I have been doing the “Upper Eyelid Stretch” for just 10 days now and even though it hasn’t even been 2 weeks (as you said it will take this long to notice a difference) I already notice an improvement in my eyes – it’s not that the upper eyelids look more lifted yet, but my eyes just look more fresh and less tired – I only got 3 hours sleep last night but my eyes don’t look tired! I’m sure it’s from the exercises. So, I just wanted to say thanks so much for providing instructions on this exercise – you have been very kind and generous with providing such information in your posts. Have you had some of your clients notice this about their eyes? (Yes!)

Thanks Carolyn and I’m sure I speak for others, too.


Update from Amy:

Hi Carolyn,

Just giving you a bit of an update…I LOVE the program and do it religiously every day. The thing that I have noticed is the general look of my skin has improved and my eyes seem more open. Something with the eyebrows too…they seem higher. I had trouble in the beginning with the idea of not having Botox® around my eyes again (I had done this just a few times before) because obviously it is an effective procedure. My problem with it however, was that as much as I looked younger I felt I lost something in my face…some character…even some beauty perhaps. A disaster for an actress! That’s why I’m so much happier with the face exercises! Anyway, I’ll keep giving you the updates. Thanks again for your wonderful program.

Warm Regards,

PS…Friends have started to say I’m looking great. It’s like having a beauty secret!