How CFFitness Began

Read the story behind how and why Carolyn created Carolyn’s Facial Fitness™ and why the CFF facial exercises gives the best results.

Benefits of Facial Exercise

Why do facial exercises? Facial exercises help you age gracefully by reducing wrinkles, improving your complexion and more.

How Facial Exercises Work

What is the science behind facial exercises and how do they help reduce wrinkles and improve your complexion? Find out in this article.

Interactive Muscle Chart

Which face muscles are mostly engaged with which facial exercise? Check out this interactive muscle chart to find out!

Sample Facial Exercises

Get a free preview of the CFF™ facial exercises program! Lift your jowls, eliminate your double chin, and more with these sample exercises.

Creating CFFormulas

Carolyn talks about her process in choosing the best products and ingredients for her skin care line, Carolyn’s Facial Formulas™.

Schedule for Radiant Skin

Skin care regimens can be confusing! When using Carolyn’s Facial Formulas™, follow this simple schedule for best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Carolyn’s Facial Fitness™ facial exercises and Carolyn’s Facial Formulas™ skin care.