Yes, she just thanked me so much for this gift. (She asked me to send her daughter the Facial Exercise Routine for her birthday) She said she is going to read it carefully. And she is very happy. She already


Hi Carolyn, I’ve been going your program for a few months now and believe I’ve seen a difference, but I’ve especially felt a difference because I had terrible TMJ before which has completely gone away. I’m 43 now and I


Hi Carolyn,  I just want to thank you for your facial exercise program.  I have been using the book and cards that I purchased from you around 5 years ago.  They have made a difference. I’m 76. I still have


I’ve been doing the 3 step cheek builder for a few months now. And I noticed my neck looks a bit better. I was originally doing the 3 step cheek builder, to slow the development of the marionette area on


Let me tell you what, I only JUST started going 4 full days on the Gua sha and I am amazed at the difference. I’m telling you it’s incredible but I won’t say to much too soon lol so I’ll


Since I started doing facial exercises, people have been much friendlier and more open towards me. It’s so great! I have 2 children, 9 years ago I separated from my husband, at that time I also started to meditate.. and


Hi Carolyn, I am very happy with your program, so I send you a new photo, after 3 month doing your program. I send you big wishes and good times, with love


Dear Carolyn …. It’s 12 months, actually 13, since I found your amazing facial fitness programme. I’ll include todays pics to compare with a year ago. I think I can see some improvement. What do you think? I am getting

Kit 47

Hi Carolyn, Thank you so much!! It’s always a Joy for me to see you and learn from you as well. Thank you so much for all you’ve taught and shared with me. I’m excited to do this new revised


Thank you so much for resending the downloads!  I am so excited about this program and have been since I met you!  You are such a great example of how well the program works!  You are just beautiful and I


Hello beautiful Miss Carolyn!!! I just wanted to drop in real quick to tell you how amazed I am at the changes thus far since beginning the new schedule. Omgosh I cannot WAIT to send you updates pix haha!!! I


Omgosh I was just about to write you haha!!! (our emails crossed at the same time!) I am SO very happy to have met you. You are such a TREASURE  Your energy and beauty is just incredible!!! Thank you so


Hi Carolyn hope you are well!  I just want you to know i am just thrilled to bits with this bonus exercises. The Philtrum Shortening, Lip Shaping Routine it’s only been about a month and already I see dramatic affects


I am so inspired by your work, talent and enthusiasm and have total confidence in you!


I love you, Caroline! You are so inspiring, so “up”, and so beautiful, beautiful!! …You have made MANY of my days! Thanks for the advice and support!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the GIANT hug. I actually feel it! Keep on!


Happy Birthday dear Carolyn! You look beautiful and you are an amazing inspiration. Love From Maxine from Australia