Facial Exercises Can Prevent Wrinkles from Forming

Start facial exercises early enough and you’ll never have a line Here is a photo essay of Nonie. She started facial exercising in her early twenties. She’s now in her mid-forties. Notice how she can certainly wrinkle up her brow andRead More »

Rejuvenating Skin Repair has NEW PACKAGING!

AND IS ON SALE NOW! Yes!  RSR has a new look. A new airless, easy-to-dispense bottle! The same airless packaging, assuring the ingredients stay fresh and active! RSR is ON SALE for 30% off from now until May 15 2016.Read More »

Plastic Microbeads are Polluting our Waters

What are microbeads? These little plastic beads are in many of our exfoliation scrubs we buy to remove all that dead, dry skin on our faces, necks and hands. They are often tiny plastic beads no bigger than one millimeterRead More »

Why Our Faces Sag as We Age!

“With remobilization, tendons and ligaments recover their structural and material properties” {3}. This is a quote from a scientific study on ligaments and tendons in the body. In other words, with exercise, tendons and ligaments rejuvenate to their original shapeRead More »

Why do Fine Lines Appear When First Starting Facial Exercises?

Why do you sometimes see fine lines appear when first starting facial exercises? Sometimes when first starting to perform facial exercises, one will see some “new” lines forming on the face that you didn’t see before starting facial exercises. TheseRead More »

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