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I've actually seen a great improvement in just the last couple of days. The shape is coming back into my face. Even my forehead is improving and I thought it never would. I now have absolute faith. I'll keep you posted. With love and best wishes, Naomi



Hi Carolyn,...  After 5 months of (the) CFF program. No more traces of saggy droopy eyelids. I don't see much of that double chin due to saggy muscles under the chin any more. The left side of my face is not saggy droopy as months ago (mostly collagen breakdown on my left side from sun damage from driving unprotected for years). It's slowly firming up to match the still undamaged right side of my face. Hugs!



Hi Carolyn, Yes, facial exercises are not a quick fix and I will have both patience and fun with it, but just thought you might like to know, my heaviest eye lid, LEFT, the one that was noticeably lower than the RIGHT is now the higher lid revealing more of the eye than the other!!!  WOW! How lovely to have this encouragement so early on! ... Blessings to you,  MS Love Maddy x



Hi Carolyn! Thank you so much for the added exercise! I've enjoyed visiting your website again. It's so encouraging to see people's progress and feel like I'm part of the fun from afar, LOL! You look fantastic as always - thanks for being such an inspiration. :)  suze



Hi Carolyn, I purchased your program and have been doing it since January of this year.  I have seen great results so far.  Best always, Nicole



Thanks Carolyn - just like to say another person approached me today and said how well I'm looking! I was doing (a different) programme for over a year but the results were not half as good. Thanks again Bev



Hi Carolyn, Happy New Year! I have some good news, the two simple exercises I have been doing for my lower face # 1 & 2 in the overview you gave me (only 2 - 3 times a week) are already showing results! WOW!  GV



Hi again Carolyn! ... I became you client on November 2010. I have been training rather consistently since then and I can really see the difference when I look at pictures; not only do I not age but I have a fresher and more radiant look! Working in the media and public events business as I do asks that I look my best and your program helps a lot in that regard. Thank you so much again, Carolyn!

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