Before After
Dakota Before Facial Exercises Without Makeup Dakota After Facial Exercises Without Makeup
Before 5 Months After Facial Exercises*
Here is Dakota before using the CFF™ system. She is 46 years old. You can see that she has a little bit of this tired look that can come- in somewhere around the age of 41 or so. Her forehead is not as smooth as it could be. The space between her brows is “pinched” looking. She has some puffiness and darkness under the eyes. Her nasal/labial fold lines are getting pronounced and her skin looks tired and “older”. Her cheeks are a bit on the flatter side, needing some filling-in and lifting-up. 5 months later using the CFFitness™ facial exercise program she is truly transforming her face.  Her forehead is more relaxed and smoother-looking. The space between her brows is wider and laying flat taking years off her face as well as giving her a more natural and beautiful look. The dark circles that were starting are gone.  Her cheeks are no longer flat, but building-up nicely. The pouching that was starting at the corners of her mouth is gone and she will see her chin smoothing out more and more over the next months as she continues to workout.  The corners of her orbital muscles at the eyes and the mouth are slightly turning up as happens with CFF™, giving her a more youthful look. Dakota is getting back that young  girlish look that is so attractive on her!


Age 41 Age 46 – Same as above in make-up
Dakota Before Facial Exercises With Makeup Dakota After Facial Exercises With Makeup
Here is Dakota at age 41. We thought it would be fun to see her in full make-up – then and now. She looks fresh and exuberant in this photo and you can see the build on her face is full and smooth. Looking at her photo to the right shows that 5 years later and 5 months into the CFFitness program she is well on her way to looking younger and smoother as before. And, some how, at age 46 and with facial exercises she has a certain grace coming in as well.* Here is Dakota today at age 46, five years later and 5 months into the CFF™ workout. This photo was taken at the same time as the one in the “After” photo above, but with full make-up. She is well on her way to getting back those fuller cheeks and smoother complexion she had as seen in her 41 year old photo to the left. In fact, Dakota appears to be building a more elegant shape to her face since using the CFF™ system. A certain refinement and grace is coming into her face that shows off her beauty even more.*