Hi!  Just want you to know that I’ve posted a new photo of myself taken on December 5, 2009 in my photo gallery over the years. I hope this photo of me at age 63 (I’ll be 64 in May) helps to encourage you to continue with the facial exercises.

Being consistent with your CFF facial exercises will give you an elegant and powerful build to the face and neck.  As those elastin fibers around the muscles continue to grow – and as we do grow new ones all the time, they take the shape of the toned muscles around them.  This results in you creating a smooth, lifted face and neck as long as you consistently exercise. Please read all about Why  We Age Well with Facial Exercises as it explains why it’s so important to be regular and persistent with your workouts. You will get the results you want in due course.


Here are 2 more new photos of me, age 68 for your perusal. One is a sideview and the other one is front-faced of me. I perform the full 28 exercises, including the Face Firmer and The Brush, as well as the Lower Face Filler Routine and Face Polishing twice a week. I also perform the Circle-up Rub and I use my skincare exclusively.


Here is a video of me demonstrating how to use the CFF Gua Sha. I’m 73 years old in this video. Here is what some people are saying about it

Recent Photo of Carolyn