It is me Amy.I just wanted to tell you how greatly I have enjoyed your exercise program. I do it three times a week (as you had advised) and love the results. I recently has a cosmetologist do my face and she assumed I was 18 because of my skin’s “tightness and texture.” Always great to hear that!

Anyway, Carolyn, here I go with another question. I just have to ask, is there some kind of catch 22? I mean, it truly seems too good to be true! I keep thinking that maybe down the road I would have caused a great crease or something due to all of this face touching and pulling. Just please take my question as a compliment because if my results weren’t so astounding, I probably wouldn’t be so paranoid 🙂 You would think all those celebrities would be doing this instead of plastic surgery?? Or that dermatologists and cosmetologists alike would be suggesting it?

Thank you again Carolyn. I hope you are enjoying this summer!

Warm Regards,