If you wish to have a personal one-on-one experience, we offer Skyping with one of our well qualified trainers (trained by me) just for people like you. One of our trainers is Nicky. She is extremely competent and would be sure your technique is absolutely correct. On top of that, she’s a licensed aesthetician and is an expert on skin, as well. Check out our Skype lessons to decide if this is the right choice for you.

Before the class, she and I will go over your issues, etc.. and prepare you beforehand so you will be getting the most out of the session for the least amount of time spent!!! It’s a very popular way to have a “private” session with an expert in CFF!

So, yes you can restore your face to a more youthful, firm and smoother look with the CFF system starting at any age. And, you are never too old to start! CFF is corrective as well as preventive. And, to be sure you have the perfect technique, we offer this fabulous Skyping class for a face-to-face video chat that will assure you’re doing everything properly … as well as being guided to correct your particular concerns.

Can I have a personal consultation?