Combo Three Pack



In the beginning, it can be a little difficult to remember all the proper handholds for doing the exercises. These color, photo-illustrated Flashcards show you the proper handholds at a glance. You can refer to them instead of having to turn on the DVD every time you want to remember how the exercise is performed.

Final CD

Every time you workout, you have the Final CD to talk you through the program. It's the same as the Pacing CD without the counting. It tells you when the next exercise starts and when to hold and when to lift or change sides. - keeps you motivated with no more counting! Only 15 minutes long!


The Workbook includes detailed step by step instructions for learning  and doing the exercises. 10 color photo-illustrated bonus exercises, a 3-step Wrinkle Release Technique that works and many great beauty tips, including how to handle spider veins and grow beautiful fingernails!