Facial Exercises Workshop Leader
Carolyn Cleaves, Age 68

Pay for the workshop here!

Facelift Through Exercise with Carolyn Cleaves

April 7th, 8th & 9th – See details & PAY here!

Just 15 Minutes a Day exercising your facial muscles will rid you of your:

* Deep forehead lines
* Crows feet around the eyes
* Bags, lines and dark circles under the eyes
* A “lumpy” nose
* The lines between the nose and outer corners of the lips
* Lines around the lips
* Sagging jowls
* Double chin
* Papery skin and lines on the neck, chest and under the eyes

You can exercise the muscles of the face to turn back the hands of time. The exercises are both corrective and preventive. You can

* Rid yourself of wrinkles exercising the facial muscles
* Redefine the cheekbones and jaw line, as well as the neck, while toning the face overall
* Improve the texture of your skin so it has the healthy glow of youth!
* Make dark circles fade away along with that tired look
* Make the lips look fuller and the nose become more defined. In other words, you regain that youthful, dynamic look you had when you were young.

You will see obvious improvement only after two weeks. In another three months, people usually start to tell you how good you look. Within six to nine months you are looking five to ten years younger.

This program is based on muscle resistance training that builds muscle fiber and creates lift as well as isometrics that tone the muscles. It really works!

The Workshop includes a Kit, a $68- value that has in it:

* A Pacing CD
* A Final CD
* Color photo- illustrated flashcards
* Color photo-illustrated bonus exercises in a workbook with nutritional information for the hair and skin as well as many other beauty tips, including how to get rid of spider veins
* A mirror!
* Bonus Exercises, for example, to smooth and revitalize the chest area
* There’s even a 3-step technique for “rubbing out wrinkles”

NOTE: The Sunday Workshop is for advanced techniques, only. I will be teaching the Lower Face Lifting Routine, along with Face Polishing (a new technique) and two new movements added to the Wrinkle Release method! A new routine for eradicating lip lines – Plus!  Much more! You need to have a foundational build … that is at least 3 months of CFF already established to take this course.

The Workshop is approximately 3 1/2 hours long with one 15 minute break.

The Workshop offers complete instructions in technique for doing the exercises for your maximum benefit! Carolyn will give each participant a quick analysis of their face at the end of the workshop. The following link may answer some of your questions for you: Facial Exercise FAQ

Note: CFFormulas skincare products will also be available for purchase during the Workshop. 10% discount will be applied! Credit cards are welcome.

Here are the details about suggested place to stay:

The World of Meditation Center (3412 NE 115th Street; Seattle, Washington 98125), where Carolyn’s Facial Fitness classes are being held, has a single bedroom available for $45.00 a night. Contact: [email protected] or call 206-772-8897 to reserve it.

Hotel Nexus is 2.5 miles away from The World of Meditation Center. For discounted rates at Hotel Nexus mention that you are connected with The World of Meditation Center. For reservation call 206-365-0700 and asked to speak with Anne Kari Brewitt or Ariana Wiek in the Sales Department.

Other possibilities – about 4.08 miles are:

University Motel Suites and The University Inn Seattle