BJ from Nebraska*

Nicky & Carolyn, So appreciative for your excellent and helpful teaching methods, Nicky which helped to correct and adjust my current workout. Look forward to learning more in future sessions with you!  Also quite pleased with the new regimen you provided Carolyn and encouraged to see results in the next couple of months.  You are a great team!  Thank you!


My lower mouth and jowls feel tighter after the new program and 5 days!


Thank you Nicky are always so kind… This skype lesson has been magic …thank you so much xxx


Dear Nicky, I’m sorry I did not manage to send you feedback right away from your class. Your guidance was very important to improving my techniques, and I have now started using all the additional exercises you and Carolyn gave to me. I think they have improved my sagging jowls and double chin quite a lot although there is more distance to go, because I keep losing weight in these times. Thank you for all your kind encouragement. You are an inspiration! Much love, Iliona

Nicole. Perth WA (Western Australia)*

Thank you Nicky for the informative session, it was a very friendly session and most useful!  It was great to make sure I am now doing the techniques correctly and to have an individualised plan of where to go from here.  Having feedback on each of the different exercises and how to tweak my technique was invaluable.

Petra H*

Please know deep down how amazing you are… you are so knowledgeable…so kind and so powerful….I could listen to you talk all the time. Thank you!

Petra H

Angie V*

You are an angel in my life Nicky… I hope you know that my skin has been amazing and you helped me deal with it in a whole new light. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me! …You have shown me the Light when all I saw was darkness. You help people and give them the tools to allow their beauty to shine. I love my skin and have all the faith in the world that it has healed!

Angie V



Thank you for a great session. You have inspired me. I wish we lived in the same town so I could take Pilates from you and get to know you better. … Again, thank you for all your advice.


Merle D*

Thank you so much Nicky for the wonderful Skype lesson. You have not only shown me how to do the exercises correctly but given me motivation and encouragement to get started and keep it up. You have enlightened me on correct procedures which unless I spoke with you I would not have figured out I was doing it wrong. I would recommend skype lessons from you to all new clients who are not so confident and need that one on one help to get started. Once again thank you for your time and I look forward to our next lesson together.

Merle D


This was my first time Skyping, but I believed it would be easier for me to learn new exercises if I could interact with my teacher, and it was. Nicky taught me many new exercises selected specifically by Carolyn to address my areas of concern. Since Nicky is very knowledgeable about the physiology of the face and skin, she explained the exercises in a precise, generous, patient way. I’m now excited to incorporate those exercises in my routine. I would highly recommend a Skype session with Nicky to anyone who wants to double-check their technique or learn new exercises.

Kim, Los Angeles


Hi Nicky, thanks again. I enjoyed the session. Thank you Nicky for a very informative lesson via Skpe. It was certainly worth the wait. (Nicky moved to Hawaii and was not available for a bit) It has made such a difference to see how the facial exercises are done correctly and it has really motivated me to do them more regularly and I enjoy doing them knowing that I will achieve results. Thank you for all your advice and tips as well.

Best Regards,

Debbie P*

My Skype session with Nicky was excellent and really helped me get the facial exercises right. Nicky is a great instructor, she explained everything so clearly and was very encouraging. After the class it felt like my face had a good workout! I recommend Nicky’s Skype class for getting the best results from your facial exercises.

Debbie P, Sydney.


I had a wonderful Skype session with Nicky on Sunday. She is so great and helpful! She gave me important feedback to help me do the exercises correctly, so the benefits can be maximized. I think I have most of them down. I’m still working on the cheek firmer to make sure I’m using the correct muscles. I’m really looking forward to a follow up session with her in a few weeks.

Warm regards,


I highly recommend a Skype consultation with Nicky as a wonderful and easy way to ensure that you receive the full benefit of Carolyn’s Facial Fitness exercises. I am very glad that I did. Nicky is a kind and clear teacher, an astute observer and obviously has a wonderful rapport with Carolyn who has trained Nicky very well. Although I’ve been practicing Carolyn’s “facelift through exercise” for months with good results, Nicky was able to home-in my mistakes, refine my technique and explain key underlying principles of the program that I can use to strengthen my performance. I’m looking forward to putting into practice what I learned today in my session with Nicky. It’s a kick to think that in the sixth decade of life there is the possibility of more beauty results coming down the pike! Thank you, Carolyn and Nicky, for adding this wonderful Skype consultation feature to the list of online services.

Warmest Wishes to you both,


I have been exercising facial muscles since early 2008 by following a different facial exercise program with whom I had a few Skype sessions. When I needed more than that program had to offer, I found Carolyn’s program. I carefully read the content of her website and it resonated with me much better. In August 2010 I decided to switch to Carolyn’s program and make it my only exercise routine I have now been following. I have achieved not only great results from exercising but since now with Skype, I also have my personal teacher: her wisdom, experience, and patience, available every time and way I need. Thank you. You are wonderful.

Warm regards,

Skype Session 6*

I also was impressed by the way Nicky was devoted to respect and follow Carolyn’s concept. I felt I had both of them so available and ready to answer all of my questions in no time. I plan to take the Skype lesson every few months to continue adjusting my program for best results.

Skype Session 5*

She has not only taught me in detail how to perform specific exercises, she has spent time to analyze my face and provided me with assessment of specific areas. With her experienced eye, she could advise me to achieve further change. Her ideas gave me a fresh and objective view which in addition to what I wanted to achieve; left me with excitement, satisfaction, and conviction that I am in the best hands.

Skype Session 4*

Thank you so much Nicky, I enjoyed the lesson and got a lot from it. The Skype lesson was the best way to adjust my exercise program to my specific needs. It was like having the best expert/personal trainer working with me in the privacy of my home. Nicky made me feel very comfortable, touched me with her warmth and answered all of my questions.

Skype Session 3*


Thank you so much for teaching me last night- First, I am so inspired now because I can see what I will look like -you have the skin of a 20 year old – I especially love your neck and décolleté areas – my trouble spots. You showed me great exercises and also helped me improve my technique to get maximum benefit from these exercises. I will be purchasing a session for my mom for Christmas – a perfect present!

Kate W.*

Dear Nicky,

Thank you so much for my hour’s tuition this evening. I really thought I had been doing the exercises as per the DVD instructions, but they are so specific that it’s easy to get them just a bit wrong. I found the tutorial with you really beneficial in refining my technique. You were instantly able to spot the mistakes I was making. I really am so grateful for your patience and kindness and for your professional eye. I will be checking in again soon to get the bonus exercises you talked of.

With warmest regards,
Kate W.


Hi Nicky!

I want to thank you so much for the very helpful Skype Class. It was very nice to meet you. Please let Carolyn know how much this personal instruction class has helped me. I would suggest anyone who is interested in facial exercises sign on to get a Skype Class. I am so excited about this program and want to thank both of you for researching and putting together such a wonderful program.



I highly recommend the Skype class with Nicky for anyone who wants to exercise their face with Carolyn’s FF program. In my experience, it not only expanded and fine-tuned my practice of the routine, but it was also a lot of fun. Apart from being a seasoned professional in the area of aesthetics, Nicky is also a wise teacher who simply -yet effectively- shows the proper way of performing the exercises. I found her comments on the concept of “oppositional pull”, as well as her “visuals” to provide a mental image of the different exercises, rather useful and actionable. Her kindness and patience are an added bonus 🙂 The ‘Skype with Nicky’ is the perfect complement to the CFF kit, it truly helps you to get the best results out of the program in a quick and easy way.

Toronto, ON, Canada


Hello Carolyn!

I wanted to let you know how grateful I am that you offer personal one on one Skype instruction with Nicky. I cannot express how absolutely helpful the session turned out to be for me. Nicky was gracious, patient and wonderful! The day following the session my face was sore – a clear sign I was missing something in the way I had been performing the exercises. And here’s the kicker – I had already been doing the exercises for some time – but with a slide a little too far left, a resistance slightly lower than the mark…all subtle things that made such a difference to the effectiveness of the exercise. I was going through the motions, but missing the point altogether! Nicky made me feel completely comfortable, listened to every question I had and gave such clear explanations with great analogies – making it easy to visualize – to really get it! More importantly, she helped me understand the foundation of what made an exercise work. (Sometimes, it can be a little daunting to try and apply everything we learn to our muscular makeup – if only in the patience it takes to work through the anatomy of it) Nicky made it all make sense – simply. It all finally clicked! In addition, I am thrilled to have a program outlined for my personal needs – it takes the guesswork out of it for me and is a great blueprint to build from! Given how my face felt the day after the session – I know my time with Nicky, properly learning your exercises, is making a difference to the success of my program. My thanks to you and Nicky for helping me move toward feeling more confident – inside and out!

All the best!



After my Skype session with Nicky, my daughter looked at me and said “you look like you just got Botox!” Well, that was wonderful to hear! Before the session I felt a bit anxious, being new to Skype, but afterwards I felt relaxed and rejuvenated. Nicky is such a nice person, and really excels at giving clear feedback to help get the most out of Carolyn’s wonderful facial massage exercises. I highly recommend Skype sessions with Nicky and since my first one have done an additional one to learn the Lower Face Lifting Routine. Thank you Nicky! All the best!



I want to say just how great the Skype session was with Nicky. Aside from the pleasure of having a really positive, encouraging instructor, it was great discovering that my overall tired look after two years of faithful use of the method was because I had some of the exercises even dramatically wrong. I took the recommended break, and have carefully followed the instructions and Nicky’s great, patient demonstration, and am pleased to say that I look improved enough in only two weeks that a friend’s mouth dropped open when she saw me as she said, wow, you look so much better than the last time we met – it’s remarkable! What happened? (she doesn’t know I do face exercises) So thank you! And I will be eager to hear about any other great new exercises you may come out with, and especially thanks to Nicky for her careful attention.



My session with Nicky was groundbreaking in that I felt the power of the program in its entirety for the first time. The program was clearly targeted to my individual needs and I could ascertain with each exercise the advantage of doing each exercise accurately. I appreciated Nicky’s attention to detail and really feel confident now that with the advantage of additional sessions I will be able to master the program and obtain the results I have been seeking. I am very grateful to Carolyn for developing an excellent program and to Nicky for her skilled instruction!



The Skype class with Nicky was wonderful and informative. She took me through all the 28 exercises with good explanation as how to perform them easily. She was highly motivating and it was really a fun to do exercises with her teaching. Carolyn and Nicky had added 2 bonus exercises for my specific problem which says that they take care to address the issues clearly. Thanks to both of them.



Hi Nicky,

Thanks so much for the class, it was really useful and engaging. Your advice is so clear and focused and was just what I needed. I feel so much more confident now in doing the exercises knowing they are correct and precise after our session. And absolutely brilliant value for money to boot!!!


Anne S.*

After 2 months of doing the exercises, I wanted to make sure I was getting the most out of them and doing them correctly, and I had some questions. Nicky was able to meet with me just a few days after I signed up. She patiently and clearly walked through the correct form for each exercise, and I learned I was doing about 75% of them wrong! So it was VERY worthwhile!! She and Carolyn had come up with a whole set of extra exercises to address my special issue related to laugh lines and jowls. Nicky was extremely thorough, and a great cheerleader. I felt inspired after the session was over to keep going. It’s also inspiring just to see how she looks! I didn’t want to waste time doing the exercises wrong and not getting the full value of the time I’m spending every day – and I think the individual session was perfect for that.

– Anne S.

Skype Session 2*

I enjoyed a great session with Nicky! She is a delight to be with and offers a thorough understanding of all the exercises and what they are doing for our face. In our session, she gave me valuable feedback and some important corrections to my technique with the exercises. Now I am doing all my exercises with confidence, and am excited to enjoy the results! 🙂 Nicky is a great teacher and I highly recommend a one-on-one session for anyone who is dedicated to making these exercises a part of their self-care.


Thanks, Nicky, for the excellent session of performing the facial exercises. I felt really pumped after the session! I feel like this is going to work for sure, now given the information you shared and showed me! I wasn’t aware I was doing so many things wrong! Those little things really matter, I’m sure and I know, in time, the effort will bring positive results. You were so pleasant to listen to and I enjoyed your analogies in helping to remember how to execute those moves, precisely. Thanks again!



Carolyn’s facial exercises and skincare products are the best! I have used many types of exercises and products and have never been as pleased. I am still in the beginning stages but after 2 months, I look much more youthful and feel happy when I look in the mirror. I also took a training session with Nicky Jordan and found her insights and clear instructions a huge plus. Thanks to you both for making me feel confident that I will remain beautiful for the rest of my life!



Hi Carolyn,

I can’t say enough good things about Nicky. We did our session two weeks ago and I already notice a difference this week. She clarified the basic 28 plus taught me the lower face lifting steps. I’ve been doing them 5 days a week and I’m very happy. Congratulations on running a first class organization.

Be well,


Hi Carolyn,

I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to let you know how wonderful my Skype class was with Nicky. We had my session a couple of weeks ago and I’ve already seen great progress in all areas of my face. During my class, Nicky was so nice and took time to go over every exercise and was so patient with me. I plan on taking another Skype class in the future.But, the one thing that I took away most was how encouraging and positive she was and she told me that I would see improvement right away (and she was right). I think taking the Skype class made such a big difference. Carolyn, thank you so much for your wonderful products. It’s helping me feel happy about myself and bringing back my self-esteem. I will be sharing your website with my friends and family.

Take care,


Hi Nicky, thank you so much for your time last night! You were very kind and patient. I can’t believe how quickly the time passed. I appreciate the extra minutes you gave me. I thought I was pretty much following the exercises as I was supposed to but you gave me a lot of great tips – and corrections. Can’t wait to see the difference all those little “technique tweaks” will make. I am so glad I made the appointment. I will be in touch in three months or so and let you know how I am progressing.


Meg Marshall*

I found the Skype session with Nicky very helpful. I discovered I was doing some of the exercises improperly and now feel secure that I can perform them with the correct form to achieve the most benefit. Nicky was professional and precise in her teaching and I think everyone could benefit from a session with her to make sure you are doing the exercises properly.

Meg Marshall.

Carol QLD Australia*

Hi Nicky,

Thanks so much for your patience today, … The lesson was very thorough and you made sure I got the hang of all of them. It was extremely helpful to ensure I was doing the exercises correctly and I felt it was beneficial face to face. Thanks again.

Carol QLD Australia


I have owned the DVD from Carolyn for four years, but never watched the whole DVD through. I found it a bit intimidating for some reason and put it aside. Well, as aging happens, I decided I’d better do something (non-surgical and natural), so I pulled out the DVD again and then scheduled my appointment with Nicky. It was my mistake thinking we were on for the following day, and what a scramble that was for both of us. Nicky, thank you again so much for altering your schedule – and your life, … I so appreciated it and learned a lot that I don’t think I’d have gotten from the DVD. I also feel confident that I can do this program now. I’m excited about this and have told my girlfriends about it. I know they’ll be watching, so it’s just another motivating factor to keep on track with it. And, as they see the results, they will be asking me for the website to order their own DVD, I know it. I will recommend they take the hour with Nicky, for sure.Thank you so much again for going out of your way to make this happen, Nicky. It says a lot about you and your big heart and I will be back for more Skype sessions with you after I’ve had a couple of months to refine my technique.

Thanks so much again.

– Krista


Dear Nicky and Carolyn,

Thank you so much for setting up my Skype lesson. It was so exciting and fun. Nicky you were amazing! You made it fun and light and very professional all at the same time. I loved your positive attitude and energies. Thank you also from being able to extend my session. I am really happy to be able to correct some of the basic exercises I was doing wrong and am excited to see how the new exercises will work out and come together. I feel I now have a much better understanding of the program and I feel more confident. Thank you again so much. Wishing you a happy new year with lots of love and happiness.



Hi Carolyn,

Thank you so much again. I just want to say again I am really happy I did the lesson with Nicky, I am discovering the program in a whole new way!



Dear Carolyn,

I would like to thank you and Nicky for my Skype lesson that I had a couple of months ago. It was a very positive and worthwhile experience because Nicky’s corrective feedback created a vast, positive difference in my results. I would recommend a session with her to anybody who buys your program because, as I found, it can be easy to misinterpret how the exercises are performed despite one’s best efforts when viewing the DVD. It has been seven months since I have bought your program and I still practice it faithfully since I have found it to be beneficial in many ways that aren’t just aesthetic: they are also calming, centering, uplifting and invigorating. Thank you for making your program so accessible for I am grateful that I can include it in part of my health regimen!

PS. Truly, a session with Nicky improves the quality of the facial exercises because she makes sure that each muscle in the face is getting its chanced to be exercised resulting in an equal build, like you said is important.


I would just like to update you on my progress: like you said, it gets better and better. I would say that all of the truly deep wrinkles on my face are gone; I only have some fine lines on my under eyes that are taking a while to disappear if at all. – Cassie


Hi Nicky,

I did indeed enjoy our session together. I found your explanations informative and knowledgeable and they straightened me out; indeed, if I already had a pretty good mastery of the 28 basic exercises, I needed some precisions on a few of them that I hadn’t been doing well at all. I also received interesting comments on pacing, downtime and the importance of it. I also received helpful hints and suggestions to deal with what I thought of as my two main roadblocks a) my Fibromyalgia and b) my excessively oily skin. All in all it was a great workshop and I am more assured, more sure of myself and what I am doing. Before doing this hour with Nicky I was in a guessing zone (I had read the book and the flashcards and seen the DVD many times) but I was still hesitant about my whole approach, but I now have a solid base and I really appreciate that. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to be a longtime, committed facial builder. Thanks Nicola.



Dear Nicky,

I want to thank you so much for an amazing Skype session! I am so grateful for your expertise, kindness and patience. You are a remarkable teacher! I benefitted greatly from this lesson ~ I now have the correct hand holds and cannot wait to see the amazing results from this and future sessions! I am so glad I found Carolyn’s Facial Fitness website back when I searched online for effective facial exercises. It became clear to me from reading about the extensive research Carolyn did, including the study of facial muscles, etc. that this was a topnotch exercise system. Thank you so much again. I appreciate all that you and Carolyn do!

Warmest regards,


Thank you Nicky for making sure I am doing all of the exercises correctly. Your use of imagery helped me access the correct facial muscles so I can get the most from each exercise. You are kind, professional and very patient. I feel confident now that I am on the right path to a younger face. You are an amazing teacher.



Hi Carolyn!

I just had my Skype session with Nicky last night and I am totally pleased. Nicky was precise, thorough and quickly helped me to correct whatever exercise I was doing wrong. I also look forward doing my new set of exercises for the lower face. I am also grateful for all the bonus exercises and tips she gave me and the ones you put up on your website. Looking forward to see the new one!

All the very best,


Had a great meeting with Nicky and I discovered that I had been doing a number of the exercises all wrong! Thanks Nicky! Loved the session and excited to try out the new correct 28! Thanks for your great adjustments. 🙂 ….


Skype Session 1*

Hi Nicky and Carolyn, thank you so much for offering the Skype sessions. Nicky was so helpful in making adjustments where I needed them on the basic 28 and showing me the bonus exercises I was not confident enough to try before . She is very professional, kind and upbeat! Your use of the pens to show me which muscles should be working helped so much! I’m very excited and confident to work on my face again and am thrilled to have found the facial exercise option. Otherwise it’s do nothing (and look old) or the procedure route (not an option I want), neither of which are good!!! Carolyn, your input to Nicky prior to our appointment was very much appreciated as well. The customer service offered from day 1 with your company is simply amazing. I couldn’t be happier with the session with Nicky and would not hesitate to recommend it.


Hi Nicky!

Thank you for working with me today. I enjoyed the session, you were very kind and patient with me and went over the routine thoroughly, I really appreciate your guidance and advice. I have a better understanding of the program now. I can’t wait to start my program and see the results! I’ll keep in touch with you and Carolyn in 4 months! Thank you!



Hi Nicky,

I just finished a one-hour session with Nicky. I thought I had been doing the Basic 28 exercises mostly correctly. I found out that there were quite a few minor changes I needed to make which makes them MUCH MORE effective. I began feeling the difference immediately! Nicky was a great teacher and so nice to work with. The hour flew by and I’m looking forward to scheduling another session soon.

Thanks for all your help,


I want to thank Nicky for her time in skyping with me for an hour. The time flies as Nicky goes through each exercise to show you the exact way to do the exercises to get the most out of them. I am in Australia and Nicky was very accommodating in working out a mutually convenient time across the time zones. I had a few technical issues too, but again Nicky was calm and helped me through everything! I’m looking forward to starting my personalized program and sending some updated photos to Carolyn soon. THANK YOU FROM AUSTRALIA!!!


Dear Nicky and Carolyn,

It truly has been an answer to prayer for me to find Carolyn’s Facial Fitness Exercises. For years I had tried various creams, different types of makeup, Botox, etc but realized these things were not getting to the root of the problem. “Accidentally “finding this program online was Gods provision for me to show me a better way! It makes perfect sense to exercise these face muscles in much the same way way we must exercise our bodies for health, fitness, and looking the best we can. Having a Skype session with Nicky clarified so much for me.I now have a much better grasp on each individual exercise, as well as being so encouraged that in time I will have the results for which I have been praying…. Nicky is not only a fantastic, patient teacher but a fun loving sweet person! I would highly recommend this well spent time for all CFF exercisers! Thank you so much!


Lynn U.K*

Thank you Nicky and Carolyn for my new program and Skype training, I was really nervous before the lesson but within a few minutes of talking to you I was put at my ease and the lesson just flew by. The lesson has given me a better understanding of each exercise and i’m eagerly practicing the ones which i hadn’t got quite right. This was a Birthday present from my husband, and i consider it the best present any husband can buy for his wife!!! Thank you both x

Lynn U.K

Alison L*

My one hour session with Nicky was so informative. I learned that I was doing some of the exercises incorrectly; She very generously corrected anything that was off with a laser focus. I could feel her desire for me to really get this system, so I can enjoy the results of Carolyn’s Facial Fitness. I have been implementing what I learned for the last month, and am happy to report that already I see a huge improvement in my chin line. Thank you Carolyn and Nicky!!!”

Alison L


Dear Nicky, I really enjoyed our session. You are very professional and dynamic! I like that. I learned  a lot during the session. I did not realize that training 5 times a week was too much for me. I will reduce to 3 times and include the face firmer, the brush and the circle-up-rub to my program. I really prefer investing  money and time (only 3x 15 minutes/week) in the CFF program than having Botox injections in 10 years! I like the idea of keeping the expressions of my face and building it elegantly. It is worth it. Thanks again and take care.