Hello, my name is Carolyn Cleaves

Carolyn Cleaves Founder of Carolyn's Facial Fitness and Carolyn's Facial FormulasBeauty, fitness and exercise have always held an interest for me. I’ve run several businesses, including my own clothing company. I’ve even taught yoga and aerobics. I’ve also worked as a photographer’s model and a runway model.

After graduating from university and graduate school, I taught English, math and science for years. Teaching helped me understand how one learns. I used this skill to design a facial exercise program that is easy to learn and easy to use. I have a consult-team of two medical doctors and a professor of anatomy and physiology. Their input is invaluable, not only for the design of the CFF™ program, making it an effective and comprehensive user-friendly system, but for their continuing support and contributions.

I’ve lived and traveled all over the world. I currently reside in the Pacific North West (near Seattle, Washington) with my husband, Peter.

This picture you see here was taken when I was 58 years old. You can also look at my before and after pictures, a Australian Today Show video clip and a recent video clip of me demonstrating our newest product addition, the Gua Sha microcurrent, red-light therapy, heated device for a beautiful complexion. I’m 73 years old in this clip!