Velvet Smooth Body LotionVSBL Helps Sooth and Heal the Skin

I’ve personally been using this organically-based body lotion for over two years. During this time my skin has consistently become softer and smoother looking. It also feels very young and very fresh to the touch. I had a small dry patch of skin on my leg that would not go away .. but once I started to apply the VSBL, this dry patch disappeared within 4 weeks even though I’d had it for over a year.  My skin was eventually restored to its smooth, supple condition.

VSBL has Nutrient Rich Ingredients

This body lotion is light enough not to be heavy and yet it is very nutrient rich.

Containing Aloe for extra moisturizing and Rooibos that is high in antioxidants, it’s also a great anti-inflammatory.  Meaning, it is very soothing and nourishing for the skin. Jojoba oil is known to be similar in structure to our own skin’s natural sebum.  Olive oil and Vitamin E help to heal and soothe even rough or sun-burned skin.  Your skin will feel silky and smooth within days of using this incredible body lotion. DMAE, MSM, Green Tea and Shea Oil all mix to restore your skin to its very best. Carrot Oil is known to revitalize tone and nourish the skin, as well.  A little bit goes a long way. It can be used as a face lotion, too. It’s that nourishing. It’s that rich.

Check out all the ingredients and how this combination has made a body lotion that truly restores the skin to its natural, supple, soft and smooth condition!

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Introducing Velvet Smooth Body Lotion