Yes!  RSR has a new look. A new airless, easy-to-dispense bottle! The same airless packaging, assuring the ingredients stay fresh and active!

Rejuvenating Skin Repair

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This serum can soothe, repair and restore mature, sun-damaged, oily, dry and combination skin types. It’s packed with vitamins like Niacinamide (B3) that increase the rate of skin exfoliation and increase the moisture barrier repair mechanism. Vitamin C helps to promote the production of collagen and Vitamin E that encourages healing of many skin ailments from eczema to burns and more.

RSR also has soothing extracts and gentle oils to ensure the deepest possible penetration of concentrated ingredients to tone and heal the skin. To name just one, my favorite ingredient is “carrot oil”, which increases elasticity and aids in alleviating scarring, acne and irritated skin. It’s also gentle enough to relieve rosacea and dermatitis.

It revitalizes the basal skin layer (deepest layer of the skin) and aids in the regeneration of cells. This combination of ingredients gives new life to your skin and you can see it easily within a few days of use.

AND FOR A BONUS! You can also purchase the three original CFFormulas “Dynamic Trio” for 30% off, as well:

Dynamic Trio

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Balancing Facial Cleanser that leaves your face clean, smooth and hydrated naturally.

Hydrating Cream Masque that helps to soothe, heal, hydrate and promote cell regeneration.

Moisturizer Plus that was formulated with the eyes in mind and will replenish the moisture in your skin, leaving it feeling fresh and dewy!

Enjoy all four products, just in time for Mother’s Day and the freshness of Spring!

Thank you for your continuing support.



Carolyn Front Face

Rejuvenating Skin Repair has NEW PACKAGING!