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I have to tell you that it’s a delight reading your work and you may want to consider producing all your FAQs as a text book.  I have paid a lot of money for books on facial exercises that not only didn’t provide results but also didn’t inspire me with confidence in the writer. You explain very complex subjects simply and the reader understands what you are saying immediately without any need to ponder or figure it out. Also, you’ll be pleased to know that when I looked in the mirror this morning to apply makeup, I can now see BOTH my upper eyelids next to my lashes. How amazing is that? Love Sue



Like I said, I’m loving doing the work and I have to tell you that today, when applying makeup to my eyes, I put a different colour near my eyelashes just to test how much I could see of it. I could see all of it!  And I’ve not even done 3 months of exercises yet.  You are a genius.  Literally a genius. Love. Sue



Hello Beautiful Lady! Happy New Year! I am coming on to 4 years of doing your program. It's a commitment, but an easy one to stick to, and  I will never be without it.

I had an ear infection this winter that made it hard to do the exercises, and within a month or two, I got to see my old face back in the mirror- living proof of the difference CFF makes! Fortunately, things are snapping back into shape quickly. Whew.;-) Thanks for everything! Hugs, B



Dear Carolyn, I do not have a great deal of time to weigh in at the moment, but I cannot thank you enough for what you have already done for me!  You are absolutely genius!  My face looks significantly better, as does my skin and muscle tone. …  I could not go one more day without thanking you and giving you my joyous feedback, Carolyn!


June 45

Hi Carolyn! I was looking at the comparison between my before and after photos over the past 11 months... And was shocked!  I am due for a program re-evaluation in two months, at the end of January.  But in the meantime, I thought I would send you a quick update because my progress has been so dramatic,thanks to you. Thank you thank you thank you- Can't say it enough! I'm looking forward to working your program for the rest of my life... Can't wait:-) I wish you a happy holiday season; I am truly grateful for your guidance and help. All the best Carolyn! June45 <3



Now I hope to look as youthful as you do now when I am 70!! So happy with my face especially my eyes now!!  Botox to my forward and corners of my eyes definitely ruined my upper & lower eyelids -- made them baggy saggy deflated & I had a tired look to my eyes.  Now I am 90% closer to how I looked before Botox. TSR



Hi Carolyn :) Thank YOU so much for creating a program with such integrity and passion! I am 37, a performance artist, energy healer, medium, and someone who sees myself on stage for the rest of  my life.  Finding your program has changed my life and outlook of my future hugely! … Thank you again for everything you are an incredible inspiration to me! Warmly, Ali


Thank YOU so MUCH Carolyn! ... I am just blown away at your laser quick response, and commitment to your work :) I feel SO LUCKY to have found your site ! I will follow your instructions, can't wait to see the results!  Have a wonderful day, Warmly, Ali



Hi I just had to let you know that my younger sister is visiting me and she said to me over breakfast "you look so young"! I am 59 and she said I look in my 40's! That was so good to hear. I told her about your facial fitness routine and I sent her a link to your website. Thanks for all you do. I would have loved to attend your September workshop, maybe next time. :) All the best, Virginia

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