Before After
Andrea Before Facial Exercises Andrea Before Facial Exercises
Before 10 Months After Facial Exercises*


Andrea has been performing the CFFitness™ facial exercises faithfully for 10 months. As you can see she has taken years off of her face and neck. The tired look she once had is now completely gone and she looks not only younger, but refreshed, as well. The pinched look she once had is completely gone. Her eyes are opening up and firming up, too. The nasal/labial fold lines are lifting and her skin is smoothing out and firming-up as well. Her complexion and skin texture is that of a much younger woman since performing the facial exercises. The lines in her neck are also less. Her neck is looking firmer and younger than before. Her jaw line is more defined and the jowly look she was getting is gone.
Forehead Nose Lips Neck
Andrea Forehead After Facial Exercises Andrea Nose After Facial Exercises Andrea Lips After Facial Exercises Andrea Neck After Facial Exercises
10 Months After Facial Exercises* 10 Months After Facial Exercises* 10 Months After Facial Exercises* 10 Months After Facial Exercises*


Here are close-ups of what Andrea has accomplished with the facial exercises. Notice that her forehead and the space between the eyes is smoothing out. This is most obvious as seen between the eyes where she had developed a “pinched” look that is gone now. This smoother area between the eyes makes her look much more relaxed as well as younger. Her lips are also looking fuller and the lines around the lips are becoming less and less. The deep horizontal line below the lips and above the chin is gone. Even her neck shows great improvement. Besides being less wrinkled than before, it is taking on that firm, fit look of youth. Andrea is a perfect example of how well facial exercises work over time. While facial exercises are not a quick fix, if you are consistent and persistent you will get the results you want. As well, you can see in Andreas’s results the balanced, elegant build you can achieve with the CFFitness™ system.