Dear Carolyn,

I have been doing the exercises in your program 5 times per week since Thanksgiving weekend of this past November. … First of all, I wanted to mention that I believe I have seen overall improvement to my face. For example, … two cords that had recently appeared, one on each side of my neck, disappeared within 1-2 weeks of my beginning your program. As another example, before starting your program, I hadn’t even realized that my brows were starting to droop, but they were — and, thanks to your program, they are beginning to become lifted up, slowly but surely. I also see fullness returning to my lips. As with my brows, I had not even realized that I had started to lose some fullness in them. In closing, I wanted to thank you for your program. …The “before and after” photos are very persuasive … I enjoy seeing how your customers seem very happy with their own faces: they don’t want brand-new faces, but their own youthful contours again. Oh! I have also been using your skin and hair care products, and have been extremely happy with them …

Warmest wishes,