Hi, Carolyn! … I’ve been faithfully exercising with your program for well over a month now, and I’m already seeing beautiful results. Eyes are open, less puffy, cheeks are lifting, and my double chin is GONE. I’m about to turn 38 in a couple of months and my face looks at least 5 years or more younger. My only concern is, the right lower side of my face is still not as full as the left side. It sags, in comparison to the left side, which is pretty much flawless and looks like what it did in my 20’s. (CFF advice: Just continue as you are .. no more than 3 or 4 times a week and your face will even out on its own. The body likes to be symmetrical. It’s a sign of health. So, you will discover over time and see … your face becoming more and more even and balanced looking.)  … Thank you so much for putting together this program. I’m seeing parts of my face transform in ways that I thought weren’t possible without expensive fillers or lifts. I will be doing these exercises for life.  Sincerely, Amy