I’ve just put RSR serum before bed and I am full of gratitude for your CFF program for your cosmetics and you.


Dear Carolyn, I have only one word for your skin care products: Amazing! Absolutely! I have been using them for 7 weeks now and my skin is hydrated like it hasn’t been in years, and softer than forever. Really. Thank you so very much!!!


I’m impressed with the C serum and rejuvenator. Usually, I have a reaction to new products within an application or two, but so far after several days, nothing, and my skin feels softer. I’m going to order your complete kit and give the other products a try as well. My best, Corey


Hi Carolyn ,

just had to send you an email to say how happy i am with your programme so far. I have done the whole routine six times now. I love it and for me is so easy to follow and learn (i actually look forward to doing it … big miracle lol ) I realise im brand new to this but already my skin feels incredible and so soft! I have been using the moisture plus cream since i got it so i’m wondering if it’s that rather than the face exercises as wouldn’t expect to see results from those as yet? ? The cream is AMAZING ! I have literally spent a fortune on different creams over the last couple of years but this one actually seems to stay locked in somehow so i’m not constantly reapplying it . Also i always get dry flaky skin in winter and it’s literally all gone … i keep looking at where i usually get it just to double check !! I need to order some asap as i’m nearly out of the free sample. Anyway sorry for long email but couldnt wait to share this with you! ..

Lots Love


Hi Carolyn,

So just wanted to share this with you…..for the first time since January – I ran out of your products and used whatever skincare moisturizer I had laying around for about 3 weeks. While my face felt firmer and looked better than ever from exercising, I noticed something was off lately. So I wondered if your products made that much of a difference? I got your products yesterday and my suspicions were right … Your products make my skin look more plumper and fuller………is the best way I can describe the difference. Not only do they feel great, they really do work! And I see why you recommend them in addition to the exercises!! I notice a big difference when I use the MP, HCM, and the Vit C or the RSR.



Hi Carolyn!

As you might remember, I asked you for advice for getting rid of brown spots. I used your Crystal C and got good results, but you told me about your technique of using plain vitamin C powder mixed with water and of course I had to try it. I’m getting the best results! My brown spots are rapidly fading, patches are breaking up, and my skin looks great. … I’m so impressed with your technique — it’s the best. … Thanks for everything, Carolyn!


Thank you dear, that’s perfect! Also, I’ve been using the cream for about 5 years now and this is, hands down, the best moisturizer I’ve ever used (with my extra dry skin I tried many!). So thank you for making such good quality products.


I just want you to know that I’ve been using your (skin care) products for years and I cannot live without them. I especially like the moisturizer. My skin has never looked better. Thank you so very much!



Hi Carolyn,

I have ordered your face kit, and am looking forward to using it. You have such amazing and lovely youth in your face, and that speaks volumes.

This cleansing cream is a little piece of heaven on earth! After only one use, it left my skin refined and glowing!! It is just remarkable. I will be ordering it. I have a load of other facial products (moisturizers, masks, etc.), but after l use them up, l will switch over to your line. Thank you for changing and beautifying so many lives!



Hi Carolyn,

Thanks so much for sending me all of this info. You’re right, I really enjoyed the article on aging skin. You have such a helpful website with incredible information. I was able to begin using my new products shortly after speaking with you. My skin feels wonderful. Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today. It was a real pleasure.



Hi Carolyn,

thank you for your speedy response! I will send photos to you … I am enjoying the exercises .. I too am a former dancer, so I enjoy your counting and the discipline in general .. also, when I can, I will purchase the creams etc .. that little sample of moisturizer was terrific! And a really big THANK YOU!!! .. for making skin- care products, that are scent-free, without animal ingredients and without animal testing!!! An answer to my prayers, literally .. you have no idea. So thank you for your compassion and consciousness. Bravo.



… Also I wanted tell you I loved you blog on the plastic microbeads and I am so happy to be using a product that doesn’t have them. The facial scrub is excellent.


Dearest Carolyn ,

Thank you from the heart in getting back to me so quickly,I will do all of what you have kindly given me as I truly believe in your program. … I have noticed how much better my complexion is with using your facial products. I highly recommend them as in the past I have used many very expensive brands that have never given such good results as your products, so thank you very much again

kindest regards

Suzanne M*

Dear Carolyn,

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your new shampoo and conditioner is. Every time I use it, my hair looks like it has been reborn. It is thicker and shinier than I have ever seen it look. It is so healthy. Thank you so much for this new product. It is fantastic!!

Suzanne M


Hi Carolyn,

… I just wanted to share this with you …I tried your Botanical Masque for the first time this week. OMG, you never mentioned on your website how great it is on making your pores disappear!! My skin is so flawless after just two applications. …


P.S. The apple cider vinegar made my face hot and red. With the 2nd application, I just used a drop of lemon juice and water. (You can see more on the Product Tips webpage.)


Thanks, Carolyn!

… I’m on your website every little while because you have such great information. I just bought your shampoo and conditioner– about a month ago and I love it. I’ve also been following your advice on brushing your hair and washing it less often (every 3 days for me – can’t quite do once a week), and taking care of your hands and nails. I find it delightful that your products and your advice are spot on – very unusual in this day and age. …

Thanks again for responding so quickly (as you always do).



Hi Carolyn – I’ve often bought shampoo/cond before that I loved initially and with a few weeks switched for one reason or another – mostly because they dry my hair (especially at the back). Anyway, I am so very pleased with yours – my hair has regained strength that it had lost and is shiny – even in humid weather – and WITHOUT HAIR SPRAY. The only adjustment I made is that now I seem to need less of the conditioner! So thank you for your persistence in working for the perfect product. I couldn’t be happier.


Hi Carolyn

… The history behind my facial protocol had been straight forward for the last 30 years: no animal tested, no perfume, no retinol…. my skin being sooo sensitive that it reacts to warm water…. By end of January … that’s when I thought of your Facial Formulas. What drew me to your skin care line was when I read you had given as much thought to your skin care as to your exercises – which are really comprehensive to say the least… Well, if you had researched those products as thoroughly as the exercises, they had to be well formulated. … so I ordered them on January 25th and they arrived this morning … I tried the Friday morning schedule and can’t get over how healing it feels. Incredible! And I’m not easy to impress!! …


Maya G*

I received your full kit and skincare samples about 2.5 weeks ago. First I would like to say I really, really liked all 3 skincare samples you sent and I would like to order them in full size. When I used them my skin looked like it was glowing from the inside out and not in the usually greasy way I get on my forehead with most products (I have combination sensitive skin). …

Thank you,

Barb W*

Hi Carolyn,

(How I found you) I was mousing around on the computer looking for a cure for dry skin. I came upon your name and went to your website. I was pleasantly surprised with how much info you share with people that is free. That’s the sign of a very honest person/company.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a very prosperous new year 2013.


Jan M*

Dear Carolyn,

I want to thank you for your amazing line of products and facial fitness exercises. I purchased the cleanser and moisturizer to start and you sent a sample of the hydrating mask (thanks). I do the sample exercises and use the products daily and within a month have noticed a definite difference in the appearance and texture of my skin. I can’t wait to try your other products and continue to benefit my skin. It is so nice to know that the research you have done really benefits people and is not just hype. I have tried extensive products over my life time and nothing compares to the purity and benefits that your products and exercises provide. … Thanks so much for all that you do to help other women and men feel better about their skin. It also makes the aging process easier when you feel you are doing what you can to improve yourself along the way.


New Client*

(From Meerananda’s partner) Meerananda just discovered another miracle application for your products: She got a bad sunburn on her face, so she applied the hydrating cream masque and left it on all night. When she woke up the next morning – no sunburn!

Sarah P*

Hello Carolyn!

After using even just the cleanser and the moisturizer plus I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my skin (I’ve recently developed a high sensitivity to most cleansers and moisturizers). I’ll be sure to follow your schedule!

Thank you,

Mary T*

Thank u so much!! (I answered a question she had) I think I already see a bit of improvement. I’m resting my face yesterday and today. I also really like your facial products. I put the vitamin c powder in the vial then read about fading brown spots. Do u think this way is strong enough to fade them like this? (Yes! Absolutely. Check out the Treatment Plan to get rid of Age Spots for even more “help”) … So happy I found you! Have a wonderful day!


Mary Joe*

To my dear sweet friend . and thank you for my really great skin!

Mary Joe

Teresa C*

Dear Carolyn,

First, I want to thank you for your wonderful program. I ordered the DVD, have been faithfully performing the exercises and I see results! Hooray! Second, I fell in love with the moisturizing cream sample that was generously provided with my DVDs. After considering all of your terrific products and my budget, I ordered the new serum on June 22, 2012, the Rejuvenating Skin Repair. It is a beautiful product. I love it! …

Thank you!

PS I commend you on your fast shipping too!

Kate K*

Dear Carolyn,

I tried the Bot Masque last night and it is the best masque I have ever utilised! … (It) is really the best masque I have ever tried and I have tried many!! You are a genius! … In fact I confess to being so delighted by the Bot Masque that I am going to order more now!

Delightedly yours!


Dear Carolyn,

Crystal C is amazing! I used it last night and this morning my skin looks fresh and feels smooth. In fact the whole line is absolutely fabulous; I think you have just found another loyal client!

You really have developed an amazing group of high quality products and I am most thankful to you, it is hard to find good quality creams, serums etc… that aren’t full of useless fillers like silicones etc that my skin reacts to
I do also love that the aloe vera is hand-filetted as I have always had bad reactions to shop-bought aloe vera. The only aloe that has ever worked for me is that direct from the plant I keep in my living room – until I encountered your hand-made aloe products. …

Big hugs and love,

Barbara N*

Hello Carolyn! … I must tell you, I’ve had many compliments on how well I’m healing (she had surgery on her face) and I sincerely believe it’s due to your wonderful products! I will be sure take a picture and send it to you so you can see for yourself.

My Dr. told me to begin massaging the scar 2 wks after the sutures were removed in order to encourage collagen growth … After all the massaging the skin sometimes gets a little red so I’ve been using the Rejuvenating Skin Repair Serum, which seems to have a lovely “cooling” effect. I also believe it (along with your whole skin care system) is responsible for how well the scars look at this early stage. I go back to my Dr. on the 29th of this month for a follow up and it’ll be interesting to hear what he has to say.

Carolyn, I MUST tell you: Your skin care line is the ONLY one that KEEPS my skin hydrated 24-7!!! Other products, and I have tried a good many of them – from the higher end to the drug store versions – and none, (I repeat NONE) made my skin feel hydrated. It always felt dry and tight. I also tried the all natural and all organic stuff, but still no success. As a matter of fact, those products made me break out!!! So, a big “thank you” for creating – and sharing – such a wonderful line of products that really, truly DO work. To be all natural and mostly organic is the icing on the product cake! Just ordered my second Complete Therapy Pack and Rejuvenating Skin Repair…don’t want to run out! (Wish you had a body moisturizer too!) (This is in the testing phase)

Thank you again for your encouragement,

Lesley J*

Hi, Carolyn, First, let me say that I like your skin care products, especially the fact that they largely contain organic ingredients, and have seen some refining of my skin since I have been using them. …


Hello Carolyn,

… seeing the message you sent on the recent video’s you’re doing,… VERY PROFESSIONAL LOOKING! And you have such a pleasant voice to listen to. Your skin is so beautiful! I’ve bought your big package, and love the products I’ve purchased — brown spots are disappearing … —

Appreciate your help,

Norma G*

Hi Carolyn!

I’ve been using your skincare for over half a year and I used to have this “thing” on my face that would get all scaly and I’d have to have it removed by the Dermatologist. But, it kept coming back. Since using your products, it’s now completely gone. Thank you soooo much


Dear Carolyn,

I have been using your product of around 12 months. I am in my early 50’s and have generally good skin for my age. I generally wash my face with plain water, moisturize morning and night and would wear a light foundation … Over the years I have tried heaps of different products – from very cheap to very expensive.

My skin is looking fabulous at the moment and your products – particularly for me the Moisturizer Plus – are without any doubt the VERY best I have ever used. I now don’t even bother to use foundation – it seems a shame to cover my skin!! Can you believe that!!

So, I spread the word whenever I can and I hope it flows thru to you – you deserve it.

I would also like to say that the advice and info that you have available is also VERY wise – generally spot on as far as I am concerned. You have a great practical approach with your tips etc.. and they do work. Your prices are also incredibly reasonable for such a superior product.

Once again, Thanks and kind regards



Morning Carolyn,

The facial formulas are wonderful. Excellent products. As you said I would notice a difference in just two weeks which I have … Thank goodness and many thanks and praises your way.

Thank you,

April B*


I have to rave about the Rejuvenating Skin Repair that I bought with the 15% discount (There was a 4 day 15% off sale only through Facebook). My skin’s acid mantle must have been severely compromised because for the last 4-5 months I’ve had constant skin irritations in the form of red bumps/ splotches (esp between my eyebrows) that would not go away no matter what. Your serum has astonished me with its healing power. My red marks are at 50% what they were only four days ago. Thank you!

P.S. I love using this after dermarolling – what a difference the next day!


You’re not otherwise…but our best help for getting old in a pleasant way. That’s why I “absorb” every word you say, and for the same reason I became your lifetime customer for facial skincare products. I am simply not interested anymore about all kind of “wow!” creams from the market since I’ve discovered Carolyn’s great products. I’m 42 years old and determined to go through the years in the firmest facial aspect possible, doing my exercises regularly. Thanks again for everything you’re doing. I trust in you so much.

God bless you, our dearest!


OK, Carolyn. Now everything’s done: with Facebook and Twitter. Thanks again for all the explanations, also for your unlimited kindness.

With love!


Hi Carolyn!

I’ve been using the new rejuvenating skin repair for about a week now and I love it!

The exercises are working and I can see improvement after only two-three weeks. … I love your skin care products and it shows. 🙂

Have a great night,

Anne C*

Thank you and I appreciate the information about the apple cider vinegar/botanical masque mix. Will try that very soon! Love your products and LOVE the way you look!

Merry Christmas,

Michele B*

Hi again Carolyn,

I have been away for the weekend and I checked my emails last night and could not believe that you answered my email so quickly. Wow, I am impressed with your service…. The good news is I am not experiencing any reaction to the Crystal Serum C and I think it is working already. My sister commented that my skin was glowing on the weekend and I have NEVER been told that before! …Thanks again Carolyn and hugs to you too!



Hi Carolyn!

My order of December has now arrived safe and sound in Norway, and the great skin feeling is back on day one! (She had run out of product) Thank you! And thank you also for additional videos, which I use every day. Exactly what I need!

Regards, Your friend,


Hi Carolyn,

Just wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year filled with health, peace and fun projects! My sister was thrilled to get your products for Christmas and I am enjoyed mine too! Really amazing line!

Wishing you all the best!


Adam K*

Hi Carolyn!

I had this itchy spot next to my left temple for about 3 months and it was slowly getting worse. It was looking redder and kind of like it had these scales. I started to apply the RSR serum on it every day about twice a day and it immediately felt better. Within 3 days it was a lot better and now, one month later it’s all but gone. I still have to apply the serum from time to time, but it’s like healed up. Thanks. This stuff is great!


Dianne W*


Received my package of goodies. You are so organized! I’d been copying important links from the messages you’d sent me so that I could find everything in one place, but after opening your package… I see a nicely organized “recipe” with everything included!

Thanks again,

Gail T*

Dear Carolyn,

I hope all is well. I received the mist package today, thank you very much. I love the mist. So far your skincare is treating my skin very well. I’m almost 2 weeks into the radiant skin regime and my skin is getting more moisture.

Thank you


Thank you for all this wonderful advise and encouragement I love the CFFormulas I’ve been searching for a year for these kind of products they even smell healing, yes I like the way you don’t have any chemicals to preserve the products they’re perfect for me. …


Dear Carolyn,

I’ve been using your RSR sample and it’s given me such a better colour especially under the eye area and cheek bone, the cracks are slightly improved especially the deeper ones! … The RSR is totally amazing for a lip balm 🙂 No need to buy anymore lip balms!!!

Thank you
Gail T

Katherine S*

Dear Carolyn,

… I remain interested in everything about your facial exercises and skin care line. … I’ve been traveling a lot… I’m (soon) back on another airplane. …The travel has taken its toll but thanks to your skincare line and the exercises, I know my skin looks much better than if I had not had your information and products. … Love your products. Thanks Carolyn. Stay well.

Kind regards,

Laurie H*

I was getting a facial yesterday and my aesthetician told me that my skin looked gorgeous and she wanted to know what I was doing. I told her it was a combination of facial exercises and skincare products I’d been using for the last 6 months. She said that I should keep it up as my skin was looking fabulous. I told her about your facial exercises and skincare products. Thank you so much. I love the way I look and my skin truly is looking good. Hugs

Leticia Ma*

My freckles and sunspots on my face have faded slightly from using the vitamin c serum, not sure how long it takes?

I have discovered something new to add which I am really excited to tell you! With my face masks I use different liquids each time and experiment… sometimes carrot, celery, various vinegars. orange juice, lemon juice, milk, yogurt. But something I tried the other day, made my skin look AMAZING even for a couple of days afterwards. it was Apple cider vinegar, it made my skin look so soft and clearer than before! which is amazing because it is looking soft and clear from all the hard work I’ve been doing for over the past few months already … (Check out our products tips for more information on how to use the masques)

It sounds like I spend a lot of time on this, but I don’t apart from the exercises, I just do things after the shower or after I go to the bathroom. It’s almost like a hobby (cheap hobby) I don’t need to spend thousands of dollars per year… I enjoy it a lot!

Tracey M*

Hi Carolyn,

Just a wee note to say I thought I would go for a facial today as I wanted a black head removed, and I ended up getting microdermabrasion, done and I can honestly say it is no better than your facial scrub and a botanical mask. Afterwards, the therapist was saying my skin was great anyway, and I have no doubt it is down to your exercises and all of your other products that I use. I am coming up for 40 in a couple of weeks and people have been saying I don’t look it. So thank you very much. Keep up your good work. xx


Hi Carolyn,

Just to let you know that I received my goods today, thanks very much. I have noticed a difference since I stopped using them, so thanks again. .xx (Tracey had stopped using the products for awhile, but came back)

Laurie Dr*

Dear Carolyn,

Hello! Just a little note to say that I am really enjoying using your Facial Fitness skincare line, which I had ordered in July .I also wanted to thank you for the free gift that you had included with my package. I appreciate your kindness. I also really appreciate all the research and work that you have done for both your skincare line and the face exercise routine.

Wow. The results have been educational, inspiring, uplifting and MOTIVATIONAL!!! I like that there is no fragrance. The products DO feel very ” clean ” and absorb/hydrate so nicely. … I have pretty sensitive skin and have felt absolutely no ill reactions from your products.

I have been using the vit C , therapy serum and rehydrate crème on my very sun distressed arms/hands. Slowly they are also changing and feeling much happier. I had a strange red reaction to the apple cider addition in masque…. just used water instead and no problem. (apple cider vinegar is a glycolic acid and people with sensitive skin can have a reaction to it. We do NOT have any glycolics in any of our skincare products)

Lastly went back to your site and blog for another good read, and it’s been great to learn so much about what one can do to empower their own skincare.

All the best,

Jen L*

Hi Carolyn,

I just wanted to give you an update about your skin care products. I keep them in my fridge and they are perfect… I love them. They are holding up beautifully and they feel so good. The texture on the moisturizer and cleanser is smooth and creamy, and the facial mask has reconstituted so well. I also love how it really only takes a small fingertip of any of them to spread them across my face and neck. One dip for my face, one dip for my neck. I don’t even have to scoop a finger-full. They are wonderful!

Thanks for everything,
Jennifer L

Jenelle G*

Hi Carolyn,

… Just letting you know, I’ve been using the 7 piece Therapy Pack. I started it on the 1st of this month. My skin feels sooo much better. :)) I love the products. I love how there is no toner to worry about. I believe toners dry out the skin too much. Your cleanser too, is so much easier on the skin. A lot more moisture left in the skin after using it. Usually cleansers foam up, there’s the problem straight away, soap drying the skin out! I was having a few pimples (OMG .. at 46!) before I started your skin care, I knew they’d go after using your products. :)) …

Jenelle :)))

Lisa Qu*

Hi Carolyn!

Just wanted to thank you again for your genius work for the betterment of all womankind. I absolutely LOVE all of the skincare products I purchased from you. My fave is the hydrating masque, oh my gosh that stuff is fabulous! My hubby thought it would be funny to snap a pic of his 47 year old wife in all her botanical masque glory. You never saw a before pic, but I’m telling you, your exercises literally took 10 years off my face and especially around my eyes. Thanks, again, and God bless you for all your work! We love you!


Sandy K*

Carolyn, my package arrived yesterday, thank you. I’ve been using up the last little bit of a jar of a different high-end cream and it’s nice, you know? I just forgot how much better your MP is – my skin literally sucked it in and it feels GREAT! It’s like it breathed a sigh of relief to get MP back again, I will never run out again – though I’ve given my mum one bottle, my eldest daughter wanted two, and I’ve given one to a girlfriend – so I’m down to one! I’ll need to order again in a few weeks, and I’m about to try your (anti) brown spots protocol! I love your stuff! I think I’ll do a review of it for the website. (you just did! Thank you!)

Warmest wishes,

Roslyn R*

Dear Carolyn,

I have to tell you …. Your products are fabulous! I love the skin care, especially. I tell everyone I know about you. Thank you.


Mary Joe*

Thank you for quick service. I love my moisturizer (Moisturizer Plus). … and I love that Botanical Masque. It soothes my skin in a way it’s hard to describe… xo

mary joe


Hello Carolyn!

… I always mean to tell you that your products have completely changed my skin. I haven’t worn foundation since I started using them. That was always a goal for me. Every day, I just put a little mascara on and my moisturizer and I’m ready! …

much love to you and yours,
Mary Joe


Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I’ve also been meaning to tell you that my skin has never looked so well and been so healthy. Thank you!

Mary Joe

Nicky J*

Hi Carolyn.. I got the Glowing Skin Therapy Mist!! Thank you so much! I used it this morning to do my facial exercises with, and it was perfect…just enough slide with my own skin oils. I was amazed at how silky my skin felt….not at all like other “toners” that feel like water! Then I used it with my handheld light therapy system, and it was wonderful!
When my client (Nicky’s an esthetician) came later, I noticed that her hands looked very dry and “crepey”, so I sprayed one hand and gently massaged it in. Then we compared both hands and it was unbelievable, the sprayed hand looked glowing and hydrated and all the little small dehydration lines were gone..So I am really impressed! … Just wanted to let you know that I really like the Glowing Skin Therapy Mist (love the name too) and will be enjoying using it in the days ahead!

Thanks again Carolyn!

Love and hug,

Imogene H*

Hi Carolyn,

Thank you so much, I received my skincare yesterday and I’m delighted with it! My skin already feels deeply moisturized to an extent that I’ve actually never felt before. …

Thank you so much for your amazing research in this area – it’s so nice to know that we can workout and preserve our faces and neck just as much as our bodies.



Hey Carolyn!

… thanks for letting me know about the ingredient listing; my hubby will be happy. It’s funny he (my husband) never has taken care of his skin, but after seeing the difference in my skin in just one day he is actually hooked I think! …

You know I’ve spent a fortune over the years on very expensive skincare that up until yesterday I thought was the best on the market. but I’ve gotta tell ya – CFF skin products are FAR, FAR BETTER than that expensive French brand. I am so glad that you have worked so hard and been rewarded with fantastic knowledge to help us be beautiful at any age! I am a very big fan of your work! I shall be in touch shortly with my next order.

Hug back,


Hi Carolyn!

… The skincare is sublime, I’ve never experienced anything like these products, and trust me I’ve used a lot of high cost “high end” products in the past…. I’ve ordered more crystal c, as i would now like to concentrate on age spots on my hands and chest. So I will update you with that progress as it occurs. Many thanks also for the discount! I didn’t expect that in addition to the wonderful service you provide.

You are quite simply a top performer – you have “outperformed” anyone else in this market! Well done!



Hi Carolyn!

I just wanted to thank you so much – my order arrived today, so quickly! Yay! The improvement in my skin through your amazing exercises and products is just simply unbelievable! I look and feel like I’m 30 instead of 40 … I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am to have a new lease of life – looking so much younger than I actually am. I’ll be in touch to order April supply shortly.

So grateful


Hi Carolyn,

Wow I am loving this journey with your stunning products! I asked my beautician … to advise her that I’ve changed to your skincare and to ask her to compare my skin today to 5 years ago when I first started the French (expensive skin care) treatments with her. She said, “Imogene, this is the best I’ve ever seen your skin. The tone is incredible and the texture and balance is perfect. This is not something that I’ve done, those new products you are using are amazing”. … Heehee; more proof of your great work, Carolyn!

Many thanks and very best regards,


Hi Carolyn!

I hope you are well and gorgeous as ever! 🙂 I have to say after using your system consistently for the 8 months now, the results are AMAZING!! Seriously, why do not more people know about the profound effects of your amazing exercise routine!?? 🙂 Your skincare is unbelievable also, and I am looking younger and younger every day. Thank you so, so much for this gift, I am so grateful! 🙂 …

Imogene 🙂 x

Livia D*

Hi, Carolyn!

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve received the creams. I’ve applied them, and my face seems telling me something like: “What took you so long to finally treat me as you do now? Uhhh! Finally inspired…”

Best wishes!

Barbara A*

Hi Carolyn,

… Thanks so much for your excellent skincare products! I am just finishing off the one month radiant skin care schedule (my skin looks so beautiful already). I note that you say that after the initial 30 day therapy month, we should “adjust use of the products.” I am not sure what to adjust it to. For example, how often should I exfoliate? How often should I use the mask? Please send me your suggestions. (Just go to the product tips page and all these questions are answered)

With best wishes,
Barbara A

Paula B*


… I had run completely out of all products except for the cleanser and other products (than CFFormulas) just don’t cut it. I am curious as to how my face responds again to the crystal C formula as I have been out of that now for several months. My complexion seemed to be dramatically improved with its use but when I ran out, the blemishes returned. So I will give it a good clinical trial before and after with just that formula.

… now I have my face products and new exercises. I can rule the world, yes?


Debi P*

Hi Carolyn,

I received your products yesterday. I love what I have used. My skin feels and looks refreshed and moisturized. I plan on trying the other items I didn’t get on this order.

Thank you!!


Carolyn, thank you for your reply! … I already want to tell you that I have seen some results. My skin feels wonderful and well moisturized. These exercises and your skin care products are simply amazing! My upper lip is fuller and I think the skin under the eyes and the neck feels firmer. But neck wrinkles are now wider. Maybe this is part of the process called “Rubbing the Wrinkles Out”? (Deeper wrinkles can look wider at first as they are pushed out with the exercises and become shallower and wider. Over time they will become thinner and thinner. You can eliminate up to 95% of your wrinkles with this technique.) The sun spot is still visible, but perhaps not really so striking. I will continue to use Crystal C serum (and other products) and see what happens.

Many thanks to you!


Jenny J*

Thank your for your help and encouragement and I will keep soldiering on as I know I can only keep improving. I love your skin care and had a couple of weeks without it when I was waiting for my next order to come in and realized how much my skin had deteriorated without using it. Thanks so much.

Kindest regards.

Mariani H2*

Please know that my wife (Mariani), a 38 year old sweetheart, is routinely following your facial exercise programme. She told me your skin care products seems to be working well for her. She was waiting to pick up our 5 year old from the “kindy”, a couple of weeks ago, when one of the waiting parents asked her..”you’re here to pick up your little brother..??” That’s good to hear yes?

Jan L*

Hi Carolyn,

Thanks for your quick response. … Just received my C Serum (2nd bottle) and I love it. I can see some improvement in the evening out of my skin. … Some of the dark spots have also lightened. By the way your moisturizer makes my face feel moisturized for the entire day and you know how dry it is over here (gets into the nineties, Fahrenheit and above 33 Celsius in the summer time and it’s inland).

Thanks again!

Linda R*

Hi Carolyn,

I just got my total therapy serum and vitamin C serum and I LOVE the way they feel on my skin. My skin is on the dry side and these both feel soothing, rich, hydrating, yet not greasy … Love, love, love the way my skin feels!!


p.s. soon, I have a feeling, I’ll have to buy your whole line.



I just joined your affiliate program. My mother has struggled for as long as I can remember with sensitive skin. About 3 months ago she purchased your Facial fitness kit and just recently purchased your skincare kit. She is absolutely in bliss! She swears by your products and will probably never use anything else. I am 26 years old and she is urging me to start using the products now. I am so excited to begin the process however finances are tough right now as my husband and I are expecting our first child and I can’t afford the kits. That is why I joined your affiliate program. I am eager to spread the word about your products and with my 15% I hope to buy my own products!

Very excited to be a part of Carolyn’s Facial Fitness!

Thank you for your time and for creating such a beautiful thing that has changed my mothers life!

May you be ever in bliss,


Hello Carolyn,

I am using your nourishing skin care products now for 3 weeks and have to tell you that my sensitive skin feels very comfortable. The skin is more relaxed, smoother and keeps the moisture all day long without feeling greasy. The small instruction card coming along with the therapy pack is very useful for the daily application. I was always looking for such a soft, pleasant and nourishing cosmetic for my sensitive skin.

Have a nice day,



The first day I used the products, I was driving with a friend whom I see weekly. She looked at me and said, “Your skin looks wonderful today.” I told her about the face products and she said she would order some too. After about a week of using them, the spots of discoloration on my face went away.

One of the unexpected benefits of using these products is that I sit down and look at myself up close in the mirror that is part of your kit. (I used to just stand and see myself at a distance in the bathroom mirror). Well, surprise. I had no idea that my face was sagging so much and that wrinkles were developing. With my bad eyesight and the lighting in the bathroom, I thought I had none of that. Now, because I know it’s there, I’ve been doing a lot more facial exercise and I notice a big improvement.

Thank you very much for the contributions you have made in developing these exercises and your facial products. I have benefitted greatly from your work. I have also benefitted from your attitude.

A friend called me after the refresher course with you to ask me about the exercises I do. She mentioned that your face looks better than ever. Before speaking with her, I had assumed that the exercises would only go so far and that wrinkling and sagging were inevitable. Now, thanks to your attitude of always looking for a solution and believing it is possible, I have changed this view.



Thank you Carolyn for your prompt and warmly worded reply….

I have been doing the face firmer as suggested and it feels lovely to wake up my face that way every morning. It certainly does bring an early morning glow that even my clients have noticed (I am a Pilates instructor). The Crystal Serum C has lightened my sun spots considerably in 4 days! (using the recommended schedule) and my face feels nourished at all times, never dry, never oily. (in fact I think I started off a little heavy handed with the product and have had to ease off) …

Thank you again, and I hope that the goodwill you have passed on to me returns to you one thousand fold. You deserve it. Have a wonderful day!



I’m very happy with the products so far, Carolyn, and I commend you and your team for all the time, effort, research, and cost involved in creating this line! I noticed some of the sun damage – discoloration around my nose starting to fade immediately, and that is a positive sign! I’ll … be visiting your site soon for more info and support. Have a great day.



Hi Carolyn,

I have waited to send you this mail, because I wanted to try the formulas first.

Wow, they are explendid. Sensational!!! I used it only for 1.5 days, and I can see the difference already. My face is not dry any more. It has a glow on it.

I look terrific.

Thank you very much for making such great formulas for us. God bless you. I am going to use only yours. Have a nice day my dear. BIG, big hugs for you.



Hi Carolyn,

Your creams arrived this week. They’re delicious!! I’m really enjoying them, they are such beautiful quality. I recommended them to my friend in Australia. The daily routine is very helpful, thank you.

All the best,


I have used your facial product for a month and love the feel of my skin. I’m hoping the continued use of your product plus the facial exercises will work to reduce or eliminate my large pores and the wrinkles. I’ve been pleased with your product and exercise system. It will take time to repair my face and hands as I didn’t take care of them at all as a younger woman and I regret that now.

I received a compliment the other day. A woman told me that my skin was glowing. It was an encouragement to continue. I look at my face and sometimes don’t see any difference. I don’t see the changes like someone who hasn’t seen me in a while….



Thank you for your GENEROUS gift that keeps on giving! The moment I put the face cream on, my skin ate it up like needed nutriment! I love the ingredients and so does my skin. I was really happy that you would take all the time and effort you have to create this for aging skin like mine. If folks could use it before they get older it would probably be of great benefit! Oh, yes!! (smile) I believe you will be a huge success making well earned money doing good works. I am sending you a relaxed heartfelt aloha from Hawaii, wishing you all the best. Take care.

Loving hugs,


Hi Carolyn,

Thank you for your lovely products. I don’t know if it’s just me because I think you’re wonderful but I want to tell you that I am noticing an immediate difference in the texture and appearance of my skin. I am using just the moisturizer and the (Crystal C) serum but I love them both.



Hi Carolyn,

I am just writing to say that I have been using the products and doing the exercises now for a few weeks. The products are wonderful, my skin feels like butter and I can see the improvement myself. My friend asked me the other day what I’m doing to my skin as it looks great. I told her.. and it’s true the products are lovely… what I like is that your products are mostly organic.

Yes I do the (Circle-up) rub up and I have to say my skin is not quite flawless, but it looks extremely good, not muddy as before, the circulation is better so I have rosy cheeks .. All in all I am very happy with it all. I am a little older than you and it’s taken me years to find the right product. I don’t like the mass produced products as I don’t believe they are pure. I agree with you that it will only get better, if my skin is like this now, I cannot imagine how it will be in six months time. I will keep you updated… Wishing you a happy, healthy and successful new year …

with best wishes,


Dear Carolyn,

Thanks for such wonderful products. This scrub leaves my skin silky smooth and completely NOT dry or chafed. I use it only once a day and my age spots I swear are less visible. It’s moisturizing my skin!

Best wishes,


Dearest Carolyn,

My skin was always dry and kinda stretched looking from being so dry and now it’s not any more since I’ve been using this (Hydrating Creme) masque. I’ve used it for many months now and whenever I fall off using it, I’m sorry I did because I live in a very dry place and this masque keeps my skin feeling and looking younger and brighter.



Hi There!

My skin looks like I’m 20 again. AND…I’m loving this face treatment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hi … I was thinking today of how many scary and dangerous products there are on the market today and how hard it is to navigate through the money-making waters for things that are good and safe for your skin, and I realized how grateful I am to you for putting in all this loving, hard work to produce such an amazing product. You are really being of service to so many people. What you have done is uncanny and rare. I am so grateful for your caring, diligence and brilliance. What a great combination. How wonderful to affect so many lives in such a great way. I know I am personally grateful for all you have done for my skin!!! Happy New Year!



Hi! … When I draw my hand across my face and neck and chest, it feels like rough leather. It is so damaged (from the sun). But this is the 3rd time I have been through this and your skin care creams have healed me through it each time. The Crystal Serum C is especially healing!

Love and hugs,


Hi … Your Rejuvenating Skin Repair serum will heal anything! I spilled hot boiling water on my chest from the microwave (don’t think about it) and it was COMPLETELY healed within 3 days. I’m giving this to my doctor. It’s too fabulous for words.

Xan M


Dear Carolyn,

Amazing is the only word I can say for this (Crystal) Serum C. I’ve tried everything to make my skin look even, but I’d get white rings around my spots on my face when I tried any treatment but this serum lightens the age spots and makes my skin look balanced and more all one shade. Thank you. Thank you.



Hi Carolyn,

A little bit of this product (Moisturizer Plus) goes a long way. I use it under the eyes and on my eyelids … I have used it on my entire face (remember a little goes a long way) and it’s one of the better moisturizers I’ve ever used. Not oily on my normal skin at all.



Wow…what a wonderful creme! (Moisturizer Plus) It is so thick that I stand the bottle upside down, and I still have to squeeze it to the opening! (We now sell it in an airless bottle, so this is not a problem) Thick and creamy and feels so good I put it under my eyes and on my eyelids. Best I’ve ever used.



Dearest Carolyn,

I am very grateful to this serum (Total Therapy Serum). It makes my skin more even looking, erased a bunch of lines around my eyes and on my forehead and gives my skin some kind of youthful look. I highly recommend it.



Hi Carolyn,

After only 3 days of using this serum (Crystal Serum C) my age spots were lighter and over time my skin looks more evenly colored. Thank you. I’m hooked!



Hi Carolyn,

My wife made me curious as I saw her skin improve. I tried this scrub on the top of my hands, first. The round wax beads felt nice. I could feel them getting smaller as I scrubbed. Actually, I really didn’t expect much on my skin – these round things, how much could they do? After I washed the scrub off I was surprised how smooth and soft the skin on top of my hands became. To my astonishment I apparently scrubbed too much and made the skin a little red. So when I used it on my face I was careful with this rather powerful scrub. I like the smoothness and softness it gave to the skin on my face after just one treatment. I’m a guy and my face felt almost as smooth and soft as female skin. Very impressive.



Dear Carolyn,

I’ve used this (Hydrating Creme) masque every day for the last 2 weeks and I notice that my skin is looking and feeling like it’s happier. It actually glows.



Hi! Wow! Love this scrub. My skin glows after every use. Shayna


Hi Carolyn,

I love this hydrating masque. It’s got the right name. I don’t need as much moisturizer as I used to use before and I love the way it makes the tops of my hands look even and smooth. I try and use it every day, but I sometimes don’t have time but 3 or 4 times a week is good enough.



Hi Carolyn,

Great for dry skin and older skin that needs to be revitalized. This (Total Therapy) serum is used by both my husband and me at least three times a week and we love it. This hot, dry climate can take its toll and this serum gives both our skin back life.

Thank you,


Hi Carolyn!

I am SO excited about your new skin care products! I am going to place an order for this tomorrow, after I do a bank deposit. Really, I am so excited because there are so many products out there and you just don’t know who to trust. I trust you, not only because I have used your exercise program for over a year and have seen results, but because I have gotten to know you, and trust your research and work that has gone into the development of these products.

Much love,


Hi Carolyn!

I am enjoying my first week of using your products. On my first day, I was cleaning house for a woman who asked me why I felt I needed to clean house in makeup. I told her I wasn’t wearing any and she argued that I had to be, my skin was so lovely! Now she is 55 years old and to her, nice skin is relative, but I insisted I was not wearing any. She got up from her chair and touched my face, still not believing me. She even insisted I was wearing eye makeup. Well, I immediately told her about you, my personal skin trainer and consultant. My face has without doubt, made substantial improvement.

Thanks and love,


Carolyn, I look 100% better. Love the products! Kiss


Hi Carolyn,

As for the skin care products, I love them! The difference is huge. My skin looks and feels younger, very supple. For years, I have had problems with whiteheads and I tend to “pick” at my face around my jaw line, nervously, because the bumps would drive me nuts. Picking is very damaging to your skin, as I well know, because it is a constant tearing motion. But 95% of this has cleared up since using the products. When I reach to touch my face there, it is smooth and soft. I love it!

Love lots,


Laura grew up in South Africa and has a twin brother. They both had equally developed very deep crow’s feet around their eyes from the intense sun exposure in South Africa. Two months after using this (Moisturizer Plus) cream, her brother was visiting her and took her by the arm and brought her into the bathroom to look at the two of them in the mirror. Laura’s crow’s feet were almost gone … especially compared to her twin who still had those deep crow’s feet obviously evident on his face.


Hello Carolyn!

I’ve tried many cleansers. Some were oily and soapy all at once. They cleaned my skin well and left it feeling great but they were all very pricey. I then tried powdered cleansers that were supposed to brighten my skin. They also were nice but only in the beginning. After awhile, my skin felt dry and flaky. Finally, I find this (Balancing Facial) cleanser is not only mostly organic (I find that the more organic the cleanser, the more my body can tolerate the product over time) it leaves my skin refreshed and NOT dry and it cleanses every single bit of make-up or grime I may have on my face. It works in all seasons, even the wintery, dry chapping times and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and totally cleansed.



Hi Carolyn,

Amazing is what this (Crystal Serum C) should be called in my opinion. I use it only once a day to make it last 2 months, but I never miss a day cause it’s too good for my skin. I finally shared this with my sister cause she was jealous that my skin tone and texture were looking better than hers. I’m older. Wow.


Susan S*

Hi Carolyn,

I mixed this (Botanical) masque first with water and later with yogurt. Both were fantastic. The yogurt masque left my skin feeling a little more hydrated than the one I used with water only. When I first used this masque, I tried a little experiment. I “masqued” only half of my forehead. I have two deep lines on my forehead and I wanted to see what this therapy masque would do. SHOCK! The side with the masque completely erased the finer line and greatly reduced the deeper line after only a 15 minute treatment. This effect lasted for 36 hours. I have now been giving myself a masque three times a week and my lines have not returned. I am happy.



Hi Carolyn,

I use a good concealing make-up that I used to have to scrub off with a wash cloth and soap. I only use my fingertips, now. This (Balancing Facial) cleanser cleans my face in one washing and leaves the skin moist and feeling soft. Great product.



Dear Carolyn,

I purchased this cleanser and let me tell you – I love it! I have normal skin – a little drier in the winter, but this product did not leave my face dry at all. Amazing!



Dear Carolyn,

Finally a truly effective, fresh topical vitamin C treatment (Crystal Serum C) that makes my skin gorgeous … brown spots are almost completely gone and I love the way it feels and slides onto my skin. I love it!

Thank you,

Janet W*

Hi Carolyn!

Just had to tell you that these products for the skin are amazing. I used the schedule for over the recommended month (I admit) and even my husband who never says anything about how I look commented on how nice my skin was looking!!! I feel some how “younger” and better about myself than I have in years.



Got your package today carolyn very quick this time thank goodness as I never had much of the moisturiser left and I dreaded using anything else.xxx