Hi Carolyn,

I cannot believe that it has been nearly a year now that I have been committed to facial exercises. Every 2 or 3 months, I would see how more fresh or youthful my eyes and mouth areas look. Today is one of those times. I kept getting compliments on my eyes as being what many full Asians would have to turn to surgery to have.

I am noticing that my forehead and eyebrow muscles are quite strong. I can really see my two eyebrows come together quite prominently when I make my frustrated expressions. However, I am so surprised that no permanent 11s or deep lines between my eyebrows are forming. I thought that I would get those dreaded 11s without Botox to stop them from forming. My face appears completely smooth and plump looking as if in my early 30s.

I truly love my jaw line. My “double chin” is becoming less and less obvious. It’s so weird to see co-workers (not even 45 yet) with their lost jaw lines and have saggy jowls instead. Is that what late 30s and early 40s gals look like these days?