3 Step Wrinkle Release

Wrinkle De-tacking NEW:  See the 4-step, updated Wrinkle Release technique  that’s for sale in the webshop! Two videos are showing on this webpage, “The Dancing Cs” and “The Tibetan Slide”, for free! A deep wrinkle is caused by skin being

Face Firmer Massage Technique

“The Face Firmer” is designed to be performed with the 28 foundational exercises from the CFF™ DVD. Only “massage” the face when the muscles are contracted: Open your mouth as wide as comfortable while at the same time, curling your

Free Facial Exercises

One of the secrets of the CFF™ system:  When you contract the muscles as you slide over the skin you are toning the muscles in the process. You are NOT stretching the skin. As the skin lifts up with the

Circle Up Rub

Purpose: To firm the muscles of the face and eliminate fine lines on the jowls, cheeks and to the temples. Caution: Only do this on a face that is either wet with cleanser or wet with moisturizer and be sure

The Brush

“The Brush” is designed to firm the double chin and jawline, while erasing lines and minimizing cording in the neck. Moisturize the skin under your chin and down your neck to your collar bone. Place your open hand at the

Neck Exercises

Gulping Fish Place your open hand at the base of your throat, stretched across your collarbone.  Holding your hand down, extend your neck up, leading with your chin and stretch with your bottom jaw, only, towards the ceiling.  Do NOT

DVD Clip

Carolyn is 59 years old in this clip! This video clip is taken from the instructional DVD that comes with both Kits. One of the secrets of the CFF™ system: When you contract the muscles as you slide over the