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Hi. I have been using your program for 4 years … I gave up wheat and gluten 1 year ago to help with my red rosacea cheeks, it helped with the dryness also and I lost 60 pounds and guess what, my face and neck didn't suffer and sag! I am positive it was because I had been doing facial exercises for a few years and all the healthy fats I am consuming. Thanks



I cannot wait to be in my 60s & 70s and be mistaken for 20+ years young like you… What a dream!!  I no longer dread turning 50 this December!! I have my 30 year high school reunion this Saturday and what perfect timing.  A year of facial exercise has corrected my beginning aging signs from early last spring and definitely has caused me to age backwards every 2-3 months.



Hi Carolyn, Thank you for the informative blog on men's skin. ... How odd but so wonderful that recently, I have been noticing that my nose has taken a nice smaller and thinner shape at nearly 50. … How is it possible that we could reshape our noses to look skinnier and more elegant by facial exercises?  Now after nearly a year of facial exercises, my nose appears slender with a nicer shape to it. So it makes sense that it would take nearly a year to see my nose finally looking so much more elegant, defined & thinner. … I love reading your blogs on aging because they help me take better care of my face, neck & hands the past year. I am looking younger this summer than l did last summer as if l regain 5 additional years of my youthful looks back. I can see it every 2-3 months as if overnight l just look younger!!!



Hi Carolyn, Just wanted to share something with you....over the last few years, the skin on my chest started to look slightly crinkly with little tiny "road map" lines, especially noticeable after sleeping or when I pushed my shoulders forward. But, I just noticed the other day that it seems a bit smoother and less lined. Even though I have NOT done any of the chest firming exercises that are in your book. I'm sure it's the neck exercises that helped, but this was an unexpected surprise! … Love, love, love this program. Linda



I have been doing your exercises for nearly eight years now. I love them with a passion but, reading your workshop email, I was wondering if you are thinking about releasing an advanced facial exercise DVD and instructions at any time soon? (Yes! There are video clip routines that will be featured on the new website revamp, coming in a couple of months!) Lots of love and take care, Kathryn



Hello, Carolyn: I don't know if you'll remember me...I'm sure you receive letters from thousands of happy, satisfied customers! I've been one of those happy, satisfied customers for five years, and my age is constantly mistaken by at least a decade younger, thanks entirely to your facial fitness exercises! … The exercises are like a lovely massage that help me get sleepy. … Best regards, Pamela



Hi Carolyn, This is to let you know that I am pleased with the results from your facial fitness program. A few weeks ago I noticed a bit of overbuild in some of my trouble spots (mouth pouches and eyebrows), but I made a few adjustments it's all gone. … Thanks, Ema

Carolyn's response:

Hi Ema! …  And, good for you for correcting the exercises build. That's exactly how you should do it! Very nice! I don't think you have to avoid anything ... just notice if some exercises are too aggressive right now, do them with less pressure and maybe less reps for awhile and adjust as your face changes. I think this is a blog in the making!!!! Thank you!



Hi Carolyn, I cannot believe that it has been nearly a year now that I have been committed to facial exercises. Every 2 or 3 months, I would see how more fresh or youthful my eyes and mouth areas look. Today is one of those times.   I kept getting compliments on my eyes as being what many full Asians would have to turn to surgery to have.

I am noticing that my forehead and eyebrow muscles are quite strong.  I can really see my two eyebrows come together quite prominently when I make my frustrated expressions. However, I am so surprised that no permanent 11s or deep lines between my eyebrows are forming.  I thought that I would get those dreaded 11s without Botox to stop them from forming.  My face appears completely smooth and plump looking as if in my early 30s.

I truly love my jaw line.  My "double chin" is becoming less and less obvious.  It's so weird to see co-workers (not even 45 yet) with their lost jaw lines and have saggy jowls instead.  Is that what late 30s and early 40s gals look like these days?

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