I was so pleased to have booked the skype tutorial with Nicky. I arranged this after a month of beginning the exercises because I was aware that I was struggling with some of the hand positioning so I sensed it

BJ from Nebraska

Nicky & Carolyn, So appreciative for your excellent and helpful teaching methods, Nicky which helped to correct and adjust my current workout. Look forward to learning more in future sessions with you!  Also quite pleased with the new regimen you


Thank you Nicky are always so kind… This skype lesson has been magic …thank you so much xxx


Dear Nicky, I’m sorry I did not manage to send you feedback right away from your class. Your guidance was very important to improving my techniques, and I have now started using all the additional exercises you and Carolyn gave to me.

Nicole. Perth WA (Western Australia)

Thank you Nicky for the informative session, it was a very friendly session and most useful!  It was great to make sure I am now doing the techniques correctly and to have an individualised plan of where to go from

Petra H

Please know deep down how amazing you are… you are so knowledgeable…so kind and so powerful….I could listen to you talk all the time. Thank you! Petra H

Angie V

You are an angel in my life Nicky… I hope you know that my skin has been amazing and you helped me deal with it in a whole new light. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping


Nicky, Thank you for a great session. You have inspired me. I wish we lived in the same town so I could take Pilates from you and get to know you better. … Again, thank you for all your advice.

Merle D

Thank you so much Nicky for the wonderful Skype lesson. You have not only shown me how to do the exercises correctly but given me motivation and encouragement to get started and keep it up. You have enlightened me on


This was my first time Skyping, but I believed it would be easier for me to learn new exercises if I could interact with my teacher, and it was. Nicky taught me many new exercises selected specifically by Carolyn to


Hi Nicky, thanks again. I enjoyed the session. Thank you Nicky for a very informative lesson via Skpe. It was certainly worth the wait. (Nicky moved to Hawaii and was not available for a bit) It has made such a

Debbie P

My Skype session with Nicky was excellent and really helped me get the facial exercises right. Nicky is a great instructor, she explained everything so clearly and was very encouraging. After the class it felt like my face had a


I had a wonderful Skype session with Nicky on Sunday. She is so great and helpful! She gave me important feedback to help me do the exercises correctly, so the benefits can be maximized. I think I have most of


I highly recommend a Skype consultation with Nicky as a wonderful and easy way to ensure that you receive the full benefit of Carolyn’s Facial Fitness exercises. I am very glad that I did. Nicky is a kind and clear


I have been exercising facial muscles since early 2008 by following a different facial exercise program with whom I had a few Skype sessions. When I needed more than that program had to offer, I found Carolyn’s program. I carefully

Skype Session 6

I also was impressed by the way Nicky was devoted to respect and follow Carolyn’s concept. I felt I had both of them so available and ready to answer all of my questions in no time. I plan to take