It was so nice seeing you, Carolyn. You look more beautiful than ever! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom on a fabulous workshop. Every time I attend a workshop I learn more!


Dearest Carolyn,

Thank you for the wonderful workshop and personal analysis you did for me yesterday in Seattle. I am so grateful to have found you online and that you offered this class. I know I’m starting late at 58, but this is when I found you, so I have to trust that it is in Divine Order and this is the time for me to begin. As I was aging, I knew that I would never have surgery and that I would not be able to afford facials and fillers all the time, so I had almost given up hope of ever looking any better. …

The workshop was very informative and thorough, I’m so glad I took the leap to do it in person. I hardly ever travel, San Jose is not that far from Seattle, but it was a big trip for me. … traveling to see you and experience your theory of rejuvenation. Thank you for creating this program and for sharing it with all of us. It’s obvious how much research, thought, and sweat equity you put into developing the exercises, and you are living proof of how they work – you look absolutely awesome. I have never liked the rigid look that surgery and fillers give, which I why I love the naturally beautiful look that you have.

There is one side effect of doing the exercises that I can’t quite explain. After I finish the routine in the morning, my face feels alive, sort of an uplifted feeling, like an internal smile that radiates to the outside. It’s interesting, but when I feel those physical sensations I feel an emotional happiness too, which I have not felt in years. I have never touched my face much and certainly did not use all the products I am using now (all CFF skin care of course), I didn’t think my skin would accept it all, but I am doing everything you recommend and my skin after less than a month, looks considerably better. This is so exciting, but the feeling of happiness is even better! Who knew?!?!

Please accept my gratitude for all that you do and I hope I will be able to take another workshop with you one day and that I will make you proud when I walk in with a younger-looking face! 🙂

With much appreciation,


I liked the pace of the class. The information was clear and concise. I appreciate that you honor our time by giving us lots of information in a timely fashion. Thank you.



Hi Carolyn — Just wanted to tell you it was so nice to meet you in person at your seminar! You look fabulous and so much younger than your actual years. Your are truly vibrant and vital-looking — so healthy. You’re a great role-model for your exercises and products. …



Hello Carolyn,

I have to say I was very impressed by your presentation during the workshop yesterday. Although it went by very quickly I feel you’ve provided enough backup and support that anyone who’s motivated can actually learn and do this, and most importantly get great results. As a middle aged man, I never imagined being able to express excitement over something as seemingly simple as the appearance of my face but I think we’re all realizing it’s just as true for us guys as it has been for women over the years, we all can benefit from exercise and the care of our appearance.

In health,


Hi Carolyn!

Thank you for the helpful and informative workshop today. I found it very valuable. …I’ve been doing your exercises for a few weeks now, and I already see some physical changes. But what’s really great are the emotional and psychological benefits I get from your program. Those 15 minutes represent the one time in my day that I become truly mindful. For me, doing the 28 exercises is a kind of meditation that takes me to a different place – away from stress and worry and toward stillness and calm. I’m grateful to you for that!



Seeing you demonstrate the exercises is so helpful plus having your personality is such a “gift”. You make a lot of fun, Carolyn. I’m very grateful to you for your research, your enthusiasm and your friendship. I’m excited to begin.

Blessings and Love,


A friend attended one of your seminars and shared some of the exercises with us. I can definitely see an improvement with her face. Thanks for your hard work on this.

In Joy and Love,


The class was very professional and enjoyable. I would like to tell all my facial acupuncture patients about your class. Your concern about TMJ is valid…



Hi Carolyn,

Thank you for taking the time to speak at Massage Network Solutions. I sure enjoyed your presentation and so did everyone else at the group. I am digging this facial fitness stuff. I plan on starting my “program” next week. Most important it was very exciting for me personally to meet someone who is unfolding into their true self and walking in a lot of bright light. Thank you for sharing the gift of your magnificence and essence. What a blessing. Namaste.



I wanted to thank you for a really wonderful workshop last week!  I came away with a greater understanding of your techniques and very encouraged by the early results I am seeing!!