Hi Carolyn,

I just wanted to say I’ve been doing the exercises for 4 weeks now and I am already seeing a difference! My face is looking a little fuller and the little “jowl pockets” by the mouth are slightly lessening. And, I think my lips look fuller? My top lip especially. For some reason I wasn’t expecting my lips to change.

So I just want to say Thank You because I have had 2 sessions of fillers in the past and they cost me just under $1000 each time and I wasn’t even fully happy with the results! I was dreading sitting on that chair once a year for the rest of my life for those injections, spending money I shouldn’t have been spending. So thank you for designing this program!! I bet you hear that all the time. Thank you thank you! I’m excited to see how my face will change in the coming months.

A L: )