Note:  Do to the pandemic, shipping times may take longer than before.

Flatrate Shipping:

We have tried to keep shipping costs as low as possible by offering flatrate Priority Mail shipping to all parts of the world. This means, if you order a Full Kit you will only pay $8.25 for shipping if it goes anywhere in the United States postal delivery areas or only $23.00 if it goes anywhere outside of the USA postal delivery areas. We only charge our shipping costs. Nothing’s added!

If you order any of the Carolyn’s Facial Formulas products, the same flatrate Priority Mail shipping applies to it as well. For orders of 4 products or more, the charge is $8.25, domestic and $23.00 everywhere else, no matter how much more you order – four products or more. Ordering 1 to 3 products the flatrate charge is $5.00 domestic and $15.00 everywhere else.

Delivery is guaranteed to be no more than 3 days to anywhere in the USA postal delivery system and no more than 15 business days everywhere else. Of course, once the package leaves the country, we no longer have control over it. If there is a delay it is almost always because of customs for that country. Please see Customs Costs below.

We always send a shipping notice with the label information and/or notification of shipment when your product is mailed.

First Class Shipping:

The Value Pack is sent First Class mail. If you order within the United States postal delivery area, the cost is always only $5.00. If you order outside the USA, the cost is only $11.00. Air mail delivery times are about the same as Priority Mail. That is, 3 days maximum for the USA postal delivery areas and up to 15 business days outside the USA.

Customs Costs:

By law, we must enter the price paid for the product to where we ship onto the customs form for that country. Of course, this excludes the shipping costs and we only enter the cost actually paid for the product, less the shipping. Because the rules for customs is wildly different for each country, we cannot possibly know what it is for the country to where we ship. It is therefore the responsibility of each customer to know the rules for their country so that they will not be surprised if they have to pay customs tax for any product shipped to them.

When you believe a package has been delayed, it is almost always being held in the customs department of your country. Simply contact your customs department and give them the label information sent to you by Carolyn’s Facial Fitness™ and they can track the package for you and tell you where it is and what to do about it.

Just a note: As we don’t have to advertise as the big cosmetic companies do, we have been able to keep our prices very low for our organic skin care line. We have been able to pass the savings onto our clients. Even if you have to pay customs taxes when receiving our products, you are most likely paying lower prices than you would pay in your own country for a comparable product. PLUS! In all likelihood, you would not be able to find such wonderful products as we’ve managed to put together, as well. It’s one reason we offer the 7-piece Complete Therapy Pack at a 15% discount and 2 and 3-pack product packages at 10% and 15% discounts, too. Once you are a first-time customer of Carolyn’s Facial Formulas™ products, you will receive additional discounts after that when ordering every time. This makes the skin care line very affordable no matter where you live in the world.

Express Mail:

If by chance you wish for your product to be shipped to a country that you feel may not have the most reliable postal system, you can request your product be shipped “Express Mail”. We’ve never had a package shipped express mail that did not arrive in a timely manner. Express mail service is only $24.00 per package for domestic destinations and $63.00 per package for international destinations. We also looked into the courier services, but their prices were prohibitive. This USPS express mailing service seems to work very well and we highly suggest you request it when ordering from a country that is known for its difficult postal system.

Time Frame for Express Mail: Domestic Express usually takes 1 to 2 days. For example, if the Express package goes out after 8:00 am on a Tuesday, Express Mail guarantees delivery by Thursday before 3:00 pm. International mail takes 3 to 5 days for delivery. The package can also be held in customs in the country of delivery.

Shipping Information: How does it work?