Three-Step Cheek Builder and Shaper

This is a three-step, two-minute and 30 second “facelift” for the bottom and middle of the face. Step One – Lifting the bottom of the face This first exercise in the routine addresses the muscles located in the sides ofRead More »

How are Massage and Facial Exercises Different?

Why massage is not enough! Facial Exercises builds the muscles for lift! Hi! I’m Carolyn and I’ve been in the facial exercise business for over 23 years.  My understanding from Dr. Frederick Rossiter, M.D.*, a professor of anatomy and physiologyRead More »

Carolyn’s Skincare and Facial Exercising Routine

Since I’m asked from time to time what my skin care regime looks like, I want to share with you the routines I’ve been using for the last year to get the results I want. There are links below to the video clips of the routines and products I’m using. I’veRead More »

Shortening the Philtrum and Shaping the Lip

Philtrum Shortening and Lip Shaping video routine New Feature: Questions and answers for this routine at the end of the blog Lips shape one-third of your face. They can define your youth, beauty, health and even sexuality. What is theRead More »

Instagram Interview with Mia

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