“The Face Firmer” is designed to be performed with the 28 foundational exercises from the CFF™ DVD.

Only “massage” the face when the muscles are contracted:

  • Open your mouth as wide as comfortable while at the same time, curling your lips up and over your upper and bottom teeth.
  • Smile with the corners of your mouth.
  • To start, place the heel of each hand on each side of the chin along the jaw line.
  • You are pressing down with the heel of each hand and making rapid circles – both clockwise and counter-clockwise are okay – and you are NOT sliding across the skin.
  • Follow the Face Firmer video clip to learn the correct handholds for learning each step and proper form of the Face Firmer routine.
  • Always perform the Face Firmer routine every time you perform the 28 foundational exercises ensuring the build stays balanced and even.
Face Firmer Massage Technique