Here are the details about suggested place to stay:

The World of Meditation Center (3412 NE 115th Street; Seattle, Washington 98125), where Carolyn’s Facial Fitness classes are being held has an Airbnb connected with it. Three spaces are available.  To sign up for Airbnb use this code to get a credit: www.airbnb.com/c/shantis134

The links to the World of Meditation Airbnb is: https://www.airbnb.com/users/84394492/listings

If you have questions contact: [email protected] or call 206-772-8897

Hotel Nexus is 2.5 miles away from The World of Meditation Center. For discounted rates at Hotel Nexus mention that you are connected with The World of Meditation Center. For reservation call 206-365-0700 and asked to speak with Anne Kari Brewitt or Ariana Wiek in the Sales Department. The price they are offering as a discount is for the summer of 2018 is $139.00 a night.

University Motel Suites and The University Inn Seattle


You’ll learn 28 facelift, facial exercises that can be done in 15 minutes a day. The class lasts approximately two and a half hours or until you feel confident enough to do the face exercises on your own. Individual attention is given to every student.


You’ll receive color photo-illustrated flashcards showing you the proper handholds for the face and neck exercises. A written description on how to perform the facial exercises is on the back side of each card. The photos are of me, Carolyn, so you can see for yourself how effective this program, Carolyn’s Facial Fitness, really is!


I demonstrate word for word and step for step how to do each facial exercise, easily and correctly. You take home your DVD for easy reference after the class.

Two CDs

You’ll also receive two audio CDs in your workshop packet. While you learn proper technique in the workshop, these CDs will help to instruct and pace you when doing the face exercises on your own. The first CD actually paces you when doing the exercises so that you’ll achieve the maximum benefit  and correct rhythm count for each exercise. The second CD relieves you from having to remember which exercise comes next. It tells you when to switch to the next exercise and when to hold and lift, etc… No more counting or remembering what to do next. Just follow my voice and do the face and neck exercises as I instruct. So easy.


You’ll also receive a lovely mirror to be used in the workshop and then to take home with you. In the beginning it’s best to do the facial exercises using a mirror so you can be sure you’re doing them correctly. You can always check your progress by looking at your handholds in a mirror.


This workbook takes you through the program. It gives you complete instructions in technique for doing the exercises for your maximum benefit. There are 12 color, photo-illustrated bonus exercises including techniques for rubbing out wrinkles in the face and neck as well as one for the décolleté in the workbook.  It’s very easy to follow and easy to use.

Bonus Exercises

A few more facial skin care beauty tips for those very hard to get rid of wrinkles and bags will also be given to you during the workshop. For example, as we age cartilage continues to grow. Two of the bonus exercises will help to alleviate the appearance of this problem around your nose and nostrils. There is even one exercise for the ears. Details count! These bonus exercises are photo-illustrated for easy learning.

Personal Evaluation

Each participant will receive a written personal evaluation by Carolyn at the end of the Workshop.  She will tell you exactly which exercises you need to do and how often so you can get the results you want.

What to Wear

Casual clothes and light make-up, as you’ll be touching your face with your hands. No contact lenses.


Participation in the workshop is $130- per person. One-on-one sessions are also available through SKYPE sessions with Nicky. For those of you who already have a kit, the cost of the Workshop is only $85-. Repeats are also welcome and their cost is $75-. Workshop for advanced CFF facial exercisers (Learning new techniques to be used with the basic 28, along with The Lower Face Lifting Routine, Face Polishing, Lip Wrinkle Abolisher and much more!) $115.

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What to Bring

Just bring yourself! Everything is provided for in the workshop. Of course, I’m also available by email or phone after the workshop to answer any questions or problems that may come up for you.