Here are instructions on how to become an affiliate for Carolyn’s Facial Fitness™.

  1. Register for an affiliate account here.
  2. In the affiliate dashboard, you will have access to 8 sections.
    1. Affiliate URLS
      You will need Affiliate URLs to place on your website or in your emails in order to receive credit. In the Affiliate URLs section, you can generate affiliate URLs for any page on the website. In the Page URL text box, just paste the URL of the page you want to direct people to. Optionally, you can add a Campaign Name if you want to track the success of various campaigns (for example, website A vs. website B. vs newsletters etc.). When you click the Generate URL button, your Referral URL will show up in the Referral URL text box.
    2. Statistics
      Here you will find statistics about visits, conversions, earnings, and more.
    3. Graphs
      This section shows a graph of your various referral earnings.
    4. Referral Payouts
      You’ll find a chart of your payouts here.
    5. Visits
      Here you’ll find a list of visits to the CFF website through your Affiliate URLs and details about it.
    6. Creatives
      Creatives are pre-made image or text links that you can use for your website or emails.
    7. Settings
      Here you can change your PayPal payment email and choose if you want to receive emails when you get a referral.
How do I become an affiliate?