Wrinkle De-tacking

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A deep wrinkle is caused by skin being stuck down to underlying tissue. Whenever that muscle contracts, the wrinkle is pulled down, creating a valley. Botox® paralyzes muscle. If the muscle can’t contract, you don’t see the valley. The problem is, as soon as Botox® wears off, the wrinkle is back! A more sensible and permanent approach for deep wrinkles is to strengthen muscle, but also to free up the skin where it is stuck down. You can actually release and de-tack these wrinkles by following the three-step, techniques below.

Just as you can rub out the wrinkles in a piece of leather, you can also diminish the wrinkles on the face and neck. Just be sure that you follow the directions as stated and never over-do.

There are many variations on this technique but I’ve found that these are by far the most effective use of the different methods. Please also be aware as you “rub away”, the wrinkles can flatten out, becoming less deep and looking wider for awhile before they eventually disappear. It’s part of this process.

Caution: Remember that this technique can irritate the skin so go slowly. I always rub a nice moisturizing face cream into my face and neck at the beginning and end of this workout. And, never treat the area under or above the eyes. This skin is especially sensitive and can be easily damaged.

Photo #1
Wrinkle Release Exercise 1
Finger tips are in opposition to each other. Press down and move the fingertips back and forth. Be careful not to over rub.

Next, lift the fingertips up and move further along the same wrinkle and again, press down and move the fingertips back and forth in a rhythmic way.

Photo #2
Wrinkle Release Exercise 2
Making a “V” with the index and middle fingertips from one hand, rub out the wrinkle by rubbing over it gently, yet energetically with the middle fingertip of the other hand. Be sure the muscle underneath the wrinkle on which you’re working is contracted.

You can use this technique with any wrinkles on the face except NOT those around the thin skin of the eyes. You can use the Rubbing Out the Wrinkles Technique on the crows feet at the sides of the eyes and along the cheeks, however, as well as the neck.

Step #1: Wrinkle Release Technique

Purpose: To de-tack the wrinkle from adhering to underlying tissue and free it up so it may eventually be rubbed out.

Note: This procedure is performed before Step # 2, the “Rubbing Out the Wrinkles Technique” is applied.

Remember: to keep the contraction of the muscles during the entire sliding performance.

Caution: Always make sure you are contracting a muscle below the surface of the skin on which you are working so that the skin does not move. The contracting muscle should keep the skin taut and immobile.

Place the tips of each index finger so they are facing each other and they are resting on the face or neck in line with the same direction as the wrinkle on which you wish to work. Leaving the left tip on the upper side of the wrinkle, place the right tip below the left index tip so the tips are in opposition to each other, side by side. In other words, the left tip is opposite the first knuckle of the right index finger and the right tip is opposite the first knuckle of the left index finger – side by side with the wrinkle between the two fingertips. (Photo #1)

Next, Pressing firmly down with both tips, move the fingers back and forth in an alternating fashion without lifting the fingertips off the face or pulling or stretching the skin. Do ten to twenty repetitions, alternating back and forth until you see the area becoming a little pink.

Next, lift the fingers and press down, moving a fraction of an inch along the wrinkle. It’s as if you are “walking” your fingers with this alternating pattern all across the wrinkle, spacing the repetitions just a fraction of an inch apart.

Remember to keep the fingers pressed down when doing each repetition. No sliding of the skin under the fingers should occur.

Perform this technique to all the wrinkles on your face and neck and then proceed to Step #2, the “Rubbing Out the Wrinkles” technique.

Step #2: Rubbing Out the Wrinkles Technique

Purpose: To literally rub out a wrinkle to make it disappear or become very faint

Caution: It is important to always make sure that you are contracting a muscle below the surface of the skin on which you are working, so that the skin does not move. The contracting muscle should keep the skin taut and immobile.

Start by contracting the muscles between the eyebrows. Making a “V” with your index and middle fingers from one hand, place this “V” so that the wrinkle you wish to erase is between the “V”. Slightly pull the fingers apart so that the muscle stays contracted and the wrinkle is pulled apart between the two fingers. With the opposite hand, using your middle or index finger, rub the wrinkle back and forth, creating some friction. (photo #2)

DO NOT OVER-DO, especially in the beginning when the skin has not yet “toughened up” from such an action. Do the entire forehead in this way or wherever you see a wrinkle you wish to eliminate. You can apply this technique to any wrinkle on your face or neck except NOT around the thin skin of the eyes. Rub in the same direction as the wrinkle is formed as opposed to perpendicular to the wrinkle.

Step #3: The “Dancing Cs” Technique

Purpose: To erase the lines of the forehead and smooth out the skin

Place the tips of your middle fingertips on your forehead from each hand side by side, one above the other, facing in opposite directions. (photo #3)

Slide each finger forward, making a large “C” shape in a rhythmic manner so that the fingers are sliding around each other, back and forth, up and down, while making the “C” shape. (photo #4)

The movement of the fingers is rather fast-paced. Be sure to apply gentle, yet firm pressure with the fingertips. Make the “Dancing Cs” across the entire forehead, being sure to include rubbing over the lines between the brows. You do not need to contract the forehead muscles when performing this technique.

You can perform this exercise throughout the day, whenever you wish.

Caution: Just be aware not to over-do and cause an abrasion.

Photo #3 Photo #4
Wrinkle Release Exercise 3 Wrinkle Release Exercise 4
Fingertips are facing each other and side by side, ready to move in semi-circles. Slide the fingertips around each other, making semi-circles all over the forehead. The movement of the fingers is rather fast-paced… like “Dancing Cs”!
3 Step Wrinkle Release