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You have relieved my mind so incredibly!  I've spent an hour and a half this evening reading your site and my faith  and hope has been renewed! Thank you so much! I will continue my facial fitness with verve! Thank you:-)))) you are so kind! Have great week-end. You are an inspiration.



Hello Carolyn, I bought your facelift package back in November 2006. It came intac and very promptly i might add. At the time I was 50 and wanted to prevent some uncoming jowliness and mouth lines. I have used it on an off (I'm very irregular) since then with great results I tend to run to it when I feel certain parts of my face and neck want to go south. I naturally look very young for my age (15 to 20 years) and want to keep that as much as possible. I will be 58 in a couple of weeks. I am a Jamaican Canadian living in France. I have spoken to so many firends and acquaintances about your product. I am wondering if you have had it translated into other languages. I'm sure there would be buyers here in France. It really was the best 20 odd dollars I ever spent.  Thank you and best regards



Thank you Carolyn, … I have seen remarkable results already, as others have commented. I was wanting some reassurance that I wasn’t overworking the area. As my neck and jowls are areas that I would love to tone and look after. I am enjoying your programme and I will look forward to the next 3 months when I can add The Lower Face Lifting Routine. You do look fantastic on the Live show. It is wonderful that we can all have confidence in your system since you are a living example of what you teach. Many thanks again for your prompt reply and for sharing your knowledge.



Carolyn! Just wanted to let you know cff is working for me ! In the last 2 weeks two different people thought I was in my 20s-- and I just turned 37!!! Wow!! Will send pic updates soon. Jessica



Thank you again for all your time and effort ... this program has been such a great investment. Take care :)



Hi Carolyn, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the results of your program. I have been using the program for about 18 months and can certainly notice results. Having a naturally slim face I was concerned about losing too much mass in my lower face with age. Happily, I have noticed some filling out of my lower face as a result of your program. Having just turned 50 years old and seeing noticeable results, I am happy to know that with continued use your program will certainly fill out and give my face a more youthful appearance. Yippieee!!!!!!!! How is that for a little vanity? Thanks again. Just wanted to give you an update.



Good Afternoon Carolyn, … Everyone is marveling at my appearance. ... Thank You, Patricia



Dear Carolyn, I'm writing to thank you for the face polishing routine you so kindly gave me..,I love it!! It seems that the little pucker I have on the corner of my mouth is lifting finally, and my elevens ( which were not going away) have gotten so much better, the area is almost flat!!!! This is amazing.a truly genius exercise. I am so grateful to you. … Thank you always, Andrea

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