One of the secrets of the CFF™ system:  When you contract the muscles as you slide over the skin you are toning the muscles in the process. You are NOT stretching the skin. As the skin lifts up with the tighter, smoother muscle, the wrinkles also become less deep.

“Neck Firmer” – Tightens and Firms the Neck
Neck Firmer Hand Up
Neck Firmer Hand Down
Step 1 Step 2
Grasp with a wide-open, hand, under the chin. Tilt the chin towards the ceiling feeling the stretch in your neck Slide your open hand down to your collarbone and Hold, while counting to ten. Repeat 5 times.
Tongue Press – To Get Rid of a Double Chin
Tongue Press Left
Tongue Press Right
Left Right
Place your thumb pads, one in front of the other, resting under the chin, fingers resting against the jawbone. As you press the tongue against the roof of the mouth, press and slide your thumbs, alternately, from front (directly under the chin) to back (to where the under chin meets the neck), making a rhythm of one thumb slide for every tongue press. Repeat 40 times.
“Upper Eyelid Stretch” – Firms Upper Eyelid
Eyelid Stretch
Push up with the index finger, just under the brow, while closing the eye and stretching the upper eyelid down. Hold for ten and repeat 5 times.
“The Pout” – Erases Furrow Lines
The Pout Before
The Pout After
Before After
Place the Index finger from each hand in both corners of the mouth. While pulling the corners of your mouth down with your fingers, draw your lower lip into a pout and hold for a count of 5. You may also feel a strong pull in the neck. Repeat 10 times.
“Crows Feet” – Alleviates Lines
Crows Feet
Squeeze the eyes shut and slide your thumbs from the corners of your eyes towards the temples. Fingers rest gently on top of your head. Repeat 10 times. Click here for a video clip of this exercise
“Jowl Lifter” – Lifts Your Jowls!
Jawline Front
Jawline Side
Start Finish
Place your fingertips just below the jawline. Tilt the head back, curling the bottom lip over the top lip. Turning your head, tighten the cheek muscles and squeeze the eye shut while gently but firmly sliding the fingertips up over the jawline towards the outside corner of the mouth, ending there. Repeat 5 times on each side.
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