How do I become an affiliate?

Here are instructions on how to become an affiliate for Carolyn’s Facial Fitness™. Register for an affiliate account here. In the affiliate dashboard, you will have access to 8 sections. Affiliate URLS You will need Affiliate URLs to place on

Can I over-build the face?

What is over-building the face? Over-building the face simply means you have stressed the face to the point that an awkward-looking build has happened to the face and/or neck. Either you were:

How are wrinkles formed & how does Botox® work?

Answer Toned Muscles Diminish Wrinkles A deep wrinkle is caused by skin adhering to underlying tissue. Whenever the muscle contracts, the skin is pulled down, creating a valley. It takes years of “unconscious”, repetitive movement over and over again to

How does a muscle get toned properly?

Properly Toned Muscles are Key The goal here is to “tone” the muscles properly. Muscles have an optimal length when properly toned to their axis or center. They become bigger and stronger as they develop. Muscles enlarge when they overcome