Dear Carolyn, I just wanted to thank you for being a sparkling presence in the world. For sharing your knowledge and expertise, for creating your wonderful skincare, and for always being a kind and loving support.  You are much appreciated.  Sending love to


Dear Carolyn, Thank you,   for taking time to write me  and give me your expertise . I will follow your advice and let you know how I’m doing . Your customer service is THE BEST . Love Andy


Omgosh I was just about to write you haha!!! (our emails crossed at the same time!) I am SO very happy to have met you. You are such a TREASURE  Your energy and beauty is just incredible!!! Thank you so


Hi Carolyn hope you are well!  I just want you to know i am just thrilled to bits with this bonus exercises. The Philtrum Shortening, Lip Shaping Routine it’s only been about a month and already I see dramatic affects


I am so inspired by your work, talent and enthusiasm and have total confidence in you!


I love you, Caroline! You are so inspiring, so “up”, and so beautiful, beautiful!! …You have made MANY of my days! Thanks for the advice and support!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the GIANT hug. I actually feel it! Keep on!


HI Carolyn, What a love you are, thank you!!! I simply love your creams, unsurpassed in so many ways  and you are a such an inspiration with how you look! Wow, simply gorgeous. … Thanks so much for what you do


Hi Carolyn! Wow, that took some reading! LOL Thanks so much for the comprehensive reply, I am very grateful for the time you took to look at my photos and send me a detailed program.  I have watched all of


Hi Carolyn That’s completely fine. I’m blown away to be getting a personal response from you at all,  and so soon. Thank you thank you thank you for such great “service”. I’m so impressed by your genuine interest and commitment.


…. Goodness Carolyn, that’s so generous of you. Can’t get over how kind you are! I really am grateful. Will start saving! (gave her an extended sale price so she can buy when her money is there)


You are a blessing and I can’t thank you enough 🙂 … Thank you so much Carolyn. Now that’s what I call customer service!(CFF helped her with her issues with the post office)


Thank you for always supporting me and  always responding and yet  I know you’re busy but yet you help me all the time. I appreciate that very very much. 


Thank you for all the information, It’s very helpful.I will send pictures when I have a chance.  Thanks for all that you do to help people.  I appreciate you, your kindness, great customer service and expertise. Love, Karen


Dear Carolyn: I hope this finds you well. First let me say… I’m just astounded by my hair. I was hesitant to just wash it instead of going to have it blown out. It’s very thick and grows in a


I so appreciate your accessibility. The former method I used has really NO accessibility or profile online. I can’t thank you enough. Over the past few days I’ve been obsessing about my age and “maybe this won’t work …” Your


Dear Carolyn, Thank you so much for your email! I was not expecting a personal reply and am absolutely thrilled to receive one – I think you are absolutely wonderful and I love the energy you give out in your