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Why I added the Face Firmer to the foundational build exercise routine When first developing the CFF™ foundational facial exercises, we discovered that as the cheeks were building nicely and the jaw line was being restored, hollows, just under the

Bone Loss and Skin Remodeling

While other facial exercises programs also work well with smoothing the skin and toning the face, the build one gets does not impart this elegant, graceful and fit look to the face that one can achieve when using Carolyn’s Facial

Interactive Muscle Chart

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but I finally got around to researching and drawing in detail an Interactive Muscle Chart!  As an amateur artist, it was such fun to draw these muscles … deciding which ones were the

Cleansing Scrub Revamped

Newly-sized Jojoba Beads Some of you may have noticed that the new CFFormulas™ Cleansing Scrub is a little different than it was before. We still have all the same incredible ingredients that we’ve always had, but we changed the size


Why doesn’t CFFormulas™ offer a sunscreen in their skin care line? I’m asked from time to time about sunscreens. We have been working to develop a great sunscreen lotion or even a spray, which I would prefer, but it’s not

My appearance on the I’m Thankful Network!

Please tune in Wednesday morning, 9:00 am when I will appear as a guest on the I’m Thankful™ Network Radio Program.  Simply go to and click the VIEW LIVE or LISTEN LIVE buttons.  Locally in Seattle, tune into 1150am

Recent Photo of Carolyn

Hi!  Just want you to know that I’ve posted a new photo of myself taken on December 5, 2009 in my photo gallery over the years. I hope this photo of me at age 63 (I’ll be 64 in May)

Wrinkles Around the Mouth

Why Woman Wrinkle Around the Mouth More Than Men Have you ever taken a close look at the wrinkles around the mouth of women compared to men? Well, I have and that got me wondering why it seems women are

A Word about Preservatives and CFFormulas

Some of you have asked about the preservatives used in the Carolyn’s Facial Formulas™ skin care line. Rest assured, the “organically preserved base” used in the CFFormulas™ skin care line is a unique and innovative preservative system. We have combined