Since I’m asked from time to time what my skin care regime looks like, I want to share with you the routines I’ve been using for the last year to get the results I want. There are links below to the video clips of the routines and products I’m using. I’ve been using the CFF Gua Sha for one year now and my complexion has greatly improved! Take a look at the video clip where I talk about my personal experience with the CFF Gua Sha

Here is my weekly schedule –  Updated February 6, 2023

When I first wake-up in the morning, I apply the Hydrating Crème Masque and leave it on as I work out my body. Then, I go to this routine. Every day. 

  1. I rinse off the Hydrating Crème Masque with warm water.  
  2. Every morning, I use the CFF Gua Sha on the full settings, 5 to 6 times a week. Takes about 9 minutes to execute. First, I apply the following skincare products.
  3. The skincare products I use are: 
    1. Balancing Facial Cleanser – NOTE: I use this at night only. I rinse off the HCM with warm water in the morning. Then I layer on the following products both morning and night.
    2. Rejuvenating Skin Repair Serum 2 – I usually only use this in the evening session.
    3. CBD Antioxidant Crème 
    4. Crystal Serum C – I only use CSC in the morning with the Gua Sha. 
    5. Total Therapy Serum
    6. I perform 2 rounds only, of the Advanced Circle Up Rub (morning and night)
    7. Moisturizer Plus 
    8. I perform the 3 Step Cheek Builder and Smoother only in the morning and only 3 days a week at this point. See the blog!
    9. Then I use the CFF Gua Sha to help penetrate these products into the skin.
  4. I perform the 28 foundational exercise routine, including the Brush once a week. I am on maintenance. Since I’m using the CFF Lower Face Filler, I have eliminated using the Face Firmer for now, so as not to overbuild my face. I use the advanced moves in the  Advanced Bonus Tips for foundational 28 exercises. Here is the rest of my routine. 
  5. The CFF Lower Face Filler once a week. 
  6. Face Polishing twice a week.
  7. Lower Jowl and Neck Firmer twice a week. 
  8. Every 2 weeks I use the Cartilage Smoother routine for my nose and ears. Again, I’m on maintenance with most of these routines, now. I did them more often, according to the directions, in the beginning, until I hit maintenance.  
  9. And, I use the Advanced Jowl Lifter with the Jowl Press, once a week. 
  10. Every so often, I use the Neck Ring Eraser video  and Jowl Slides video
  11. I use the Advanced Circle Up Rub twice a week when applying my skincare products. Note: You can use this exercise routine more often … twice a day for 4 to 5 days a week if you want a “fast” lift to the face over a 6 week period.
  12. Twice a week I use the Age Spot Treatment. I add organic apple cider vinegar to the Botanical Masque. Check out the blog and the Product tips webpage for more interesting ways to use the Botanical Masque and liquids! 
  13. I started off using the Philtrum Shortening, Lip Shaping Routine 5 times a week for 8 weeks and then 3 times a week for 8 more weeks. Now, I use it only once or twice a week. It took me about 7 months to shorten my Philtrum by 2 mm. I like the way I can reshape my lips and diminishes lip lines, so I stay on this one for now. Check out the Philtrum Shortening, Lip Shaping blog . 
  14. I execute the Advanced Eye Massage Routine twice a month. 
  15. I also execute the Mouth Corner Lift from time to time if I see any hint of puckering in the corners of my mouth. 
  16. I also use the Advanced Decolletage & Neck Shaping Routine once a week.
  17. I perform the Jawbone Restorer Video about 3 times a week to keep the jawbone challenged and strong. 
  18. Because my forehead is one of my weak spots, I do engage the Dancing Cs and the Tibetan Slide from time to time whenever I see the need. 
  19. Every 6 months I follow the Schedule for Radiant Skin for one month.  

There you go!  

Carolyn’s Skincare and Facial Exercising Routine