Before Progress After
Karen Before Facial Exercises Karen After Facial Exercises 2009-1 karen-after-facial-exercises-2009-8
Before 6 Months After Facial Exercises* 1 Year and 1 Month After Facial Exercises*
Here is Karen just before she started facial exercises. While she is very beautiful, you may notice that she has that “tired look” we sometimes get at a certain age. The space between her eyebrows is a little pinched and her eye lids are starting to droop. She has the beginning of sagging jowls. Her face looks a little too “soft”. Her neck is smooth but she has the beginnings of cording showing on the neck. Karen has been performing her CFF™ facial exercises faithfully for five months. Notice that her eyebrows are starting to lift up. Her eyes are more open and her face looks firmer. Her jaw line is lifting as well. The tired look she had before is completely gone. Her neck is smoothing out and the cording that was seen before is now gone. Her skin has greatly improved. She looks years younger than before. It’s been one year since Karen began her facial exercises. Her eyebrows are now lifted. Her eye lids are no longer hanging. The area between her brows is smooth and flat. Karen’s jowls are completely lifted and her cheeks are elegantly shaped and filled in correctly. Her neck is smooth and fit. Her complexion is more radiant. Karen looks fresh, young and beautiful – years younger than before.