Thank you for the wonderful workshop and personal analysis you did for me yesterday in Seattle. It’s obvious how much research, thought, and sweat equity you put into developing the exercises. After I finish the routine in the morning, my face feels alive, like an internal smile that radiates to the outside. It’s interesting, but when I feel those physical sensations I feel an emotional happiness too. My skin after less than a month, looks considerably better. This is so exciting, but the feeling of happiness is even better! Who knew?!?!


I have to say I was very impressed by your presentation during the workshop yesterday. As a middle aged man, I never imagined being able to express excitement over something as seemingly simple as the appearance of my face but I think we’re all realizing it’s just as true for us guys as it has been for women over the years, we all can benefit from exercise and the care of our appearance.


This cleansing cream is a little piece of heaven on earth! After only one use, it left my skin refined and glowing!! It is just remarkable. I have a load of other facial products (moisturizers, masks, etc.), but after l use them up, l will switch over to your line. Thank you for changing and beautifying so many lives!

Suzanne M

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your new shampoo and conditioner is. Every time I use it, my hair looks like it has been reborn. It is thicker and shinier than I have ever seen it look. It is so healthy. Thank you so much for this new product. It is fantastic!!

Kate K

I tried the Bot Masque last night and it is the best masque I have ever utilised! … (It) is really the best masque I have ever tried and I have tried many!! You are a genius! … In fact I confess to being so delighted by the Bot Masque that I am going to order more now!

Crystal C is amazing! I used it last night and this morning my skin looks fresh and feels smooth. In fact the whole line is absolutely fabulous; I think you have just found another loyal client!

Barbara N

Carolyn, I MUST tell you: Your skin care line is the ONLY one that KEEPS my skin hydrated 24-7!!! Other products, and I have tried a good many of them – from the higher end to the drug store versions – and none, (I repeat NONE) made my skin feel hydrated. It always felt dry and tight. I also tried the all natural and all organic stuff, but still no success. As a matter of fact, those products made me break out!!! So, a big “thank you” for creating – and sharing – such a wonderful line of products that really, truly DO work.


I have been using your product of around 12 months. I am in my early 50’s and have generally good skin for my age. My skin is looking fabulous at the moment and your products – particularly for me the Moisturizer Plus – are without any doubt the VERY best I have ever used. I now don’t even bother to use foundation – it seems a shame to cover my skin!! Can you believe that!!

Laurie H

I was getting a facial yesterday and my aesthetician told me that my skin looked gorgeous and she wanted to know what I was doing. I told her it was a combination of facial exercises and skincare products I’d been using for the last 6 months. She said that I should keep it up as my skin was looking fabulous. I told her about your facial exercises and skincare products. Thank you so much. I love the way I look and my skin truly is looking good. Hugs

Imogene H

I received my skincare yesterday and I’m delighted with it! My skin already feels deeply moisturized to an extent that I’ve actually never felt before. You know I’ve spent a fortune over the years on very expensive skincare that up until yesterday I thought was the best on the market. but I’ve gotta tell ya – CFF skin products are FAR, FAR BETTER than that expensive French brand. The skincare is sublime, I’ve never experienced anything like these products, and trust me I’ve used a lot of high cost “high end” products in the past….


I have been doing the face firmer as suggested and it feels lovely to wake up my face that way every morning. It certainly does bring an early morning glow that even my clients have noticed (I am a Pilates instructor). The Crystal Serum C has lightened my sun spots considerably in 4 days! (using the recommended schedule) and my face feels nourished at all times, never dry, never oily.


Your Rejuvenating Skin Repair serum will heal anything! I spilled hot boiling water on my chest from the microwave (don’t think about it) and it was COMPLETELY healed within 3 days. I realized how grateful I am to you for putting in all this loving, hard work to produce such an amazing product. You are really being of service to so many people. What you have done is uncanny and rare. I am so grateful for your caring, diligence and brilliance. What a great combination. How wonderful to affect so many lives in such a great way.


Amazing is what this (Crystal Serum C) should be called in my opinion. I use it only once a day to make it last 2 months, but I never miss a day cause it’s too good for my skin. I finally shared this with my sister cause she was jealous that my skin tone and texture were looking better than hers. I’m older. Wow.


Have been using your program now for at least 6 months. I’m amazed, I’ve stopped aging. I can also tell you that I’m looking much younger and every few month I can see a notable difference. I’m so very happy with the results. I’ve told everyone I know about your program. Thank you so much for all of your hard work a research into this remarkable program, You’re a legend.


I just wanted to report here that I have been doing CfF consistently/religiously since 1/23/14 and just got carded by a guy who just about lost it when he saw my age. I guess he and I are a couple years apart? He genuinely was amazed:) I am almost 46. Who’da thought!?


I want to thank you for creating this wonderful program. I couldn’t be happier with it, and the changes I am seeing. I am not embarrassed about my face anymore. I feel, well, attractive.


I’ve been doing your exercises for over a year now, and at 50, I look younger than when I was 40. I tried several other programs before I purchased yours. While they helped some, I was still left with sagging in the jowls, and some other problem areas. Your system has taken care of that – it is like a miracle!