After 2 months of doing the exercises, I wanted to make sure I was getting the most out of them and doing them correctly, and I had some questions. Nicky was able to meet with me just a few days after I signed up. She patiently and clearly walked through the correct form for each exercise, and I learned I was doing about 75% of them wrong! So it was VERY worthwhile!! She and Carolyn had come up with a whole set of extra exercises to address my special issue related to laugh lines and jowls. Nicky was extremely thorough, and a great cheerleader. I felt inspired after the session was over to keep going. It’s also inspiring just to see how she looks! I didn’t want to waste time doing the exercises wrong and not getting the full value of the time I’m spending every day – and I think the individual session was perfect for that.

– Anne S.

Anne S.