Dear Carolyn, Thank you,   for taking time to write me  and give me your expertise . I will follow your advice and let you know how I’m doing . Your customer service is THE BEST . Love Andy


Omgosh I was just about to write you haha!!! (our emails crossed at the same time!) I am SO very happy to have met you. You are such a TREASURE ❤️ Your energy and beauty is just incredible!!! Thank you so much for taking time to meet with me today and show me these amazing tricks…. (She has a scar on her chin and I showed her ways she can work on it to reduce it) I cannot wait to get started and I will definitely keep you updated!! In fact I’m about to get started right now!! 😆 Love you!!!!


Hi Carolyn hope you are well!  I just want you to know i am just thrilled to bits with this bonus exercises. The Philtrum Shortening, Lip Shaping Routine it’s only been about a month and already I see dramatic affects on especially my top lip and am very happy . And back on board with facial fitness it’s the best thank you again for all your care.  💞


I am so inspired by your work, talent and enthusiasm and have total confidence in you!


I love you, Caroline! You are so inspiring, so “up”, and so beautiful, beautiful!! …You have made MANY of my days! Thanks for the advice and support!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the GIANT hug. I actually feel it! Keep on!


HI Carolyn, What a love you are, thank you!!! I simply love your creams, unsurpassed in so many ways  and you are a such an inspiration with how you look! Wow, simply gorgeous. … Thanks so much for what you do for us all. Blessings for a beautiful day.


Hi Carolyn! Wow, that took some reading! LOL Thanks so much for the comprehensive reply, I am very grateful for the time you took to look at my photos and send me a detailed program.  I have watched all of the video’s and ordered everything you suggested plus have made myself a workout schedule.  You are a real inspiration, you look fantastic, of course, but I think what struck me even more deeply is the fact that you replied personally to my first email, and have continued to do so.  This, as I am sure you are aware, is very rare these days! I look forward to the journey of this very exciting program.  I have had Botox for the past 10 years or so on my forehead plus 2 sessions of nasal labial line fillers.  I generally like the Botox but am very adverse to looking frozen and odd from too much filler and work.  I know quite a few beautiful women that are no longer what I’d consider beautiful on the outside, they have taken it too far, unfortunately. You, however, look nowhere near your age and your skin is simply glowing!


Hi Carolyn That’s completely fine. I’m blown away to be getting a personal response from you at all,  and so soon. Thank you thank you thank you for such great “service”. I’m so impressed by your genuine interest and commitment. What a lovely caring person you are. I’m feeling excited and optimistic about the effectiveness of the programme and more importantly about my ability (which I’ve doubted) to be disciplined and make it a locked in habit. Love Jacqui 


…. Goodness Carolyn, that’s so generous of you. Can’t get over how kind you are! I really am grateful. Will start saving! (gave her an extended sale price so she can buy when her money is there)


You are a blessing and I can’t thank you enough 🙂 … Thank you so much Carolyn. Now that’s what I call customer service!(CFF helped her with her issues with the post office)


Thank you for always supporting me and  always responding and yet  I know you’re busy but yet you help me all the time. I appreciate that very very much. 


Thank you for all the information, It’s very helpful.I will send pictures when I have a chance.  Thanks for all that you do to help people.  I appreciate you, your kindness, great customer service and expertise. Love, Karen


Dear Carolyn: I hope this finds you well. First let me say… I’m just astounded by my hair. I was hesitant to just wash it instead of going to have it blown out. It’s very thick and grows in a triangle.But I took a chance and washed it and let it dry naturally. I used your shampoo and conditioner and only added a natural leave-in curl conditioner. And I”m amazed – it looks so wonderful, soft, not dry and not full blown out. I’m so happy I took the chance.  … Thanks for everything! 


I so appreciate your accessibility. The former method I used has really NO accessibility or profile online. I can’t thank you enough. Over the past few days I’ve been obsessing about my age and “maybe this won’t work …” Your words give me so much encouragement. Thanks once again for your help with this! I have been doing the exercises 5x per week since May 18, and have noticed the quality of my skin feels better but still a long ways to go Lots of uneveness and sun damage. I also want to feel good as I age, looking good without going under the knife or needle is a bonus I am so grateful for you, you are definitely proof of how well it works.


Dear Carolyn, Thank you so much for your email! I was not expecting a personal reply and am absolutely thrilled to receive one – I think you are absolutely wonderful and I love the energy you give out in your videos – purposeful, happy, friendly, serene and knowledgeable. …I downloaded the Facial Fitness program when I was in quarantine with covid. …I had far too much time to look in the large mirrors on our wardrobe doors, and was so saddened by what I saw. Basically, this face is heading south! So I had done I think four days of the exercises …the thing was – and this probably won’t surprise you, but it shocked me – those pucker lines had gone! The pebble chin was much less noticeable! …it was all those lovely exercises and techniques such as the scratching and scrubbing in the Philtrum Shortening video, because for hours and hours after doing those I could feel that area zinging, energised, alive again! And I understand why you chose the term “building”. Because I felt like my face had been falling apart, but now it was being rebuilt from inside, and it’s the best feeling. Four days, and I already looked different, and with that, felt more confident, happier. … Thank you so much for making your program so affordable, so engaging, and so effective! Kind regards


For me, your Facial Routines, Products and Philosophies serve as the powerful impetus to a high Quality Of Life


Hi Carolyn!  I just wanted to thank you so much for our session, and for all you have provided here! 🙂 I’m enjoying doing the exercises and am slowly adding them all in. 🙂 I will wait until I have all the exercises going for a while and then will look into adding the Gua sha too. 🙂 I find it interesting how some days I feel I really look younger, and some days I feel I still look much older, but I am so enjoying myself in the process of doing these exercises and trust I’ll continue to see more results and have more and more days where I really do look younger. 🙂 (Yes.  We call them “youth jumps“)  Thank you for all you’ve taught me so far and I look forward to continuing to learn and to this fun and rewarding journey! 🙂 I also look forward to enjoying another session with you in a couple months. 🙂

Thanks again for everything, Carolyn!!


Thanks Carolyn,I really appreciate all the details and love you put in to your clients. I’ll keep you updated!


Hi, Carolyn — Yes, I received the links (I sent her files for download) and have successfully downloaded both and everything is good to go. Thanks so much for your help and thank you for your speedy response and awesome work!  Much love to you!


Carolyn, as usual your customer service is representative of you and your innate goodness. It shines through in everything you write, record and sell. You’ve got it, girl! Again, thank you for all you do. (Wow!  Thanks so much!  I try my best!)


Thanks for your kind words as well Carolyn, you are a great mentor! I love it that your program is personal unlike all the other programs out there. I will do my best with following your advice and I will keep you posted. And I will let you know if I would like to have some advice via video about doing the placement of the hands right. … Love.


Good morning Carolyn,  Thank you ever so much for such a quick response and keeping me up to date. I love your customer service! I successfully placed my order and will be looking forward to reviewing additions to the exercises. They are great, btw! Wishing you a wonderful day and thank you again! Kind regards …


Thank you SO much Carolyn! I will definitely check the advanced bonus tips – what a great addition! I also wanted to thank you for creating the program, it made a difference for me and I truly appreciate your professionalism and kindness.


Hi again! I just watched the advanced circle up rub video and it’s amazing! And you look absolutely stunning, you are the best motivation to do the exercises and follow your program. Thank you! 🙏❤🙏❤🙏❤

Stay well and take care!


Wow!  Thank you for your amazing  customer service Carolyn ❤
It’s greatly appreciated!


Hi Carolyn, Yes, I will keep you posted for sure. (she received advice from Carolyn and this is for the follow-up) I have received all your emails, and I will send you new pics after 3 months. (taking photos along the way shows progress and where trouble spots need attention!) Thank you for your support, you are the best! Warmly, SDY


Hi Carolyn, Thank you for clarifying my doubts…and doing it so quickly. (She had concerns and I gave her guidance that works for her)  The videos are really great. I am aware that most of the techniques are described on your website, but reading is not the same as seeing. 🙂  I have not studied it thoroughly yet, but I love it already. And watching you in those videos, being so beautiful and youthful, is just fantastic. You truly are the inspiration for your clients. (Thank you for your kind words!) And it is really comforting to know that face aging issues can be addressed in such a natural and easy way. Big hug


Thank you so much for your fast response and for all of your dedication! I’m hopeful that by doing your exercises and using your products I can bring back some of my former self. It’s possibly the most disheartening (and yes; I admit this is vain) thing I’ve endured — watching my face become something that no longer looks like the woman I used to be. I actually used to think women were nuts for undergoing the knife, but the older I’ve gotten; the more sympathy I have (I’m now 50). I refuse to have surgery, though, so: here’s to doing facial exercises!! (I totally understand. The biggest problem I have with surgery is I haven’t seen too many people age well. Everyone seems to age well with CFF facial exercises. Yay!) Bless you, Carolyn,


Wonderful!  I cannot wait to try it. (I’ve just completed filming about 50 video clips … one for shortening the philtrum that she’s interested in. They will be posted within the next week) I have been doing your core exercises since Oct. 2020.  I am slowly adding the extra exercises from your videos I purchased.  I took your advanced workshop a few years ago.  I have a lot of material to keep me busy. Thank you for all that you do and for being in touch with your customers. It makes a big difference.  JB


Hi Carolyn, I wanted to give you an update. I’ve been using the Gua Sha Massager with the cbd creme. You are so right it really makes your complexion glow. My skin looks so wonderful very clear smooth and glowy. I can’t believe how unbelievable your moisturizer plus is. I couldn’t believe you sent it to me free. (Moisturizer Plus is one of our best sellers. She had a mix-up in her order and I sent this as a gift) I absolutely love it. I’ve never had  such great results from a moisturizer before. My skin is so dewy, feels so soft. I don’t  wear foundation anymore. I will be purchasing more of your skin care. Thank you so much beautiful Carolyn  for being there for all your customers. You really  care so much for us. Love, EL21


Dear Carolyn, Thank You so much for your highly informative email.  That’s wonderful to know about the delivery estimate times thank you! I wanted to take this opportunity to say I Love your products! They work perfectly for me!  I believe you have great integrity in the way you make your products, the way you care that others look and feel good too and the way you conduct your business, so therefore your products have great integrity to me and I’m sure to alot of other people feel that way, too.  In a world full of fakes and lies and deceit, you and your products and exercises are the real deal… Thank you again. With Love from MX

Karen O

Karen O – an Amazon review 
5.0 out of 5 stars This tiny gadget delivers BIG RESULTS, at a FRACTION of the price of its counterparts.

Reviewed in the United States on January 7, 2021


Verified Purchase (The CFF Gua Sha is on sale in the CFF Amazon store for $20- off and free shipping)
While not quite mainstream, the HIGHLY EFFECTIVE applications of Red Light, Microcurrent and Vibration Therapies for skin rejuvenation are gaining rapid momentum, for good reason—- all are holistic, non-invasive and simple treatments which (when applied consistently) yield REMARKABLE results that cannot be replicated by even the most skilled cosmetic surgeons. The CFF Gua Sha device performs these functions, PLUS the added benefit of mild heat to better absorb moisturizer/oil, etc.. These very worthwhile applications are combined in a steel plate which glides easily and emulates the ancient Gua Sha technique of facial contour shaping. One need not delve into researching all of these practices to reap their enormous benefits; Carolyn has done decades of study in this field….take a leap of faith, and experience it for yourself. Her integrity and level of expertise are top-drawer; I cannot recommend her products or services highly enough. Have been faithfully doing her Facial Exercises over three years with superlative results and learned long ago to take notice when she introduces something new. For me personally, this Gua Sha is the perfect ‘finishing touch’ to her unsurpassed Facial Rejuvenation Exercises (quick and oh-so-effective), but honestly believe it will produce great results even if one doesn’t do facial exercises. . What I especially love about the Gua Sha is how the compact/comfortable design allows me to reap the same benefits for my neck, chest and tops of hands as it does for my face–forget how long I’ve been using it; maybe 5 or 6 months, and recall initially seeing results within a week. After a bit of experimentation, I now treat myself every other day, and find it to be rather like a ‘mini spa’ —relaxing, pleasant but rejuvenating at the same time. For reference, I will turn 61 in 4 months. Because of Carolyn’s Facial Fitness I have nothing but the SLIGHTEST hint of crow’s feet; the SLIGHTEST bit of eyelid sagging; NO jowls; NO double chin; FIRM cheeks and neck. As pleased as I remain with the results from her STELLAR facial exercises, I have come to consider the Gua Sha an equally vital, and absolutely permanent part of my overall self-care routine. They make for GREAT gifts, too.


Happy New Year Carolyn, I received my CBD Creme, thank you so much! I can’t  believe you sent me a free full size Moisturizer Plus.  You didn’t  have to that. Thank you, you really are an amazing woman whose cares about her customers(she received the MP for a mess-up in her earlier order). I’ve been using my Gua Sha Massager. I’m really loving it. My face looks so firm after using. Can’t wait to use the CBD antioxidant creme with it. Thank you again beautiful Carolyn. Hope this New Year brings nothing but happiness good health. Love.


You’re so thoughtful Carolyn, I never expected an answer from you. You are so sweet I know you must be so busy. Thank you so much for the information you just sent me. Can’t wait to take my time and go through every step. I am so excited start using it. (she bought the CFF Gua Sha and the cbd antioxidant cream) I will update you on my progress. You are so kind and thoughtful. Happy New Year to the most beautiful woman who helps keep us looking so you. You are one gorgeous young looking woman. Love, El21


Merry Christmas, dear Carolyn!  …. I am so glad of knowing you and working together! You really enrich my life and I hope to meet you in person one day. Like you said, we both are all about details and I am convinced that this is the key to success! … Many hugs!  Love.


…. you’re a star, as always. Thank you so much. (I helped her resolve a delivery issue) … By the way, the Gua Sha is a gift for my sister’s 50th because I’m so happy with mine! The lines that started forming around my lips are gone thanks to this delightful device. Plus, I use it for massages every now and then:) Thank you again!


Hi Carolyn!!  … I’m really trying to make sure I get all the handholds down correctly. I will be patient though. What you sent me is very helpful. (I sent her some suggestions while working with the foundational exercises) Thanks again for your fast response and great customer service. That’s a rare thing these days.


Hi Carolyn! Wow, thank you for the quick response! You’re awesome! I was getting ready for bed and decided to check my email so I wanted to at least reply. I’m so impressed, it sound like you really know what you’re talking about. I will send pictures tomorrow. (She came to me telling me of a bad build she wishes to correct. I told her CFF is known for its balanced and elegant builds and can help her. Take a look at Nonie’s story) Thanks again for the super quick response! Bb


Thank you, again, for all your help!  I can see it’s very well designed and it all makes sense/logical. (she had a customization and I gave her bonus exercises for her trouble spots) You are the most informed and skilled in facial exercise that I have seen! Amazing!  … Nobody cares for their clients the way you do!  I especially appreciate how you explain the muscles, techniques and the why of every single move!  Many, many thanks❣️ Love,


Hi again, Carolyn, … The replacement gua sha package arrived, and I thank you again for your (usual) superb customer service.  I just love this little thing, and feel so pampered when using it.  As always, you continue to raise the bar.  Even three years into your routines, I still marvel (as I did just this morning) at how much is accomplished in such a short time.  🙂  Will never forget the labor-intensive moves from my Mom’s old books—the ‘greasing up’ for 45 minute routines, 6 days a week. (her Mom used facial exercises more than 30 years ago and they thought then, more was better. Quality over quantity, today. Yay!)  LOL  I hope you can feel the ‘bit of light’ I send your way after doing your exercises.  🙂 … Love and a hug from Karen


Hi Carolyn, Thank you so much for your really quick reply.  It is so wonderful to know that you care for your clients and take the time to even reply.  I purchased another course several years ago, I didn’t really see much in the way of results and I did contact her a few times with questions and all I got in reply was to keep doing what I was doing. it is heartwarming to deal with someone like yourself who doesn’t just take the money and run .   I Have a limited budget and it was quite a decision to purchase your products, I’m so pleased I did and I think it may be one of my best decisions ever! … Thank you again, Love, Lynn xx

Update:  Carolyn, you are a life changer and gift to the world, hug back xxx


Hello Carolyn!! … All of your products are heavenly!  No matter which product I use, my skin always feels nourished.  Out of all the products I have tried over the years,  yours are the best! Your ingredients are amazing! Although my changes are subtle, I am so thankful to have your facial exercise regimen to help combat the signs of aging.  I am definitely motivated to continue on this journey with the exercises. With that in mind, I would love to try your “Lower Facelifting” routine if it is available now.  🙂 Thank you so much for all of your help and your investment into providing great routines/exercises!  I appreciate it! Big hugs!


Dear Carolyn, Thank you so much-both  for the extension and the prompt reply. (She missed the sale and I’m happy to extend it to her!)  I am a huge fan and use your products exclusively as I have very sensitive skin and haven’t found anything in Australia to compare. Mind you, I stopped looking years ago when I found your products. Congratulations on looking so gorgeous and youthful and inspiring the rest of us with your natural approach. … Kind regards, LA


Carolyn, You are an amazing woman and wonderful spirit! I cannot thank you enough for your advice, and can’t wait to get started and keep you updated!

From Square

Just in love with you and your expression of excellence in form of your products.(I sent a thank you note and they responded): Yes, it comes across in quality products. My hair and face love them. Thank you!


Hi Carolyn, I hope you are safe and well in these current difficult times. … Thank you always for your generous support – it is always well appreciated. Kind regards, LK



Dear Carolyn, Thank you for your quick reply! … I truly want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the contribution that you have to all of us—your fellow man.  You can feel the love.  It’s really not about looking beautiful per se, but it is that feeling that you have that builds inside when you really do all that your body and do all that you can to take care of what you’ve been given.  THAT’S the beauty you have given all of us, and the beauty that counts. … Please do take care of yourself.  You’re a treasure! Best, Gigi


Hi, Carolyn!  … What I appreciate most about the CFF program is YOUR continuing commitment to improvement…the little tweaks you research and share to keep ‘raising the bar’. ….Being a purist, I always balked at the numerous face gadgets being offered which claim miraculous results….these are for lazy people, I’d always say—NOTHING can replicate the results of facial exercise/massage.  But I learned long ago to take notice whenever YOU introduced something new, so took another leap of faith in your research, and bought the Gua Sha… this fabulous little gadget has become an invaluable part of my self-care, the perfect ‘finishing touch’ to your stellar facial routine.  Its merits are so obvious to me now.  Also, doing research,  there is not another like yours–combining 4 modes of treatment in one device…it is logical and pure genius. … As I officially enter a new decade, (she’s 60 years old today) I remain forever grateful of a visage which reflects the youthful vitality that I feel inside.    Thank you, Carolyn  🙂


Hello Carolyn! I wanted to take some time to thank you for your kindness and generosity. I truly appreciate the Moisture Plus cream you sent me. That is integrity of who you and company stands for. (A mistake in her order was corrected and this was a gift) I am enjoying all of the products and using them daily. I truly want my sun spots to go away and stay away. I can see the texture of my skin changing to a much more healthy look. Thank you so much for all the time and love you put into all of your products. Izzie


Hi Carolyn…I appreciate you and everything you offer. You work from your heart and want the best for everyone. Thank you 


Hey there!  I want to thank you for your customer service. I know I can be nit-picky … but you answered everything so thoroughly and completely, I’m really happy with everything you shared. I now understand things I couldn’t “get” before and now I do. And, to let you know … I am really grateful for the results I’m getting. I always hated those deep lines in my forehead and now they’re hardly noticeable. It take me almost 6 months of diligent work, but your program works!

Caroline x

Thank you so much Carolyn – that’s really helpful. … As always, thank you for your kindness.  I’m so impressed with your customer service.  Love, Caroline x


Well done! Excellent! You are very good. I like that in a person, thoroughness and helpfulness. You’re very helpful, Kind and approachable too. Things that are very important to me. My motto is it doesn’t cost anything to be nice:) I have a laptop and I’m very excited about making my order. Hopefully tomorrow. (she’s ordering a digital download and it has to be downloaded onto a computer first and then onto any other device of  her choice) Thank you for being such a lovely person and answering all my concerns.  Much love to you and hugs to you too, beautiful. Love,  Ca


 I really appreciate your quick responses!   You are the best! Thanks again!


Hi again Carolyn. Thanks so much for sending the exercises!  Your customer service is just amazing ! !  … Love, Susan.


Carolyn, Thank you so much for your quick reply!!   I so appreciate your help and assistance.  Your customer service is by far the best out there!!! Thank you again, Love, Cindy


Thank you so much Carolyn.  You are so sweet and have the most amazing customer service!


Thank you so much, Carolyn. I knew from all the rave reviews about you on your website that you really care about your customers, and I wasn’t wrong! … Thanks again for your excellent customer support.


Hi, This is EXACTLY one of the reasons I will buy your program. Everyone is talking about your excellent customer service. Maybe you should write a book on how customer service should be done. I Thank You from the bottom of my heart. …Thank you for your very prompt response and help. It is much appreciated. Have a wonderful evening!


Thank you for your helpful information, I appreciate it. You sound like a wonderful person, bless you for helping people. Love Debbie


You are just a wonderful person. Thank you so much. I will send the pictures soon. I like your tongue exercise to get rid of the double chin the most. I noticed that I need to have better body posture as well so that I can correct my asymmetrical face. Thank you so much as always! Have a great day. Best wishes, April


Hi Carolyn, Got it!! Beautiful clarification, thank heaps. (gave her a routine to work on her “trouble spots”) Have a gorgeous day. Yvette x


I’m so thankful for you.  You’re an angel 😇indeed !!!!


I can’t believe how much I have discovered about the face ….it’s truly a new world opened up.  I am still appreciative of your kindness and help.  You truly are so cordial and courteous.  Fondly. MGB


Hi Carolyn, I just had to write and tell you what a pleasant experience it was doing business with you. I would tell anyone else not to hesitate giving you their business. I found you to be helpful, fair and very positive. 5 out of 5 stars! Anne


Dear Carolyn,  You are an angel, thank you,  thank you! Your support and positive feedback is so important to me. … I will keep you posted,  as we both want to know what is the best remedy for a terrible case like mine. (She had a Botox botchHow wonderful to have you in my life.  I think of you every day with gratitude and a smile on my face.  Have a beautiful weekend, Yours, J


Thank you so much for your love and patience with me 🙂 x


Hi Carolyn, I just love you for all you have done. I am so deeply grateful for your guidance over the years of my experience with your program. You are absolutely the best 🌹 Sending love and light! GSA



You have no idea how much I appreciate the time you take to answer me and “customize” my exercises free of charge. Thank you so very very much!! It is such a relief to start seeing changes after over 12 YEARS of not seeing any improvement with other very well-known exercise programs (and even having a skype session with one of the trainers). You are absolutely amazing!! As always, thanks! Nancy


Hi Carolyn, That’s a good idea.  In fact I have just taken some photos, so I can start from wherever I am now, and will do as you suggest: take some again in four months and see how I’m getting on – and ask your opinion about my progress. … That sounds fine.  Thank you for your caring approach – it is very nice to deal with. Love, Constance


Hi Carolyn :), Thank you very much for the thoughtful response.  As I’m sure you realize, you have a wonderful online reputation and I can definitely see why.   You’re obviously as lovely on the inside as you are on the outside. 🌸


Dear Carolyn, I’ve been wanting to write you ever since I received the last order of skin care products. They came so fast!!! AND, I appreciate the gifts you sent along with my order…..A very nice surprise. I’m faithfully following your suggestions .. Thanks for everything!!


Dear Carolyn, I have been reading sooooo many encouraging reviews this past week from women who use your CFF program!  People just lovvvvve you! … fabulous, thanks Carolyn – you are beautiful on the inside as well! 😉  Petra


I know Carolyn …to be honest you have the best customer service I came across …and not only for the promptness of your replies but also for the care that you show towards your customers (well in this case me) and that is what really makes your service unique aside the effectiveness of the program …. Thank you ….


Hi Carolyn, Amazing!!!  The package turned up the day after  I sent the email, once again the timing is superb. I am so grateful for your helping out with the routine with Nicky. This time I want to really commit to doing the exercises properly, you are such a wonderful role model, you look fabulous and it’s all done healthily, supporting our bodies with love. Thanks so much for your inspiration. With love and so much gratitude. yvette


I wanted to wish you Happy New 2017, year I wish that you have many, many, many, many, many more healthy and joyful years and thank you for being such a great inspiration for beauty, for balance, for exercises you gave to the world, for youthfulness! Love Mia 


Dear Carolyn,

Thanks for the fast shipment,

thanks for the great products,

thanks for the great prices,

thanks for the free samples,

and a special thanks to God,

for a being of light such as you!

with much love, appreciation and blessings to you always ~ karen

and THANKS for the discount!!!



Dearest Carolyn… Thank you so much for taking your very valuable time to help me. I will follow your advice and send new photos. I want you to know there aren’t many people that would take their time to respond without money attached, however, I would be more than happy to send you some for sharing? (not necessary!) It means so much to me. BTW… you look so youthful which is a testament against surgery that so many turn to. Thank you again and have a blessed day. Cindy



I appreciate how comprehensive your program is, and also the beautiful manner in which you teach. Your kindness and goodwill shows! Many thanks Rosella


Dear Carolyn, You are a dear!! I know why your customers love you!!! … Thank you for the encouraging words. Nancy


Thank you Carolyn for your quick and thorough response! And for being so sweet 🙂 From reading your comments on the before and after pictures, I was impressed with the kindness and respect you give to individuals – that is certainly a gift used well! Jessica


You are a sweetheart! I feel I have been such a pest with all my questions, but every time you have responded with something that I need and most of all a sincere feeling that you truly cared about my issues and concerns! ❤️


Thank you! …. I agree with Nonie, you have the best customer service!



Thank you again, your care and service is excellent.



Carolyn, Carolyn, Carolyn! Yeah!!!!! I received my package today. Thank you so much for your fabulous customer service. I was already a customer for life. Now, I’m one for 2 lifetimes! Happy Thanksgiving to you.



Hi Carolyn,

Thank u for your quick response! You are wonderful. I feel more assured now. Your customer service is truly wonderful 🙂



Thank you again, your care and service is excellent.


Hi Carolyn,

I received the package today, thank you for arranging everything so perfect (I wrapped her packages in beautiful paper for a small fee) and for establishing this programme. Your pictures look great and so you are. I wish you a Merry Pre-Christmas Time and the best for you and your family. Enjoy yourself!



Thanks as ever for your amazingly prompt replies. Beats any customer service anywhere, ever!

Kate x


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING THE TIME TO RESPONDING TO ALL MY QUESTIONS!!! ALL I HAVE READ ON FORUMS ABOUT YOU AND YOUR PROGRAM ARE REAL!!! I WISH I COULD HAVE FOUND YOU BEFORE I did another program [sic], I THINK I WOULD BE A MUCH DIFFERENT WOMAN TODAY…! I have to tell you that if only with the Face Firmer, I have seen some improvements on my skin, I cannot imagine how it would be when I start the 28 exercises!! I honestly think that you came out with a GENIUS PROGRAM that incorporates isometrics, resistance training and massage in just 15 minutes! No other program offers that! You are definitely on the lead!!

With love,


Hi Carolyn!!!




Wow! You got back to me quickly…you’re awesome! …. You look stunning for your age! I’d love to try this!

Thanks again,


Always reliable and prompt with your warm replies, Carolyn! … Congratulations on your successful business that’s still going strong!

Love and take care,


Hi Carolyn!

… I’m restarting the original CFF after a long absence so I might not progress to the advanced until February. I can’t wait to get started. Thank you for all that you do to advance the field of facial fitness and for continually inspiring your students to practice. 🙂 Love and big hugs, Danielle I thank God I have found you! 🙂


Thank you again for all of your help. Last night I was on your website and noticed just how many people you help with their issues. It is really amazing! You are the best. Will keep in touch with you.

Best wishes,


Hi Carolyn,

Thank u for your quick response! You are wonderful. I feel more assured now. Your customer service is truly wonderful 🙂

Many thanks!


Before I go i want to say another big thank you to you for taking the time to email me back with answers to all my questions, it is very kind of you.


Hi Carolyn,

I was so excited to hear from you!! … I think it is so great that you are so personal and helpful with your clients. I am just so thankful that I found your website a year ago when I was looking for something to make my face and neck look younger. Every time I exercise I feel good because I know that I am one step closer to looking better. Thanks again Carolyn. Looking forward to hearing from you again!!

You’re the best,


Dear Carolyn,

Thank you for giving me excellent advice to help my progress further. … Everything is improving really well … I am always being complimented on how young I look. I can’t thank you enough for being so generous with your time and always being so lovely. A huge thank you.




Once again you are Johnny on the spot with a answer back. You are the best ever. I do the brush….. I do like the brush results – it is working. … You are so generous with your knowledge and sincere caring. As it is said what goes around comes around. Your generosity for so many has come back around. Blessings come to those deserving. Many thanks and good thoughts your way.



You’re amazing. … You are apparently beautiful inside as well as outside… What a nice and personal response 🙂 Have a wonderful evening!


Hi Carolyn,

I just hit the 9-month mark with your facial fitness exercises, and have definitely noticed a nice difference in my face. Being the perfectionist that I am, I am still a ways from where I want to be, but my goodness, I can’t thank you enough for your guidance;-) Thank you<3 Elizabeth


Hi Carolyn!

Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly! 12:30 AM?!! That’s above and beyond the call of duty – talk about customer service! :o). Take care!



Dear Carolyn,

I’ve been meaning to send a thank you for the vitamin C (non foaming) serum. I love your integrity!!!

With love ~ Karen


Thanks Carolyn, You are so supportive. I will persevere. (I gave her new direction to address an issue she was having) You are an inspiration.

Jayne X



Thanks so much for all that information. I really appreciate how quickly you always get back to me…really great service. …. Thanks also for all the other exercises and tips. I’ll let you know over time how it goes.

Kind regards,


Hi Carolyn,

Thanks for being so reliable in getting back to me. That really tells me you care about people, especially their faces, lol!! You are true to your word. I admire that greatly in a person.


I just wanted to say thank you again for the support you gave me when I was down in the dumps over what was a sudden change in my face a few years ago. You were the loveliest person, with a different approach to most people who wouldn’t have put in that time for me, and I’ve never forgotten it. I hope you’re happy and well, and still looking as good as ever.

Best wishes,


Have a good week and thank you for replying so quickly.



Hi Carolyn,

Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly and for the kind words and advice. I will do the exercises 3 times a week. They feel so good to do! …

Thank you again,

Maria N

Good morning Carolyn,

Thank you as always for your prompt and efficient service. Have a nice day:)

Maria N


Ty for being so prompt. Amazing customer service. Enjoy helping others help themselves! All the best!


Hi Carolyn,

Thank you once again for your prompt reply and willingness to supply me with so many useful tips. Words can’t seem enough to express my heartfelt gratitude for your help. …

Warmest regards,


Thank you Carolyn, for your very helpful information, and kindness. I so appreciate you taking the time to help me out…. God Bless You!



Thank you so much. You are an angel. You give outstanding care and feedback to your clients. You are absolutely wonderful! Any advice is awesome!!!xoxo JB


Hello, Carolyn,

Thanks for taking the time out of what I’m sure must be a very busy schedule to respond and always so quickly. Great customer service. Most businesses could take a page from your book 😉 …

Much love,


Carolyn, you are unbelievably fast in answering emails. …. Yours is an unbelievable customer service and dedication to your method. … Thanks and God bless you !!


Hi Carolyn,

I was amazed by your quick response and kind words. You have certainly given me more hope and I will be purchasing your products. You can’t improve your website as it is just wonderful and so informative. You certainly not only have a passion for improving and enhancing facial appearance but are dedicated in helping others without the buy this now approach. I will certainly be recommending you here to friends and colleagues in the UK and will let you know how I get on. Thanks again for giving me hope and determination.

Best wishes


Thanks, Carolyn. You answered every question and gave me encouragement. You are so attentive and prompt, and I appreciate that very much. So glad you developed this whole program! …



Dear Carolyn,

Thank you so much for your incredibly prompt and helpful response. You are such a sweetheart. I am so grateful and will put all your instructions into practice. I will let you know how I get on.

Kindest regards,


Hello, Carolyn, I appreciate your warmth, your help, and support. Thank you so much, Carolyn.


Boy, you are quick!! In all my years I have never dealt with a company that has such terrific customer service, Carolyn! …

Take care!




That is a very generous solution to my problem (I helped her to easily resolve an issue she was having) … I appreciate your exceptional customer service. All the best to you, Carolyn. You are beautiful inside and out.



You are a beautiful woman inside and out. I feel honored that you take the time to answer all of your clients emails personally with such care. I can’t thank you enough.



Hi Carolyn,

Thanks for your prompt reply! You provide such good customer service – it is appreciated. I will give these new exercises a try right away. I’ll let you know how it goes.



Hi Carolyn,

I am very honored and highly appreciated your prompt reply and very touched of your superb and fantastic customer service! Moreover, I understand you are personally reply all of the emails! I have gone through your web these two days. Your articles and the testimonies boost up my confident indeed. You are so kind, beautiful, helpful, attractive and lovely lady. I am very happy I make the RIGHT CHOICE to choose your program! Once again, millions thanks to you to spend your valuable time to assist me in answering all my questions. Wishing you all the best and forever young and beauty.



This company has the most amazing customer service I have ever experienced!

Tul P

Dear Carolyn.. Wow! As always, you reply so fast! Really appreciate this … thank you so much!

Becky W

Gosh that was quick.(I was able to answer her question within moments of her writing to me) You are superb with your customer service.


Kelly X

Hi Carolyn,

I received the order and want to again THANK YOU SO EXTRA MUCH for giving me the deal from Dec.(she asked me in December if she could have the sale honored in February when she had the money to buy. I said, yes!) and also thank you so much for the gift of moisturizer! I absolutely enjoy your products and facial exercises immensely! Keep up the great work! Thank you!



HI Carolyn,

Thank you for the speedy reply and the explanation for the use of the products. I will be ordering your products ASAP. I look forward to using them and to the continued results with the exercise program. Thank you again, a very satisfied customer.


Patricia L

Thanks for your prompt response Carolyn! I think you are my “Facial Fairy Godmother!!!” Will keep you updated on my progress …


Joe G

Thank you very much for the response Carolyn 🙂 I am indeed following all of your suggestions. … believing my long term results using the CFF system will eventually lead to the lasting results I’m looking for, much like Nonie’s amazing transformation!! … Thank you again for your detailed and timely response. Your continued support is truly 2nd to none!!


Lee T

Thank you Carolyn. You are as helpful and kind as you are beautiful! I love to read so I will check out the links and apprise you of my progress in a few months. (I sent her some interesting links to help answer her questions more fully) FYI am 54 yrs old and hope to look half as good as you by the time I am 55!



Dear Carolyn,

I opened my recent order last night and discovered your thoughtful gift of therapeutic mist. How sweet of you! Thank you. Your facial formulas are a perfect Rx for winter’s assault on skin in the Great Lakes region. I’m continually grateful for your service, products and exercises – all of which are superlative.

Warmest best wishes,

Lynne X

Thanks for your attention and great service Carolyn!


Pam W


I just received your email stating that my order will be shipped today. That is fantastic, thank you for the speedy service and your valuable time.

Warm Regards,

Lynn A

Hi Carolyn!

You are an absolute angel! Thank you so much for your great reply. It is very helpful … Patience is something I am trying to master! Ha ha. But you are right, 4 months is nothing really, so I will keep at it. I like that you have eliminated your crow’s feet to almost nothing! This would be amazing so is really motivating to me. … and thanks again!


Andrea T

Hi Carolyn! …Thanks again for the best program and the sweetest most sincere customer service!!


Mary J

Thank you very much Carolyn. Your products are wonderful!!!! and so is your service…..


Maria X

As always, you are an angel Carolyn! And you are such a great teacher. I will check the links out and will order the DVD (replacement for one that was lost).

Hugs to you too!


Andrea X

Thank you Carolyn, for being so dedicated to your followers. (I gave her advice on how to correct an issue she was having with her face) I will keep you posted.


Gracie R

Again, thank you for fixing this situation so quickly! (She had a faulty skincare pump and we replaced it quickly) I have read many excellent customer reviews about you and your products and I have to say that I definitely agree with them so far.


Susan R

Absolutely you did (answer all of my questions) – it’s so nice that you take such good care of us! Thank you!


Jaana K

Hi Carolyn,

Thank you! That must have been the most lovely and genuine customer support response I have ever had. … Hugs and thank you for everything,


Edel R

Once again, thank you for being so helpful. I’m new-ish to your programme but love it already – and you are a terrific advertisement – stunning! Also, well done on your generosity with the information on your website – definitely one of the many factors that set you apart from your competitors!

All the best,

Leslie W

The products are wonderful and the service was timely and pleasant.


Eduardo G

Item delivered on time. Was as described. Recommended.


Theresa L

Items arrived in 2 days with standard shipping and excellent customer service


Paula BG

Fantastic! I am a repeat customer! Her products are the best!!!


Sherad M

Great and prompt service. items delivered on time and in perfect condition.


Esther L

Fantastic item. Shipped fast, very highly recommended.


Angela K

Hi Carolyn,

… Once again, I am so very appreciative of the time and care you are giving my case. Take care, best wishes and of course, hugs 🙂


Sheela M

This store is the best! Great customer service, plus they sometimes give little extra samples, or coupon codes for the next time you buy from them. Their products are excellent, and organic too! I’m very happy to continue doing service with them.0


Mariska W

I got the package from the USA in about ten days to my home address in the Netherlands. And I love the products also, so I am very content with this webshop.


Peggy P

Thank you, Carolyn, for responding so quickly. … I would like to take a moment to tell you that I have read every word on your website, including every testimonial. I was so impressed by what others had to say, your incredible photos, the feeling after trying one of the sample exercises just one time, and frankly with your personal dedication to your customers, that I had to order CFF. It gives me hope. Thank you!


Kelly M

Hi Carolyn!

Thank you so extra much for the advice and thank you so much for the free gift in my order- I so enjoy your products! Keep up the great work! God bless you and your family this Christmas and New Year!


Ronn G

A great store, selling an excellent product, combined with speedy, reliable service!


Thelma L

Thank you so much Carolyn! If the other product shows up, I will be more than happy to return it to you. This is exactly why I am a customer for life!

Yelena M

Thank you Carolyn for your help, I believe in you, I am so happy I found you !


Melissa C

I’m glad to have found your exercise program, and thank you for your excellent customer support and advice.


Mary Joe V

My package came today and it was like Christmas! Thank you for your diligence and careful packing. I hope your Christmas is full of love and joy. xo

mary joe



I got the package! (She had problems with delivery of her products and I assured her I would replace anything she ordered and not to worry) Due to the bigger size than my mailbox, the package was placed in another place that I did not know. I appreciate your great service, your intelligence, generosity and everything in you. Love you.


Donna M

You are such a wonderful person and I will definitely be sticking with your program! It was wonderful to wake up this morning and see that you had responded to my query overnight- such commitment to what you do! Plenty to read this morning before I start work … My excitement has been kick started again. I realise this isn’t a quick fix and I am prepared to do, and continue to do whatever it takes. So many benefits already!

Big squeezy hug!

Sim S

Thanks so much Carolyn. Your service is the best and your response always brings hope.


Rosa A

Thank you again Carolyn! I will most definitely follow your suggestions and I’ve checked out the Tips info…great pointers…the better informed I am the happier I’ll be! … just so you know tho…I sooo envy (in a nice way of course!!)… how smooth and firm your neck looks! (not to mention the entire face!)…you are a great inspiration !

Have a wonderful week!


ps…I greatly appreciate your being gracious enough to take the time to respond.

Tanya B

Hello Carolyn,

I wanted to let you know that I received my packages, thank you so much for the fast delivery. It is most appreciated. … Thanks for everything. You offer excellent customer service.

Warmest Regards,

Wendy G


U really are an amazing woman- the speed of your response and the way u treat your customers It’s such a personal response from u. … Impressive.



Hi Carolyn!

Thank You so very much for getting back with me so quickly as you did, I so appreciate that! Thank you for all your wonderful info + support; you are such a Sweet person! Everything makes sense and I am ready to start this now. … Thank you so much again Carolyn!

Hugs and Smiles,

Linda N

Hi Carolyn!

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly … I massaged the lines between my eye brows and surprising they diminished right before my eyes. I am so excited and can’t wait to tell my friends and family about you and your facial fitness program. You give me lots of hope to feeling beautiful again!

Thank you!


Quick shipment and received a very nice & thoughtful email thanking me for purchase as well as providing additional instructions about the facial exercise program.


Nancy TPH

Hi Carolyn,

Thank you for all the advice and procedures in the email. I will carry them out as directed. I must thank you once again for the good service you have given me.

How I came upon your products, I couldn’t remember vividly. … after I Googled “home remedy for sagging cheeks”. I continued clicking links here and there, … and your facial fitness came out. I studied yours and others and found that you have more comprehensive information regarding the exercises. Thus, I become your client.

You have a wonderful range of skincare that are reasonably priced. I will order the Complete Therapy Set after I have finished all my old jars and tubes of crèmes. Looking forward to receive the kit.


Nalan M

Dear Carolyn,

You are such a lovely person. Thanks for your immediate reply. I enjoy your website not only because I learn a lot, but also I feel as if I talk to one of my very close friends. Your positive energy forms to words and hugs me 🙂 Thank you making me feel good (and look healthier and younger very soon!)



Dear Carolyn,

You are such a lovely person. Thanks for your immediate reply. I enjoy your website not only because I learn a lot, but also I feel as if I talk to one of my very close friends. Your positive energy forms to words and hugs me 🙂 Thank you making me feel good (and look healthier and younger very soon!)


Jennifer H

Thank you for being so hands on and so available. I know you are very busy and I know how valuable your time is, so I am very grateful for your replies, input, insight and compassion.

Live Well Always,
Jennifer 🙂

Kai P


You are the greatest! Thanks for the quick response. I am so very impressed with you and your positivity. Love the video of you on the news. You are gorgeous! I really like the interactive muscle chart addition to the website too. Thanks so much for the wonderful tips and helpful information 🙂


Judith D

Dear Carolyn,

Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge. I’ll spread the word to my friends! …

Very best wishes,


Hello Carolyn.

Thank you for your exceptional customer service and all of your help. I appreciate it. … Thanks again. Have a great day and upcoming week!


Debra H

Hello Carolyn,

I purchased your full kit several weeks ago and started doing the exercises. I can see results. I just wanted to thank you for your great product and customer service. I will continue to use your product and soon send you some pictures. I am so happy that there is a solution to great skin and facial exercises. I do not want to get Botox or fillers.

I hope you are having a great day!



Hello Carolyn,

You really “go to bat” for your customers. Thank you for being so responsive and giving my concern your careful thought. Your attention and helpfulness is not usual to find and is truly appreciated. I will let you know how it goes.

best regards,


Hi Carolyn,

Thank you so much for responding to my email so fast, I really didn’t think I’d hear from you for a few days. That’s absolutely marvelous.

I’ve read everything you sent me and now feel confident to carry on with the exercises. Thank you so much for your advice and your prompt reply.

Carolyn, one of the reasons I chose your exercise dvd over others was because of the clip I saw of you on that tv show. It was your manner and the way in which you spoke to the interviewer’s and how you were willing to show them some of your exercises when you could have just told them to buy the discs to find out and when Carl (the interviewer) asked you to show him another you were so delighted to do so. You had such a beautiful nature about you. I knew straight away then that I wanted to go with you and what you were offering based alone on your well mannered pleasant nature. I should not have been surprised to see that you had responded immediately to my email. You seem to take great pride and you obviously care about your customers needs. So thank you. Thank you so much for taking the time to give me that information again and for your wonderful advice. I can’t wait to tell my friend your suggestions and I will be highly recommending you to all!

I will let you know in time the progress my friend, my sister and I are making or if I need to ask you anything more. Once again thank you with all my heart!

Warmest regards,

Pam S

You go way beyond what most people would to help your clients and that speaks well of your customer service, and your passion, and belief in your program. But with that being true, it is most obvious that you genuinely enjoy helping women be the best they can be! I truly appreciate that!


Linda C

Hi Carolyn,

Time for me to request some of your famous customer service! I have to tell you that I join all the other rave reviews of your program and skin care products, and will be forever grateful to you for developing and sharing them. I find the exercises extremely relaxing and am having wonderful results …. Could you kindly advise as to the frequency and, as I always wondered, the position of bonus exercises – lying down or sitting up? (Bonus exercises are best performed sitting up. They should be added after you’ve established the 28 foundational exercises along with the Face Firmer, around the 3 month mark … )

Many thanks.


Amazing customer service! Everything answered perfectly. Thank you Carolyn and in your own words …



Thanks so much …  By the way, you should be really happy with the way you run your business. You ALWAYS reply and take time for your customers. Which I can’t say about many other people who are running a business…! So thanks!




Thank you for your dedication and spending the time to encourage.

God Bless,

CFFitness Leadership Trainer

From one of the certified CFFitness™ Trainers on Carolyn’s evaluation of one of her clients using the CFFitness system:

How impressive – this report will really make her a happy lady! I could see the improvement right away when she came over a week ago. Stacey is doing the workout 4 times a week, but the eye exercises only very gently if at all. (Stacey’s eyes were not responding correctly, at first) I will ask her again about this to be sure, and get back to you.

This shows that persistence really pays off. Also, Stacey has repeatedly said that she appreciates your customer service very, very much – to know that she is not “abandoned” after finishing the course.

Hugs –e.

Sharon Z

Service was prompt and gracious. The product was as promised. I was pleased.

Rebecca S

This is the second time I have ordered this product. I receive it within two days of ordering. It is a great facial system to go with the exercises. I will continue to order this product and tell my family and friends

Carolyn C

Everything about this buying experience was excellent. The product arrived quickly and was as described. You need to really take some time to watch and practice with the DVD 2 or 3 times, as the exercises require some attention to learn. But it’s worth it. I’ve started doing the exercises during the past week and already feel and see the difference. I’m expecting great results. I’m 56 yrs old.



Thanks so much for taking the time. If you ever want me to write a how great I think your customer service is on your website or anywhere else, I would be more than happy to do that. Your customer service compared to your competitors is fabulous.

Have a great day and thanks again.



Order was handled efficiently. I was contacted once order was received, and I received the goods within 2 weeks. Packing was excellent, and all goods arrived in good order


I have nothing but praise for Carolyn’s Facial Fitness – the lady herself, her skincare products and her facial exercises. Her customer care is second to none and it is always a pleasure to do business with her


Hi again Carolyn,

I am so impressed with your dedication to your products, techniques and your customers! Thanks for such a prompt reply.
I’m so happy to have your exercises and skin care products …. And all the background and research information is fascinating.

Again, kind regards and a hug,



Thank you for such a great service.



Hi Carolyn,

Thank you a million for you newsletter I think it’s just an excellent and very inspiring! For me it’s just came on time, as lately I have been very busy and facial exercises was not on my every day’s list, this news letter gave me inspiration to find a time for facial exercises much more often…

I have visited your new website it’s seems to be very nicely designed and easy to use, I wish you a lot of success, joy and more happy visitors to your new website. I consider myself be one of them and feel incredibly lucky I had found your website, as looks mean a lot to every woman and if you can keep that with no extra cost that’s is a smart investment. Thank you very much and I really appreciate your time and willingness for reading my email.

Kind regards,


Dear Carolyn,

Thank you for responding so quickly to my question. I will try to get some better pictures for you. In the meantime, I am going to resume my practice and reread very carefully exercise #11. I am going to skip the Jowl Exercise and do the Face Firmer two times per day. I will let you know how things go. You are a gem and have created a wonderful system. Thank you so much for being available for consultation.

Best wishes,


That does answer my question thank you ever so much for replying so quickly especially when you are on vacation. I hope you are having a great time. I love your programme so much I am so excited about it that I could get younger looking as I get older. I also suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome (m.e.) and it is starting to make me look tired as I get older as when I was younger you would never have known I was sick so it was really getting me down. I think that’s why I am so excited about it. Thanks again I have never met a business owner that once they have your cash replying so quickly to your questions so thanks again. xx


Okay! Thank you for all that. You really do have the best customer service in the world. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Have a great day.




Just a note to let you know I’ve received the kit. Very prompt service, thanks.

With Regards,


Hello Ms. Carolyn.

I just wanted to let you know that I just received my kit. I’ll be getting started tonight when I get home from work. Thank you again for your great service.



Hi Miss Carolyn,

Thank you for your help. I was doing the de-tacking correctly. : ) I don’t know how long the de-tacking & rubbing out is supposed to take but I already see a slight improvement on the lines from my nose to my mouth. The upper portion which wasn’t as deep looks even less noticeable & the bottom part which was the deepest has lessened considerably. I’ve been doing the de-tacking & rubbing out twice a day. I don’t know how any of your other customers felt but doing your exercises are fun & relaxing so I look forward to doing them. I’m sure the results that will come will more than keep me motivated. I’ll send you new photos in May. Have a wonderful day.



Hi, Carolyn,

Thank you for reassuring me once again. I’m so sorry I didn’t reply sooner, but I haven’t had much chance to get on the computer today, as we’ll have visitors tomorrow and I’ve been getting ready for them – cooking, etc. Believe it or not, I don’t spend all day examining my face (smile).

I do appreciate your patient replies, even when it’s not the first time I’ve asked the question! Your explanations always boost my confidence that my goal will eventually be reached. I don’t expect (or even want) flawless young skin – just less sagging and shallower lines. Your experience of having started out late is such a help to other late-starters like me. It shows what can be achieved if we are prepared to work at it – and I am!

Now for the positives that I can see so far – higher brows, smoother forehead (shallower lines virtually gone – still tacking the 11s, though), firm upper eye lids, lines under chin smoothing out, neck and upper chest very smooth and line-free, nice plump firm feel to the whole face (which is why I mistakenly thought the lines around the mouth would soon be on their way out).

Another thing I’ve noticed is my improved facial posture. For years I’d walked around with my mouth slightly open as it seemed an effort to close it fully (slack mouth-muscles, I suppose). Now my natural default facial posture is to have my lips together – which I can only think is because the muscles around the mouth have tightened up.

What I appreciate about CFF (apart from the superb customer service) is that I don’t have to worry about whether I should be modifying the exercises in some way, or cutting out exercises that are having a bad effect (like some other programmes …). Your advice is always the same – just do the programme as directed. I like that. I know you’ve tested every aspect of it over and over again and you have full confidence in its effectiveness. That’s what keeps me at it. I’m sure that one day I will be giving my testimonial on the website. I could certainly do one for you now, for your customer service.

Must go now to do a bit of rubbing-out before I go to bed!

All good wishes and very many thanks,


Hi Carolyn!

Wow, you really are the Goddess that everyone says you are!

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and for the invaluable help.


Hey Carolyn,

I just wanted to let you know that the package did indeed arrive today. Thanks for everything. Your customer service has been nothing short of superb!



Dear Carolyn,

Thanks for your help the other day on the phone. It was wonderful talking to you. We received your Facial Fitness system yesterday. Thank you so much for sending it so quickly as well as your email newsletter. My wife and I are looking forward to exercising our faces. We watched the DVD last night and I will translate it for her later today (She’s speaks Japanese) Good work on your DVD materials. You really did a great job in developing exercises that feel good and get the face shaped up.

All the Best,



I found you through a Google search (I saw your ad)…Any way, the reason I picked your Kit is because “a” you said you’d tried all the other ones you could find and had found (designed) something that (could be done in only) 15 minutes (per session) and “b” the packaging is so lovely! I’m a visual person and I really like the way both your site and the package is designed.

Take care,


Many thanks, Carolyn. Your answers are always so clear.

Best regards,

Mary Lou

Dear Carolyn –

Thank you so much for your follow up and concern over the fact you could not reach me by email… The Kit is packaged so beautifully. The directions are superb step by step. As a former fellow teacher I appreciate this very much. I have begun the exercises and am looking forward to positive results. Thank you very much.

Mary Lou


Hi Carolyn,

I can’t believe I received such a quick response… I’m totally impressed. It’s nice to deal with such a professional business person……. a breath of fresh air!!!



Hi Carolyn,

I really appreciate you responding personally to my emails. I think it’s fascinating that you have your Mother’s experiences to draw from. I work in the TV and Film industry, no stranger to plastic surgery and I’ve met some women who are now in their 60’s who have had extensive work. What is strange about their appearance is the sameness of their look, the condition of their skin which is waxy and unreal, and that they don’t look youthful, they look “done”. I am concerned also about the long-term effects of injectable fillers such as Restylane, etc. I met another woman who had fat injections into her lips that didn’t take and made her lips bumpy and oddly shaped. She is now in the process of having the damage repaired.

Take care,


Hello Carolyn….

It was a treat to get this lengthy, informative letter from you; somehow it makes one feel that they are not all alone. I am now teaching myself the “Jowl Eliminator” for you seem quite excited about your results. When I do the exercise, I am feeling most of the action on the opposite side of the face that I have the cheek muscle flexed. Is this as it should be? (YES, it is). When I do the “Pouch Lifter”, I find that I invariably get muscle and skin pulled into an annoying roll as I come to the finish of the pull. I am now bracing with my other palm, in front of the ears and it seems to make the movement smoother. I hope that I am not diminishing any results by doing this? (This is fine to do. In the beginning, until the face firms up, you will have this “extra” skin. Not to worry. It will soon be firm and resilient. Yes!)



You are fabulous… I’ll get a picture to you this weekend. Thanks for the answers to my questions so soon. If everyone gave service like you it would be a wonderful world.

Tks again,


Thank you so much for answering my questions. In two weeks I have seen such a difference just doing the exercises lying down. I thought doing them lying down was just a “suggestion”. Thank you so much for your help!



Dear Carolyn:

I want to thank you for taking the time to talk to me the other day and for the prompt shipment of my order. I looked at all the materials you sent me this morning and I am anxious to get started tomorrow. I also appreciated the tip on Dermal K for spider veins. I also received my order for that yesterday, so I’m good to go. I will let you know how I am progressing. As I mentioned on the phone, my main concern is my neck. Anxious to get rid of the rings! Your neck looks wonderful! Thank you for all you do to help us all look the best we can at every season of our lives!

Warm Regards,

PS I also appreciated the tips on nails and supplement information. Very insightful and helpful. Sandy


The great thing about Carolyn’s program …. is that she is so readily available when you have questions. Her program is easy to follow, but inevitably you may have questions. She has answered mine usually within minutes! How much better service than that? Her exercises REALLY WORK! I’m 52, have bought and used many products, and this has probably been the most helpful for the least amount of money. I say quit looking and go for it!



Wow Carolyn,

So far I agree with everyone else who praised your superlative customer service!



Dear Carolyn,

I got one of you Full Kits of facial exercises last September. When I started searching through the Internet for the different options available for facial fitness, your website was the one that offered the most professional and attractive package. Your own photos as well as your story relating all of your experiences in the search for a “good” facial fitness routine were key to convincing me that I had found what I was looking for. Now that I have been following your set of exercises for a couple of months, my first impression has not only been confirmed but surpassed. Your program is very well thought out and presented, easy to follow thanks to the detailed instructions and most importantly, effective! My face feels and looks better than ever. Thank you!



Hello Carolyn!

I really appreciate the reply, and it is very, and may I emphasize the word very, rare to get such a detailed reply back from a business owner when the consumer is inquiring about his or her products. I really appreciate the insight. I am in my mid twenties but I may have accelerated the aging process in my facial skin region by employing overly aggressive techniques on my skin during my teens to help combat and thwart acne. I am convinced I did more damage to my skin than good, and would love to get back some of the youth in the face so that I would be mistaken for being my age or even younger rather than being mistaken for being older. I was also wondering do you have any tips for attaining or maintaining beautiful hair because from your pictures, it is evident that your locks and appearance are very beautiful and in no way resemble a sixty year old, thoughts no doubt echoed by your dentist. (There are tips for haircare as well as supplement information in the Workbook that comes with the Full Kit) Well, take care now, and I will most definitely be ordering the routine and hope to keep in touch with you. Thanks again

Sincerely yours,


Hi Carolyn,

Just a note to let you know I received my package. You did an excellent job in packing it. I haven’t started the program as yet. I have watched the DVD. You do a great job in explaining and demonstrating. Thank you again.



Good afternoon Carolyn:)

I just wanted to let you know that my kit arrived this afternoon and Yippee!!! No broken mirror hence the superstition 7yrs. bad luck! Everything was in good condition when I opened the package. I will probably have some inquiries later, but for now, looks like a lot of reading and deliberate practice. Thank-you for the prompt delivery; awesome:) Have a Great week!!!! Well, again thank-you!!



Thank you very much for responding so fast. It made me feel that you are a person that cares and isn’t just after the money. In the somewhat cold world it is so refreshing to deal with someone who is truly interested in their customers as you are. Again, thank you.



Dear Carolyn,

I am writing to let you know that your parcel arrived safely and in perfect condition last week. Having now viewed the DVD, I have to compliment you on the outstanding condition of your skin, and obviously the tone of the underlying muscles which support it. The close-up camera work, in particular, was an excellent advertisement for your program, and an inspiring example of what is honestly possible, in a world where so much advertising photography is airbrushed or otherwise falsified. So I just wanted to say that I admire that integrity, and I look forward to working with your program myself.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Carolyn,

I just ordered my kit this morning. My husband is buying it for me for my 46th birthday. Nice touch. He can use it too I think. He’s 54 now, still cute, but I’m sure this will be good for both of us. I am soo looking forward to it. I’ve told my friend and my sister already. Cant wait to get some results so they believe me. Thanks for answering my questions, it helped to make my decision. You come across as extremely friendly and open and approachable. The yoga connection helped me too. Beauty can be such a dodgy area. Promise the world and achieve nothing! 16 year old faces with touched up photos! I love the idea of growing old gracefully. I don’t mind growing old, if I don’t have to look like a hag to do it. And the facelifts look terrible, like mannequins. So all I have to do are some exercises and I will be rewarded, I love that idea. Very healthy attitude. Also the 15 minute workout helped me decide too. I can handle that. Too long is unachievable and boring. Also I read the testimonials, actually went all over your site, and found it easy to use, and very down to earth. The testimonials, and your sharing of trying other programmes, and finding some good bits in each, but not enough in any, also swayed me to decide on your programme. It’s like you saved me the experimenting, and just came up with the goods that work. Of course nothing is going to happen unless I actually DO the exercises. But, I have already been doing the four I got off your site. The ones with the pictures are easy, and there is one working on the corners of your mouth, given in one of the articles, and that didn’t have pictures. I’m doing that one but I’m not sure what it is meant to look like, so that helped me realize I need pictures and the DVD to do the exercises properly. That helped me to decide on the pack with everything, so I can give it a proper go. Good marketing on your part. Also you have been prompt in all our dealings, which has given me a sense that you are trustworthy and interested. Thanks for listening, I thought you might like some feedback on your site and business, from across the miles. It helps us to see what works. As I said I am looking forward to my kit. Thanks again for being vain. It helps others.

Kind regards


Hi Carolyn,

Thank you so much for your thorough reply. I know that I read some complimentary notes on your website from customers who were very impressed with your responsiveness – I can see why! Thank you for your ideas and encouragement and offer to give suggestions after seeing my photos..

Thanks again for your great customer support,


Good morning Carolyn,

Thanks a lot. You not only look fantastic – you are fantastic! I sell forklift trucks to dealers all over Europe and I consider myself a very service-minded person. However, you surpass myself and all the others. You would be of great value to any service organization. And I really mean it!!!

Best regards,


Hi Carolyn –

Thanks so much for your response. Your reply and the excellent article you attached have confirmed my thoughts and inclinations about the skin care question. An analogy would be: a person in shape looks better in a $20 shirt than an out of shape person does in a $200 shirt. I like the idea of keeping things simple – and less expensive is a great benefit too! I know that the exercises are working because some of my facial muscles were sore this morning! I will not overdo it though – I will try to break in to it easily, as you advised.



God bless you, Carolyn. I can’t remember when someone from afar has been so kind and helpful. I am encouraged, inspired, and look forward to making your CFF program a part of my life! 🙂



I received my Facial Fitness Exercise program a few weeks ago and have been enjoying the process of learning and practicing the exercises. I really appreciate how the program (I bought the Full Kit) is user-friendly and well thought-out (and the graphics reflect you–very pretty and perhaps a little bit whimsical?). Also, the Customer Service has been great.

Thank you,


Dear Carolyn, Thank you very much for your kind email with instructions and order confirmation. I am very much looking forward to beginning the fitness programme that I heard so much about. You are a lovely person who oozes kindness and love. Best wishes, Renata