Customizing Your CFF Facial Exercise Routine

Note: If you would like a personalized customized facial workout routine by Carolyn, just click on the Customized Facial Exercises Workout here! Foundational Build is a Must When designing the initial facial exercise routine for CFF™, we found that it

To Hell in High Heels

An excerpt from the book by Helen Frith Powell, To Hell in High Heels: How to age gracefully, disgracefully – or not at all! Carolyn says “Like most women, I am most curious to know the true story of all

Here’s the Rub

Here’s the Rub An interview with Carolyn, by Angela Fernandez & “Image Magazine” (See the photo-illustrated facial exercises against sagging jowls, below) Facial Exercises can be Naturally Enhancing to your Appearance We all know that a regular program of aerobic

Yoga for the Face

“My Story” – Yoga for the Face or Face-lift Through Exercise (A meditators quest to a more youthful-looking face) by Carolyn Cleaves   Here I was, 52 years old and a long-time meditator and I took a good look in

Preservative Info

Some of you have asked about the preservatives used in the Carolyn’s Facial Formula™ skin care line. We do not use the usual “chemical” preservatives found in most skin care products. In fact, our system works in at least two beneficial ways. Our harmoniously-working preservative method not only keeps our products fresh for up to 18 months, it has the added benefit of promoting healthy and healing properties for the skin, as well. For example, we use neem oil as one of our “preservation” ingredients. It has anti-microbial properties helping to keep the product safe from bacteria as well as restoring, rejuvenating and repairing damaged skin.

Creating CFFormulas

Why I chose natural and organic products for the CFFormulas™ skin care line by Carolyn Cleaves Just as I did when designing the CFF™  facial exercises, I researched everything I could in order to develop a good skin care line