Hi Carolyn.

It’s been 8 weeks almost to the day since I have been doing the new routine as suggested (been doing CFF program since July ’11) and yesterday I had a photo taken and was absolutely amazed at the difference! Cheeks no longer flat, eyes looking so much better and those pesky ‘elevens’ very slowly starting to improve! Because I see myself in the mirror every morning, I really hadn’t noticed the changes taking place! Just as you state in your info- those lines did indeed appear deeper for a while. So glad I didn’t give up. Perseverance is definitely the key!

Thank you so much for your patience, your encouragement and most of all, your dedication to this wonderful program. Happy New Year! Big hugs!


This was my frozen freshly botoxed face 19 months ago- smooth, but flat and very plastic looking. (She sent me a photo of then and now!) I look so much better now! When the Botox wore off, things got very bad, my face literally fell down and a whole bunch of wrinkles appeared from nowhere. Last Botox, Feb 2011. Not doing that again- EVER! Thank you! xx

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