Dear Carolyn, I just wanted to thank you for being a sparkling presence in the world. For sharing your knowledge and expertise, for creating your wonderful skincare, and for always being a kind and loving support.  You are much appreciated.  Sending love to


Best Moisturizer I have tried many many moisturizers in my lifetime, but this is the BEST. Keeps my skin very soft and does not irradiate my eyes which is a plus. I highly recommend it.


Let me tell you what, I only JUST started going 4 full days on the Gua sha and I am amazed at the difference. I’m telling you it’s incredible but I won’t say to much too soon lol so I’ll


HI Carolyn, Thanks heaps. OM goodness, I have fallen in LOVE with your body lotion [as well as your other products] I have tried for years to solve the dry skin on my legs, with your miracle lotion, all resolved.


I am so inspired by your work, talent and enthusiasm and have total confidence in you!


HI Carolyn, What a love you are, thank you!!! I simply love your creams, unsurpassed in so many ways  and you are a such an inspiration with how you look! Wow, simply gorgeous. … Thanks so much for what you do


Thanks so much, Caroline! I will order the RSR2 as well! I really look forward to our meeting online. You bring so much positivity to me! Love, Suzanne


Dear Carolyn: I hope this finds you well. First let me say… I’m just astounded by my hair. I was hesitant to just wash it instead of going to have it blown out. It’s very thick and grows in a

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​​It’s hard to imagine how my overall quality of life would be had I NOT stumbled upon YOUR exercises, products and philosophies.  While it’s certain I would’ve been doing SOME kind of facial routines–a ‘no-brainer’  as its benefits were instilled


Am approaching the five year mark with your exercise routines, and 2yrs of gua sha—how I ADORE that thing—and was beyond pleased with the results.  BUT….your skin care has taken them to a whole new level!!  It’s great how each

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This device is the latest in Carolyn’s many years of research. I’ve been doing her facial exercises for 5 years now, and am frequently ‘mistaken’ for 15-20 years younger than my actual age. Cannot recommend her services and products highly


Hi Carolyn, Thank you for your wonderful products!  I have seen major improvement in my skin tone using the vitamin C serum and also CBD Antioxidant creme.  My sun spots are fading nicely and they both are helping my fine


THANK YOU!! I am amazed at how your products and this Gua sha already have improved the look of my skin. And I haven’t even started the exercises yet!! (She bought the skincare and is using it with the CFF Gua


You have wonderful products and I’m returning to them once again after spending way too much on other products, Warm regards, AC591


I have been using your product of around 12 months. I am in my early 50’s and have generally good skin for my age. My skin is looking fabulous at the moment and your products – particularly for me the


Hello dear Carolyn, Thank you for the clear instructions and information of benefits of the Gua Sha…. you have been an inspiration to me for many years! Joyful Blessings, Lin