Full Kit

From: $67.95

The Full Kit includes all the Facial Exercise Videos, the Workbook with Instructions and Bonus Exercises, the Pacing CD, the Final CD, a mirror, and a Fundamentals Guide. Bonus tips for 14 of the exercises to help you make the most of this kit are available as an optional add-on.

Also available in Portuguese as a digital download.

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Bonus Tips for Basic Facial Exercise Program

Here are recorded video tips to make the most of your Full Kit and Value Pack. They expand on 14 of the exercises, demonstrating advanced movements, to help you with your progression. They take your results up a notch!

  • Bridge Smoother
  • Brow Line Lift
  • Cheek Firmer
  • Chin Firmer
  • Forehead Smoother
  • Jowl Lifter
  • Lower Eyelid Stretch
  • Neck Strengthener
  • Nose Shaper
  • Nose Slide
  • Sad Face
  • Scalp Pull
  • The Kiss
  • Worry Line Smoother


Pacing CD

The Pacing CD talks you through the program and counts through each exercise with you. It's only 15 minutes long and keeps you motivated and guides you!

Final CD

Every time you workout, you have the Final CD to talk you through the program. It's the same as the Pacing CD without the counting. It tells you when the next exercise starts and when to hold and when to lift or change sides. - keeps you motivated with no more counting! Only 15 minutes long!


The DVD is for the Learning Phase. It demonstrates step for step how to do each of the 28 exercises in the whole program! You can access and repeat individual exercises for easy learning. The DVD is formatted to play on all DVD players world-wide.


The Workbook includes detailed step by step instructions for learning  and doing the exercises. 10 color photo-illustrated bonus exercises, a 3-step Wrinkle Release Technique that works and many great beauty tips, including how to handle spider veins and grow beautiful fingernails!


In the beginning, it can be a little difficult to remember all the proper handholds for doing the exercises. These color, photo-illustrated Flashcards show you the proper handholds at a glance. You can refer to them instead of having to turn on the DVD every time you want to remember how the exercise is performed.

Bonus Exercises

There are 10 bonus exercises in the Workbook that address even more areas of the face and neck that you may want to work on even further. As well, you also receive the 3-Step Wrinkle Release Technique that has proven to literally rub out deeper wrinkles and fine lines. Everything is color, photo-illustrated for easy learning.


The double Sided stand alone mirror is ideal for ensuring you do all of Carolyn's Facial Exercises correctly and can see yourself regain that youthful look!