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Dear Carolyn, Thank you for your reply. I just wanted to say that I've been doing your exercises now for about 9 months and people are telling me I look younger than ever (I'm 56).



Carolyn, I've been doing your exercises for almost 3 months and I'm already seeing a big improvement, however, I have a few lines near the corners of my mouth and sleeplines along the jaw and would welcome some advice on how to eradicate them (I sent her a bonus exercise to try).  I do have some on my top lip but these are starting to disappear thanks to the Lip Line Eradicator as is the one between my eyebrows thanks to the Wrinkle Erase technique. I am attaching a photo showing the problem and will send the 'after' photos once I reach my 3-4 month stage and also book my customized program. Thanks for everything, already being told how good I look and my friends envy my skin tone, youthful neck and the fact that I look so much younger. Lori47



Customization: I've done them (the new exercises in her new routine) one day 2x a day, as stated and I kid you not, I can see a slight difference already. How can this be? I'm so excited! Thank you and hugs



Thanks Carolyn - just like to say another person approached me today and said how well I'm looking. I was doing a different facial exercise programme for over a year but the results were not half as good. Thanks again, Bev



Hi Carolyn, I have to say that I have tried other facial exercises and have had some success with them but no where as good as the results I have experienced with yours.  My elder sisters are begging me to let them in on my secrets and so are many of my friends.  I can't believe how smooth my skin feels, I have always had high cheek bones and have to say that your exercises have allowed them to retain their definition.

I am truly looking forward to the continuing success of this programme and must admit I thoroughly enjoy doing the exercises, they are so invigorating for the face and neck and certainly no hardship to undertake.  I also do the hand exercises every morning and evening when I apply my hand cream and my hands look great.

I can't thank you enough, I really can't.  Oh and I too look forward to you designing my customised programme. Have a wonderful birthday you lovely lady! (Thank you. I just became 70!) love Wendy



Hi Carolyn! I have been using your facial exercises for two months. Within a couple of weeks, I saw an improvement in the shape of my nose and lips. I can also see a little more fullness in my cheeks, but what I really notice about my cheeks are the muscles feel firmer underneath the skin, especially when I am washing my face. Is it normal to feel the muscles building before you see your cheeks looking fuller? (Yes!  This does happen!) The woman who gives me facials said she can also feel the build in my cheeks and neck muscles and that my skin looks great. Thank you so much for this wonderful option to a surgical face lift!



THANK YOU so much Carolyn, ... You and your program are the best-- preserving my youth but also giving me relaxation and stress relief every day I practice the exercises! Anna



Hi Carolyn … I have been following my customized workout for over a week now and my chin is looking much better!  The lines and marks are fading already! Thanks so much for your help! I will give you feedback send photos in 4 months.

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