How are Massage and Facial Exercises Different?

Why massage is not enough! Facial Exercises builds the muscles for lift! Hi! I’m Carolyn and I’ve been in the facial exercise business for over 23 years.  My understanding from Dr. Frederick Rossiter, M.D.*, a professor of anatomy and physiology

Facial Exercise Tips!

These tips are updated from time to time, so check back every so often to see what’s new!  Last updated April 1, 2023. To light up the muscles in an interactive way using your mouse cursor go to the Interactive

How to prevent skin from aging

Construction of Skin Fibroblast Cells Free Radical Damage Facial Exercise Solution Conclusion How does aging affect the skin and muscles of the face and what can we do about it? I thought it might be interesting to talk a bit

Treatment Plan for Diminishing Age/Sun Spots

When I was researching formulas for the Carolyn’s Facial Formulas® skincare line, I wanted to be sure we could offer a good solution for diminishing age spots and evening out skin-tone-coloration. I had tried so many different products from chemicals

Free Radicals, Antioxidants and the Skin

What are “free radicals” and how do antioxidants help with their damage, especially when it comes to our skin? When I first started to research skin care products, I started to hear about free radicals being the main cause contributing

Preservative Info

Some of you have asked about the preservatives used in the Carolyn’s Facial Formula™ skin care line. We do not use the usual “chemical” preservatives found in most skin care products. In fact, our system works in at least two beneficial ways. Our harmoniously-working preservative method not only keeps our products fresh for up to 18 months, it has the added benefit of promoting healthy and healing properties for the skin, as well. For example, we use neem oil as one of our “preservation” ingredients. It has anti-microbial properties helping to keep the product safe from bacteria as well as restoring, rejuvenating and repairing damaged skin.

Ingredients Demystified

Glossary of organic and natural ingredients used in CFFormulas™ Skin care products and a little bit more. Free Radicals Explained Antioxidants Organic & Natural Preservatives Used Serums vs. Cremes Bottle Sizes & Types Combination Of Products CFFormula Products Ingredient Glossary

Learning to sleep on your back

I’m asked from time to time if I know how to sleep on my back the whole night through. For it is true that you can prevent some wrinkling of the face and chest by learning to sleep on your

Clip from CFFitness DVD!

Carolyn is 59 years old in this clip! This video clip is taken from the instructional DVD that comes with both Kits. One of the secrets of the CFF™ system: When you contract the muscles as you slide over the

Weight Loss & Skin

by Richard H. Tew, M.D., Harvard graduate, General Practitioner, Integrated Medicine Hormonal Factors Stretching Skin Neck & Face Skin Skin Factors Use It Or Lose It You asked about how the skin changes when weight is lost. It seems pretty

A Physician’s Opinion

by Richard H. Tew, M.D., Harvard graduate, General Practitioner, Integrated Medicine After reading your article…FWIW, my model of the anatomy of the skin of the face (and to a lesser extent elsewhere) is that the links between the skin’s underside

Facial Exercise Controversy

Botox vs Exercise Expression For Beauty Natural Alternative Wrinkle Release Muscle Resistance Toning Skin Exercise For Moisture Muscle Facelift Enhanced Complexion Misconceptions & Misinformation I am the owner/founder of Carolyn’s Facial Fitness – a company that teaches facial exercises to

Why We Age Well Part 2

“With remobilization, tendons and ligaments recover their structural and material properties” {3}. This is a quote from a scientific study on ligaments and tendons in the body. In other words, with exercise, tendons and ligaments rejuvenate to their original shape