Thank you! For freeing me from the tyranny of another facial exercise program – I was so “sold” on the resistance idea that I kept trying harder and harder on her program – I stayed with it for over 2 years and all the while was thinking how odd my face was looking (I started at around 60). Not to mention how much time (which got very stressful) I put into it – I was very discouraged. Also developed marks on my face from all the rubbing and stretching etc. which she says to do vigorously. Some of them have not gone away yet (on my upper lip) – my skin just can’t take that but I have been doing your upper lip rub and the extras for that area and am just fine thank you! I got rolls under my eyes – especially the left one. Just generally very unhappy. And I didn’t look bad when I started – just was trying to counteract the “droop” that was beginning to annoy me.

I’ve been doing your exercises for two weeks (already on my back – I caught on to that very quickly) – and am most pleased already. For one thing, my face just feels “right” after I’ve done them – very relaxed and looks that way instead of all pushed around …. Lol. They are easy to do and don’t take long. It will be so easy to keep it up…… So happy I found you.