CFF® Gua Sha™ Electric Facial Tool Treatment for the Face and Neck


CFF’s anti-aging device that incorporates microcurrents, heat, red light therapy, and vibration.

There are four modes in the Gua Sha Treatment  device that will enhance your complexion, with results already seen within 3 sessions. The approaches include one or all of the following methods:

– Vibration of 8,000/min – microcurrent
– Red Light Therapy with 630nm+- wavelength
– Heat to help product penetrate deeply into the skin
– Gua Sha stainless steel treatment plate to address the shape of your face and neck for total coverage.

See the blog here for details on how it all works to benefit your complexion!


– Relaxes the skin and helps to accelerate blood circulation for a more beautiful complexion.
– Enhances skin elasticity by activating ATP in the muscles (see blog for full explanation of how this works)
– Helps even out skin-tone and reduce hyperpigmentation with the red-light therapy
– Reduces wrinkles by boosting collagen and elastin fiber production
– Firms the double chin area as well as the neck
– Lifts and tightens the skin (muscle and skin are intertwined in the face)
– Enhances the absorption of serums and oils for deeper penetration into the skin
– Stimulates the natural meridians in the face and neck for trigger point therapy.
– When paired with CFF CBD Antioxidant Crème, the effects are boosted tremendously. The CFF Gua Sha microcurrent and heat, helps to penetrate any serums or lotions you use for even better and deeper coverage.  When ordering the Gua Sha and the CBD cream, you receive a 15% discount.


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Carolyn is 73 in this video!

CFF® Gua Sha™ Electric Facial Tool Treatment for the Face and Neck

Use the device 5 days a week for 2 weeks. Go to every other day, thereafter. Use the light therapy for lessening hyperpigmentation and smoothing papery skin. Use the vibration with microcurrent to rejuvenate the cells and use the heat feature to help penetrate product into the skin. We’ve found if you use CFF CBD antioxidant cream with the device, the results are more forthcoming.

Working modes

1 – Vibration + LED
2 – Heating + LED
3 – Heating + Vibration
4 – Heating + Vibration + LED

CFF® Gua Sha™ Electric Facial Tool Treatment for the Face and Neck

The CFF Gua Sha device connects with a USB plug so it can be powered-up anywhere in the world.

CFF® Gua Sha™ Electric Facial Tool Treatment for the Face and Neck

Customer Reviews

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A+ Customer Service!

I've been using this Gua Sha massager for about a year, when it suddenly stopped charging. I reached out directly to the company, and they sent me a brand new replacement, free of charge. Exceptional customer service!

Belle Soet
Easy of use

Nice product to add to skincare line.

Mary Coole

I was using manual Gua Sha. This is light years beyond!
I have done just a few sessions in the last 3 weeks but the heat and vibration feel so good, I extend the time and focus on many area (temples into hairline,...).
I looked at my skin the other day and was amazed at how smooth it was (not talking just wrinkles), free of blemishes! Must be the red light.
Thank you for making this available at such a reasonable cost!

Easy to use, but do not put cap on immediately after use for safety

Love this product! I swear I just used mine and saw a difference. I saw some devices like this had bad reviews due to sparks from charging with the cap on. If you are mindful of the cap and do not put the cap on when its still warm, you should be fine.

Simply works great

Very easy to use while I watch tv relaxing. Its feels very nice . I have had long enough to see results yet but I can feel a tightening.
I think its a great product