Hi Carolyn, Good news! At this time of history, good news is always welcomed. It was around October, 2014 that I told you about the deep furrows on my cheeks between my nose and my cheek bone. It never decreased in all that time. I was prompted to experiment with the nose slide. When I got to the area along the cheeks, I started exerting more pressure on the cheek as I tightened that muscle; sort of like ironing out the groove. I’ve only tried it for a few days and I see a marked difference. I was going to wait until it was gone before I let you know, but I was too excited to wait. I’ll give you an update when it is completely gone. I’ll be 83 on the 20th and thanks to your exercises, I really don’t look it (especially since the furrow is fading). Bless you Sweetie! Love you.  LaneyF


That grove is completely gone. I keep at it, of course.