Well, it’s been a long time coming, but I finally got around to researching and drawing in detail an Interactive Muscle Chart!  As an amateur artist, it was such fun to draw these muscles … deciding which ones were the most important for my clients to see so they can understand even better why the CFFitness™ facial exercise program is designed the way it is. So, I named those muscles most of us need to know about when exercising the face and neck.  For example, you can now easily see which muscles are engaged with which CFFitness™ exercise.

The Muscle Chart Lights-up in Three Different Ways

First of all, I listed all of the names of the muscles on the left side of the webpage. When you put your mouse cursor over that muscles name, it lights up in the line drawing on the right side. And, there are two line drawings.  One showing the muscles in the full-face frontal and one showing the muscles under the chin. They are clearly marked and easy to see.

Second of all, you can look at the drawings, place your mouse cursor over the muscle of interest and it will light up the name of the muscle listed on the left side. So much fun!

And lastly, I know that many of us have studied these muscles and know their names, but this wasn’t enough for me. I wanted you to see exactly which muscles are engaged when performing the CFFitness™ exercises.  Now all you have to do is put your cursor over the photo of the exercise you want to know about and the diagram will light up with those muscles mostly involved with that particular exercise. For example, so many of us want to see what it is that makes a double chin. Well, now you can see that facial structure in this interactive chart.

What Results Can You Expect from the Exercises?

Below the photos is a list of the exercises with a description of what results you can expect from performing any particular exercise over time.  This way you can look at an exercise of interest, place your mouse cursor over the photo, see the muscles light up on the drawing and then look at the description of what it will do to enhance your face and neck through practice! You can see clearly which muscles are involved and why.  For example, the Cheek Firmer diminishes the wrinkles around the mouth and firms, builds and lifts the cheeks. Placing your cursor over this Cheek Firmer exercise photo and you can see all the muscles involved in this exercise. It will help you understand why this exercise was designed this way to lift the cheeks.

I hope you enjoy playing with the Interactive Muscle Chart and that it helps you to understand the physiology of the face and neck when using Carolyn’s Facial Fitness™ facial exercise program.

Interactive Muscle Chart