappearing… .  I love that lower face routine.  The results are pretty amazing, especially in my neck area.  It's just fun!!  Thanks for all your help and encouragement! TK

P.S.  An added benefit to this program:  when the exercise calls for lifting your head up off the floor, I do an abdominal contraction.  That's over 150 contractions in 15 minutes.  I've never had such flat abs :o)!

Amazon Review101

This program is amazing! After two weeks, my family said they could see a difference. I lost that "tired" look. It's been about a month, and my eyes are more open, and my lower jaw is becoming more toned. I'm excited for more changes as time goes on!


Carolyn! Just wanted to let you know cff is working for me ! In the last 2 weeks two different people thought I was in my 20s-- and I just turned 37!!! Wow!! Will send pic updates soon. Jessica



Hi, You are a genius with your facial exercise method. I do see now why it is important to do all 28 exercises. My face definitely feels more evenly worked out and has a more refreshed and massaged look after doing all of your 28 exercises plus the face firmer and the brush.

Since my face does respond to facial exercises well and fast, I am already seeing a slight uplifting change to my two problem areas: eyes and left jowl. When I smile now, I can see my recently lost lower eyelid muscles near my lashes reappearing. I am starting to look very refreshed and nearly as youthful as I did at 45 and not so tired, droopy and older looking as I have the past year.

After seeing you more clearly on the DVD, you sure looked 10-12 years younger at 65 in Part Three than you did in Part One. Since I can really see your face, neck, hands, and skin tone very well on the DVD, I think that you actually looked nearly 20 years younger at 65 on DVD -- no where over 50 at 65. Amazing and inspiring!!

I cannot wait for that 1st youth jump to happen in 2-3 months!! My 47-57 co-workers may be envious when they see that drastic change to my look. ; ) TRG




Hi Carolyn, My skin now looks baby soft almost like yours after only 4 days of using Moisturizer Plus. Wow! The right side of my face looks so much younger after 2 weeks of your program. I am still frustrated with my left side as it is the saggy droopy side from nearly 15 years of no sunscreen while driving. If only I knew then.... But I do see more improvements just not a WOW yet. I know that it will take a more few months for my left side to return to how it was 3 years ago before that awful saggy droopy curse. Cheers!



Hi Carolyn, I have been doing every single CFF exercise, just the way it is performed on the CFF DVD,  3-4 times a week CONSISTENTLY for the last four years and I am absolutely ecstatic by the results!! I will be 48 years old in October (ugh!) but people I meet think I am in my early thirties!! Yes, my early thirties! I don't know how to thank you Carolyn, except by helping other people achieve the same Botox-free, healthy approach to facial health and beauty.(she's taking the CFF Certification course. She is already in the wellness field). ... Love, Reem


Hi Carolyn, Just to let you know that i've been doing the exercizes about three weeks now, and i see great results. Thank you! Best regards, Nyn
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