Privacy Policy
Carolyn’s Facial Fitness, LLC, gathers and holds your e-mail address only in order to send you information you have requested. You can unsubscribe any time for any reason. Carolyn’s Facial Fitness, LLC does not sell, share or release personal information, including any personal photos, to any third party except when you give your permission to do so, or to comply with valid legal requirements such as law, regulation, warrant, subpoena, or court order. You will only get e-mails from Carolyn’s Facial Fitness, LLC, not third parties. You may receive special offers when Carolyn’s Facial Fitness, LLC launches new services or products.
Sometimes when visiting a website, a small amount of data known as a cookie may be downloaded onto your computer. While Carolyn’s Facial Fitness, LLC does not use cookies at this time, it may use this technology to store your preferences and record session information in the future. No personal information (as names, phone numbers or email addresses) is stored in cookies. This information if  used, is also only kept temporarily to improve your visit to our site. You can easily disable cookies by turning them off in your browser. This may, however affect the functionality of the website.
Terms of Service:
Carolyn’s Facial Fitness, LLC assures the goods described for sale on the Carolyn’s Facial Fitness, LLC website are what you receive when purchasing. If anything is missing or not to your satisfaction, it will be either replaced if damaged or sent for fulfillment within 48 hours of notification, taking holidays and week-ends into consideration. Carolyn’s Facial Fitness, LLC always attempts to answer all correspondence whether telephone, email or otherwise within 48 hours, taking holidays and week-ends into consideration.
Return Policy
Carolyn’s Facial Fitness, LLC returns full purchase price, excluding shipping, back to the credit card or with a bank cheque for returned items in good condition, within 30 days of purchase.
Shipping Policy
Carolyn’s Facial Fitness, LLC will fulfill any order for goods from Carolyn’s Facial Fitness, LLC in a timely manner. Shipping of ordered items is always within 48 hours of cleared payment, taking holidays and week-ends into consideration. For more information, please visit our Shipping Information webpage.